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The Secret Pleasures

Short story By: mar1e

This is my first attempt at writing a short story some time back. I might have a next chapter..

Submitted:Nov 22, 2007    Reads: 1,636    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

It was a warm, yet windy Friday morning. Joi had waited impatiently all week and especially that day, when her period was over. She smiled to herself in the mirror, then moved into the lounge room to turn the radio on.

Joi had been playing with herself earlier that morning, fingering her clit slowly when she sat up on the bed and now on the velvet sofa. Her anticipation for Dre, her boyfriend of over 7yrs, just grew too much for her so she rang him at work.

"Good mornin' honey!" she said.

"You're up early? [laughs] What have you been up to?" he says with a playful grunt.

"I've been playing with myself. My period's over, remember?" she replied in a devious tone.

"Who's my naughty girl, eh? Mmm.. God, your voice turns me on, especially in the morning!" he whispered, while looking around to see if his co-workers were close by.

She laughs, "Then maybe I should give you a hard-on at work everyday, mister."

"Mmm.. make yourself juicy and come, thinking of me.. but leave some juice for me. Ok, I gotta go, hon. Love you!" Dre kisses the phone as he quickly hangs up as he starts to have an erection in his pants.

Joi sighs to herself. She continues to touch her pussy with her left hand, her pussy still wet from hearing Dre's voice which turned her on even more.

She felt extremely horny thinking about what Dre was going to do to her and with her! She pumps 3 fingers in and out of her pussy as she pants with pleasure, and murmurs out like a foreign word.

"Aiiii.. Ohhh yeahh..!" Her heart racing, with her other hand, she cranks the volume on the radio up when it started to play a hard-rock song she loved!

She pumps her fingers in and out and then she arches backwards in a thrusting motion and holds her fingers in as she wriggles around and moves her fingers again, now even faster.

She felt as though her heart had stopped as she slowly stops moving. She came hard, with her eyes shut and her mouth wide open, without a sound. Just a sense of relief and satisfaction as she breathes a huge sigh!

Joi starts exhaling in short puffs as she tries to regain herself, her heart still racing. She looks down, pleased at how much pussy juice came out of her. She scans around the sofa for any watermark. And there was.

Then she starts to suck on each of her wet fingers slowly, enjoying the light and aromatic taste, like a freshly brewed cup of coffee!

After Joi had energised herself, she starts to clean around the house, like a good housewife. But as she looked up at the clock and realises that it would be another 8hrs before Dre returned home, she had a plan.

She decided to call Sally, her best friend of over 3yrs, who lives 45mins away. Sal's 3yrs younger than Joi. They met at a pub one Easter Sunday and right away, they were sure they had met in another life.

Sal dates men but prefers women, and both Dre and Joi agreed that Sal's a headstrong woman whom they both loved hanging out with.

"Hey chica! Any plans today? I know you have a dayoff from school, wanna stop by later? Call me back, bye!" Joi left a message on Sal's cellphone.

Joi waited for a callback and 2hrs later she gets it. "Hey J! What'ya doing up so early? I thought you sleep in 'til 11? What's up!" Sal questioned her.

"Sis, I've told you, I get really horny when it's the last day of my period?" laughs Joi, ".. so I woke up early, big deal! Are you coming over? I'm kinda bored."

"Ok ok. I'll see you soon but you better cook something for me!" They both hung up. Joi was happy. She goes back to cleaning as she dances around with a cloth in her hand.

It was almost 12 noon when the door chimed. Joi greeted Sal at the door and they both start chatting away as they head to the kitchen.

"Juice or caffeine?" sings Joi. "I'll have some coffee, make mine black, please." replies Sal.

"I guess I'll have a cup too, since I had some juice earlier!" and they both burst out laughing. Joi prepares the coffee and they sat around watching some talk show.

They leaned back as they relaxed into the sofa. "JJ, does he know that you're 'bi-curious'?" Sal says bluntly. "Sissy, Dre doesn't care. He knows I love watching girl-on-girl action. Isn't that every guy's fantasy?"

"But that's not the same, does he know you play with.. me? Is what I'm saying." Joi goes silent. "I told him I was fond of you, I don't know why you're asking!"

Joi gets up and walks into the kitchen. Sal hurries after her, and with one hand, pulls her waist from behind, close to her belly.

"You know it feels good!" Sal says, as she leans her head on the back of Joi's neck. "Yes, but it feels wrong, Sis?"

"You'll never know, Dre would understand! You should talk to him." Sal says in hope. "Maybe" Joi turns around and the 2 women start kissing, passionately like they had before, for the past year.

Sal pushes Joi against the counter and then cupping her ass with both her hands, she lifts Joi onto the top of the counter, then spreading her legs apart!

"I wanna eat you out, down there, right here!" Joi sighs and groans as she feels tingly, as her friend cups her pussy with her mouth. Sal begins to tongue her pussy and kisses it as she spreads it using only her mouth.

Joi pulls up her little slip-dress higher and Sal starts to grope Joi's breasts, moving from one breast while squeezing slightly and then to the other.

As Sal sticks 2 fingers into Joi, a gush of cum juice starts to flow out and Sal laps it up, still groping Joi's breasts. Joi takes Sal's groping hand and sucks on it.

"Mmmmmm.. suck those fingers, JJ!" Sal says as she slowly stands up, Sal watches Joi suck on her fingers as Sal wriggles her fingers in Joi's hot mouth, as she breathes through it while she sucks on them!

It all gets exciting for the 2 women, so they move to the floor. "Play with me, JJ!" Joi moves down on her friend, on the kitchen floor. She starts removing her t-shirt over her head.

"I love those nipples! Let me moisturise them for you" she says as she leans closer to lick Sal's tits. Joi spreads Sal's arms up against the floor, as she licks and sucks her breasts.

Sal moans a little harder everytime her nipples gets a tug! Joi moves her hands down to Sal's pussy, cupping it through her panty and then like a vibrator, she squeezes gently and then a little harder and girates even faster!

"Yes, yes, yes!" Sal screams with pleasure, "More!!" Joi moves on top of Sal, being careful not to sit on her, she kneels over Sal, leaning in as their pussies touch and Joi begins to rub harder and harder.

By this time, both women have soaked their panties, so much so that Joi pulls down her own quickly and asks, "Fuck me, babe!" Joi pulls down Sal's panty and then both women begin to finger each other, while Joi slowly gets onto the floor with Sal.

Both now on their side, they lock their legs over each other, fondling the other's pussy! As they move faster, and faster, both panting and groaning even louder, Sal couldn't take it anymore and lets out a cry.

"Ahhhhhh.. ahh [laughs] Oh wow!!" Joi still wriggling, "Harder babe! I'm about to come!" Sal now satisfied and breathless, sits up in attention and pumps Joi much harder with her fingers, "Come for me sweety! Come hard!"

"Yes baby!! I'm coming.. ahhhh!!" cries Joi as she has an orgasm. The 2 still on the kitchen floor, help each other up, and gave each other a hug. They stagger into the lounge room and they throw themselves down onto the sofa.

"I never get tired of fucking you, JJ" "That's nice to know, chica!" they both giggle and sip on their now cold coffee. They leaned against one another, still breathing hard while a movie was playing on TV.

The phone rang at about half past 3, and it was Dre. "Hey hon, I'm leaving work now! I took timeoff to come play with you!" he says in a sexy voice.

A surprised Joi replies, "Oh. Honey.. that's great! I can't wait, ok.. I'll see you shortly?" and hangs up.

"You know, you should wipe that guilty look off your face! I think you need to tell him about your 'affairs', doll. I'm sure he already knows. So chill?"

"I don't know. You know.. you have to go, sis!" Joi says with a shaky voice.

"Ok, I'll see you soon, JJ." They both kiss each other softly, then french-kissing. Joi pulls away, "Ok, bye Sal!" and Sal left. Joi closes the door and wipes her lips with the back of her hand as she presses her head back on the door and then scurries off.


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