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Tags: Sex, Teenager, Party

My first Erotica! So comments and constructive criticism would be great. Don't think much of this, I was just having a little fun :)

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I looked in the mirror, debating with myself again for the hundredth time if this was the outfit I really wanted to go out in. I gazed, wondering to myself how I would look to others.
What I had on was a sheer, and almost see through, navy cropped singlet and a slim, tight fitting black skirt. I was at least thankful that both of the pieces were at least dark so nobody could really see what I had on underneath, but still, the outfit was slightly provocative.
Peer pressure certainly was a wonderful thing when it came to parties; no matter how raunchy your outfit was you could always trust one of your friends to still say to you, "No honestly, it looks fine! You have nothing to stress about".
I looked at the clock behind me and sighed, no point in changing anymore, it was nearly ten anyway.
"Hayley, are you ready? We don't want to be late!" said one of my closer friends Zoe as she came walking into my room. She was tall; around about 6 foot, and slim. Just like each and every one of us.
I looked around to her and smiled, "Of course I am babe". I turned and strutted out of the room.

By about 10:20 we got to the foreshore. Amber, the girl driving the car looked at me. I looked back and raised my eyebrows inquisitively.
"Yes?" I asked. Amber pouted her lips. "Do I have to be deso driver tonight? I mean, I'll do it another time, just not tonight. I want to drink!" She moaned, pouting her lips with more emphasis.
I rolled my eyes, she was such a cry baby Amber.
"Amber, you get smashed at every other party in town so why can't you be a good girl for once like your parents believe you to be?" I said to her, smiling a little at the end.
I got out of the car, just as I heard Zoe and some other girl laughing in the back seat.
"What a bitch" I heard Amber say.
I smiled and looked into the car, "I can still hear that babe".
Zoe laughed a little more and slid out of the back seat. She stood next to me and looked along the beach. "Let's get down there" she said with a wink, and started to strut down to the sand.
I giggled to myself, and followed her lead.

Zoe and I were both 17 that night, and even though we were still a year away from the legal drinking age that didn't stop us. Zoe parents didn't care what she did, and I didn't care what mine did. We quickly slid our way to a group of boys, most of them good looking, but no stand outs just yet.
"Hey ladies, would you like a couple of drinks?" One of the boys said, with a smirk plastered on our face. He was a little taller than Zoe, with a mess of brown hair. You could tell he was already a little tipsy, with the slur of words coming out of his mouth.
"Oh yeah, that word be great love" said Zoe, wrapping one of her arms around his waist and giving him a sweet little look. I smirked; no one could get away with Zoe's charm.
"Okay then!" He said with a grin, and stumbled over to a car. Zoe looked at me and winked, and I winked. This was going to be one fun night for the both of us.
The other guys made small chit-chat with us until the messy haired guy come back with some cruisers.
"Oh thanks babes" said Zoe, cuddling up to him and pulling a bottle from his hand. She passed it to me and then grabbed another one herself. I quickly opened it; I needed to drink soon if I was going to have a fun night.
"So what's your name?" I asked messy hair guy, as he pulled his mouth away from Zoe's neck.
"Liam" he said, "And this is Spencer, Doug, Charlie and Jack". He nodded to each one of the guys and he said there name.
"Cute" I said, looking at one of the guys, smiling flirtatiously. They all responded with a sleazy smile.
"So let's get this party started hey?" said one of the guys, starting to walk off.
"Shit yeah!" said Zoe, grabbing my hand and walking next to me. I looked at her and smiled.
"Found your guy for the night already have we Zo?" I asked, grinning at her mischievously. She giggled next to me and looked towards Liam. She then leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Well there will be other guys of course, but Liam… I suppose he could be my main meal for the night".
She licked her lips, exaggerating the point. I kissed her on the cheek and laughed.
"Love ya bebs" I said as we got closer to the music.

I didn't know what time it was, but I was drunk. Not like chucking my guts up, passed out drunk, but loose, carefree drunk. I loved the feeling of not having a care in the world, not that I usually did. But to be honest, you can be drunk and get away with a lot more things than when you were sober.
I was leaning off some guy by that stage.
What was his name again? It started with a P… Pat? Patrick maybe? "Hey Matt" yelled some guy near us. Oh yes, Matt, that was the guy's name! "Hey Maaattt" I drawled into his ear, "I could really use another drink baabee". I kissed his cheeked slowly and then looked up into his eyes. He smiled down at me and I already knew he was charmed. Oh the joys of being a girl, with charm, in a short tight skirt. "Anythin' for you sweety" He said, wandering off to find me another drink.
He left me there standing alone so I wandered to where there was a make do dance floor. There must have been at least a hundred people in the crowd; you could see so many bodies, glistening with sweat underneath the moon and stars. It was captivating to see them all move in time with the music. Somebody had set up some big speakers, so the bass was massive. When I wandered closer to the group of people I could feel it vibrating the sand underneath my feet and soon, I was dancing along with the rest of the people. I was moving my hips from side to side and felt various people grinding up against me. I smiled, I liked this sort of attention.
I then spotted Zoe, dancing with Liam and pushed my way through to her.
"Zoe I fucking love you!" I yelled into her ear as I grabbed her close to me. I wrapped my arms around her neck and swayed her body against mine in time with the fast-beat music.
She wrapped her arms around my waist, pinning herself closer to me. She placed her nose right against mine, and yelled "I fucking love you too Hayls, forever and ever!"
We kept dancing like that until we could feel a group of people around us. We could feel them staring at us, but we didn't stop. This was how we liked the nights.
A small chant then started from the boys, "Kiss, kiss, kiss". I looked up and smiled slowly. I could see Liam in the crowd, grinning and chanting with the other boys. We didn't even stop to think about it.
Zoe's lips were on my in a fraction and we heard a group of cheers from the boys around. She parted my lips forcefully, and I gently poked my tongue in around her mouth. She even raised one of her hands and massaged my breast, which got some extra loud cheers from the boys. I kissed her back even harder.
We then pulled away, smiling towards the boys. Zoe pranced off back to Liam where he walked her off into the distance. That wasn't the first time we had performed an act like this, and I was just as hell sure it wasn't going to be one of the last. I looked at the group of boys, "So who's next hey?"
They all grinned as they started to edge their way closer to me. I could see girls around me, frowning in disgust. Like I cared though, I was the one getting the attention and they weren't.

Someone grabbed my hand and led me out of the pack. I didn't have time to see who it was.
They dragged me until we were near an old boating shed and then they stopped. I panted, and looked up. Looking back at me was one of the most gorgeous guys I had seen. He had really short blonde hair, it must have been shaved. He looked toned from the moonlight. I could tell that his eyes were a deep brown, simple but gorgeous.
I smirked at him, as he smirked back. "Usually the guys just pull me in for a pash on the dance floor, not to a deserted location" I said, charming him. He just smirked back.
"But I just wanted you all to myself. We can't have a pretty thing like you sharing yourself to every bloke out there can we?" He said, looking straight into my eyes.
I smiled, and shuffled closer towards his body. "And your name would be?"
"Just Joe?"
"You seem like the girl that only what's a first name Miss. Hayley" he said, wrapping his arms around me. He slowly slid his hands down to my bum, and gave it a gently squeeze. I shivered, this wasn't what I was expecting.
"You know me to well already" I said, whispering into his ear. If he was going to play that type of game, so was I. I nibbled on the bottom of his earlobe and I could see goose bumps forming on his skin. A guy this gorgeous was not going to get away from me, I was going to make sure of it.
He didn't say anymore after that. He picked me up and firmly kissed me on his lips. I kissed him back just as roughly and, again, let my tongue slid into his mouth, playing along with his. He grabbed my bum tighter, and kept kissing me. He then moved away from my mouth and started kissing along my neck, down my collar bone and onto my chest. I let out a sigh.
He then planted his lips firmly on mine again and I got lost in the moment.

I hadn't realised we had been moving until I heard the creak of the door open. I pulled myself away from him and looked around. It was dark so I couldn't see too much.
"Where are we?" I asked, panting and he still kissed my neck. My eyes weren't adjusting to the light, I must have had too much to drink.
"In the boating shed, don't stress" He said kissing me roughly. He placed me on the ground, which was surprisingly soft. I felt cushions underneath my back.
"Were you planning on bringing somebody here tonight were you Mr. Joe?" I asked cheekily.
He stared down at me, "Maybe, maybe not" he said with a wink.
I then pulled him down to start kissing again. He kissed back, then slid his hands under my shirt. With one hand he grabbed my breast, and the other went behind my back and undid my bra. He pulled that away from me. I grabbed the bottom of his shirt, and ripped it over his head, not surprised to see a 6 pack sitting firmly on his stomach. I had no idea what I was actually doing by this stage, I was too drunk to care, but everything felt right. Even if I was with a stranger.
He then pulled my shirt off, and placed his lips on one of my nipples. He bit it, flicked it with his tongue and sucked it. I moaned, and could feel myself getting wet between my undies.
"Does that feel good?" He said, teasingly, glancing up at me. I stared into his eyes and nodded. I couldn't speak.
He then proceeded to suck my nipple, and I felt a wave of pleasure ride through me. He then moved one of his hands and placed it right between my legs, slowly running it up and down. I started to squirm now. This little thing he was doing to me felt so good. I moaned more.
"Take off your skirt" he ordered standing up. I stood what up as well, staggering a little. Whether it was from the alcohol in my system or what he had just done to me I wasn't sure. But I obeyed his orders and took of my skirt. I stood there, in a little pair of pink, frilly boylegs and nothing else. I sauntered up to him and pushed my body against his.
"Two can play at that game honey" as I massaged my hand again his package. His boy was well and truly hard. And I could feel that.
He moved my hand away from him, and pushed me onto a counter. "It's not working that way tonight Hayley" he said as he moved closer. "You are listening to me tonight you hear me", he said while rubbing his hand in between my legs. "You follow everything I say, yes?" He whispered into my ear.
My body was going insane. I craved his touch, I wanted him to hold me close. I wanted him inside me. "Yes" I whispered.
"That's much better" he said. He stood between my legs and kept rubbing my panties.
"Feeling a bit wet are we now Hayley?" He asked, still rubbing. I nodded, unable to speak without my voice cracking.
"When I ask you a question, you answer me Hayley" he said, lowering his mouth and painfully bitting my nipple. I yelped quietly in pain. I knew I could stop this, at any time. I knew I could walk out, but I didn't want to. I couldn't. My body couldn't leave now.
"Yes, I am so wet" I said, moaning as he started to push his hand against my clit. He smirked.
"And what do you want me to do with you Hayley" he said, as he slowly massage my clit in circles. I could feel myself getting wetter by the minute.
"I want you inside me" I said looking at me squarely in the eyes. He looked me back and then in a flash ripped my panties off of me. I gasped as he placed one finger inside of me, moving it in and out quickly. I had to grip the sides of the counter to make sure I wouldn't slide off.
He took his finger out of me and slid me back against the edge of the counter, and placed my hands either side of the window. He then grabbed a small piece off rope and tied each of my hands to the bars each side of the window.
"Now you have to do as I say" he said to me, grinning. I looked back at him unable to respond.
He then shoved one finger back in me, again pulling it in and out quickly.
"Think we can fit more in there Hayley? Do you want more in the Hayley?" he asked me, still moving his finger out just as quickly.
"Yes please" I moaned, and felt him fit another two fingers in there. He pushed them in deeply, making me pant and quietly moan. He was quickly down with that though, and soon moved away from me. He walked into the shadows and when he came back he wasn't wearing anything.
And his giant, long cock stood up proud.
"Is this what you want Hayley?" he whispered in my ear. I felt the tip of his penis gently prod the outside of my pussy.
"Yes!" I yelled at him. He pulled my hips closer to the edge of the counter. He then slowly pushed his cock into my soaking pussy. He pushed it all the way in until he couldn't anymore. A wave of pleasure went through my body.
"You can do much better than that" I whispered, staring at him. He stared back and the drove his cock into me harder and faster. I moaned loudly, having all of it inside of me felt so amazing. He pushed it in and out, hitting my back wall and making me moan louder each time. He did this for about 5 minutes before he stopped and pulled out.
"You can't be finished already can you?" I teased, smirking at me. He stared at me with no expression and untied my wrists for me.
"On the floor, now" he said, pointing to the cushioned area. I laid down on it, looking up at him from above.
He chuckled, "Other way" he said. He reach down and flipped me over. He then picked me up and placed me on all fours.
"Oh, I'm your dog now am I?" I said, giggling. That was definitely the alcohol this time.
He grabbed my breast and massaged it from behind. "You sure are babe".
He spread my legs a little way apart from one another and the leant over me to whisper in my ear.
"Now you stay like this the whole time or someone will get punished, okay?"
I smiled, "Yes captain". I had to admit, I liked someone else taking control for once.
I felt him kneel back up and position his hands on my hips and before I knew it, he had entered me. And it was even more amazing than before. He felt like he was getting even deeper, he pushed and pushed, hitting my G-Spot every time and making me moan like a porn star.
"Yes" I screamed as he got faster and harder. I felt my body drop a little and as soon as it did he spanked me. "Oh no you don't you little bitch, you stay up and let me fuck you".
He pushed harder and faster. He spanked me every time my body started to drop a little. He hit my G-Spot over and over again until my lets started shaking.
"I'm going to come!" I screamed, before collapsing on the floor. I was exhausted.
Joe didn't like this though, he wasn't done. He flipped me onto my back and pulled me legs onto my shoulders. He pushed, harder and harder still. And then he pulled out.
"Catch it for me babe". I placed my mouth over the tip of his cock and used my hand to rub his shaft. He came started to come in my mouth and I licked up every last drop.
I glanced up at him smiling. "You did good you little bitch" he said to me, he picked me up and then placed me on the counter again.
He spread my legs and then went down to lick up all my juices. I started to moan again, and rubbed my clit, trying to make myself come again.
He was amazing, he licked in the right spots. He then started to suck on my clit and I went crazy. I squirmed but he placed his firm hands on my thighs to keep them open.
I then came again, just as well as the first time. I stared at him.
"You are fucking amazing" I said to him panting.
"Not too bad yourself" he said winking.


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