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A man on a dull business trip in Japan, finds an unexpected way to enjoy the trip.

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I have never been one for travelling, so when I was sent over to Tokyo on business I wasn't best pleased at my boss. Thousands of miles from home in a strange country and to top it all I couldn't speak a word of Japanese.

The meetings had been dull and by the third day I was ready go home, sadly I had another two days to go.

It wasn't all bad though. The company put me up in one of the biggest five star hotels in the city and I had room service at my beck and call. The food was excellent and the sake was something that I grew to thoroughly enjoy.

Alone in my hotel room I was content with working through my papers, watching Japanese TV and reading. Down stairs in the lobby and restaurants I felt extremely out of place. Not because I was English, but because I was a different breed of businessman. I was used to loud laughing and joking. Drunken nights out and placing notes in the G-string of a hot, titillating stripper. These men (not all Japanese, but from all over the world) were stiff, upright, rich, pompous businessmen that never took no for an answer and never did anything for themselves. I am sure it had been many years since any of them had a good laugh.

I kept myself to myself. Always being courteous and respectful, and went about my business. It wasn't until this night that I finally found a way to enjoy myself and turn this dreadfully dull trip in to something else entirely. All I can say is, thank goodness I am not married.

It was ten o'clock in the evening and although I wasn't drunk I know I had overdone the sake. I walked, slightly wobbly into the elevator on the ground floor, my room was on the thirty third floor of thirty five. Just as I was pressing the button for the thirty third floor, I saw two women rushing to catch the lift. Naturally I quickly stopped the doors from closing and allowed the two squeeze in, nodding their thanks and smiling. I nodded back respectfully and offered the ladies the control panel.

Both were Japanese. The first was tall and elegant, and in her early thirties. The second was shorter and about ten years younger. She was wearing flat, black shoes, and white knee-high socks beneath a pleated skirt that hung down to her knees. She had on a white blouse, buttoned to her neck and her hair was in pigtails. She had brown eyes, a sweet face and looked almost innocent.

The elder of the two was barefoot and draped in what I took to be a black and white silk kimono. It was tied at the woman's slender waist. Her long, black hair was loose to her shoulders and her eyes were dark green with black, shapely eyebrows and long lashes.

Both women were looking at me and smiling. I smiled back. The younger of the two, responding from a gesture from her companion pushed the button for the thirty fifth floor. I then realised I had seen the elder woman before. She wasn't just staying on the thirty fifth floor; she lived there. Her father was the billionaire owner of the hotel. The younger girl was her hand maid.

The lift shuddered as the ascent began. I tried to look at the wall or my feet, the two were captivating. By far the most beautiful sight I had seen on my trip. Both women knew I was looking and starred back, the elder always smiling. With a graceful shift of her head she whispered in the younger woman's ear for a second. She looked up at her mistress and smiled at her before running her palm up and over the woman body.

I was a little taken aback, even more so as the girl slowly pulled the tie of the kimono so that the two ends parted and fell at her mistresses side. Her hand then continued her exploration inside the kimono. I know realised that the woman was in her dressing gown and as far as I could tell there was nothing underneath.

Visually the woman revealed nothing of her body. I could only imagine the curves that the younger woman was caressing. First up to the woman breasts where she cupped what lay beneath and then down so that her hand was flat between her mistresses legs. Short, brisk movements told me that the girl was pleasuring her employer, working her hidden treasures as her mistress opened her mouth to let out her breath.

All the time both women kept their eyes on me and I was transfixed with what was occurring in front of me. As the younger woman worked her hand, I could tell the elder was becoming more and more aroused. So was I, I had to turn slightly and place my hand in my pocket to hide the ever tightening bulge that was forming in my suit trousers. We were at floor seventeen now, halfway up the building and I still had not hit the button for floor thirty three.

The women looked away from me and stared at each other. Peering in to each others eyes like lovers on a starlit night. The taller of the two bent forward and the other reached up so that their lips met awkwardly but tenderly, pecking at each other until they sunk into passionate kiss that did nothing to relieve the pressure in the front of my suit.

Their lips parted and they turned back to look at me, to make sure I had witnessed their passion. The younger girl then leaned into her mistress and I saw her face disappear in to the opening of the gown. The head moved slightly and I could sense that the girl was nuzzling and nibbling on the woman's breasts. All the time the hand was still moving, ever faster as the woman being pleasured moaned softly and closed her eyes in ecstasy. Her maids lips rising up from her cleavage to her neck.

Floor twenty five and I was in desperate need of a little hand action myself. I managed to resist the temptation as the woman in the gown began to convulse. She was taking no notice of me now as her companion worked between her legs and suckled on her body. A loud gasp and more convulsions showed that the woman was cumming and cumming hard. She was leaning back on the side of the lift, her back arched and her head on the cold steel. She gasped again and then seemed to relax as the other woman withdrew her hand.

As her mistress smiled, breathing normally again, she retied her dressing gown. The maid licked her fingers gently and purposely. One finger at a time, her eyes fixed once again on me and my obvious erection.

Ping. Floor thirty five arrived way too soon and I watched as the taller woman took her companions hand and led her out on to the landing. Gathering myself, I reached for the control panel; for the button labelled 33. I watched the two walk away, but before I could press the button the older woman turned and gestured for me to follow. I smiled broadly and stepped out of the lift.

The room was amazing. The entire thirty fifth floor was one, huge luxurious apartment. The bedroom was huge with a huge, king-sized bed that look too small for such a large space. The floor was soft carpet and everything ooze expensive.

The two women led me inside and closed the door behind us. I couldn't believe what was happening. I was so aroused that I would have done anything to be in this room with these two beauties.

The women were kissing again, standing in front of the bed as they passed tongues back and forth. I approached them slowly and leaned in to kiss them both. The elder woman placed her hand on my chest to stop me. I was so close to them now I could smell the purfume of the elder woman. Still neither had spoken a word to me.

The woman pushed me back two steps and the younger girl began to undo my belt and pull down my suit trousers. My penis protruded out of my boxers as they settled around my ankles. The women giggled and pull them down too. My cock sprang out at them and they took a second as if to admire it before the mistress pushed my chest, pushing me off blance on to a chair behind me. I sat with comfortable thump, laying back in the chair as my cock stretched itself out and layback on my abdomen.

The younger woman opened the buttons of my shirt and parted the sides, revealing my chest. unexpectedly the elder women took my arm and tied them together at the wrists behind the chair. With my trousers around my feet and my hands bound, I was helplessly in the hands of these two oriental women.

I waited for the pleasure to begin. A soft hand massage maybe or a long, gentle blowjob. I was thinking of how each of them was going to feel as they took it in turns to fuck me. Of how their skin would feel against mine and how they would look as I came over one or the other of them.

The younger girl ran hers hands up and down my smooth chest, I am proud to say that working out in the gym three times a week attracted this kind of attention. I closed my eyes, enjoying the friction of the smalls hands on my pecks and abdomen. The hands disappeared and I got ready for what was coming next.


I opened my eyes. The two women were standing between me and the bed embracing each other in a passionate kiss. The mistress had her back to me and the maid was doing something in front of her. I realised what it was when the gown finally opened, slipped over the woman's delicate arms, glided down her bare back and fell to the floor in a heap.

She turned to face me. Her body was slim and toned and her darkened skin was flawless. Her had small, but full breasts with small dark brown nipples that stood out erect. Her pussy was hidden between too luscious thighs, below a thin, triangular shaped bush of black pubic hair.

She smiled her never ending smile, turned and crawled on to the bed, raising her tight, firm buttocks into the air as if she were offering them to me. She turned and lay on her back, her legs together as her maid followed her, still fully dressed and lay face down on top of her.

They kissed again. Long, deliberate kisses as the hands of the mistress slid up the skirt of her employee and exposed the white panties beneath. She ran her finger gently under the cotton, causing the younger woman to squirm in delight.

The maid saw this as a signal and slid down her mistresses body. As her lips reached the thighs, one of the rose up. The woman kissed the inner thigh before making her way up to the hidden folds of her mistresses pussy.

My cock was throbbing now, pre-cum was leaking out and dripping down the shaft. I was in agony, not being able to touch either my manhood or the two beauties on the bed. I wanted to wank, even if it was just for a moment, but my bound hand prevented any selfservice.

The younger woman was now lapping at her employer, her tongue traveling the length of the opening and her mouth encasing the lips and sucking them in. I noticed her hands were busy too, one was rubbing the top of the pussy and the other was grasping a breast and pulling on a hard nipple. I wanted nothing more just then to take the girl from behind as she licked that pussy. I imagined pushing those panties aside and sliding deep inside her, pushing in deep up to her buttocks and then releasing a thick, heavy load.

The naked woman was groaning again in pleasure and her breathing was fast and loud, I saw her face as she came up from the bed, it was a picture of erotic intensity. It only turned me on more when she screamed and screamed as the magic tongue brought her to orgasm. The girl licked her lips as her mistress fell back on the bed and ripped open her shirt. She had large, hanging breasts and as she leaned forward she placed them at the mouth of her mistress.

The woman cupped the offered breasts and from where I was, I could just see as her own tongue flicked out to caress and circle them before she clamped her mouth over the nipples.

The girl fell to one side of the bed and naked woman took no time to pull of the panties from beneath the skirt. What lay beneath was wet, inviting and completely shaved. I was gasping too now, I wanted release, I wanted touch, it was like torture now being able to do what comes naturally to a horny man.

I closed my eyes only to open them again as I heard a buzzing noise. The noise lessened as the vibrator was inserted into the maids pussy. The mistress then started moving it around in all directions, sliding in and out as the girl squirmed on the bed and squeezed her own tits.

The girl lifted her legs into the air, bringing her knees up to her chest and her ass into the air. Her mistress continued to tease the girls opening with the vibrator as her other hand reached for a thick, blue dildo.

With the vibrator still in the girls pussy, the woman took the end of the dildo and pushed it gently into the girls ass. Just inside the opening, enough for her to massage that aswell. With a fake cock in each hand the woman fucked the maid, gently running them in and out of her holes. When she came, the girl howled in pleasure like I had never heard before, her whole body shaking, her hands clasping tightly to her tits and her mistresses smile broadened as she withdrew the toys.

I had given up hope now of any relief. Hoping that this was the end of the show, I almost prayed that my erection would fade.

The two women lay together for a minute or two, mindlessly caressing each other. My cock stayed as stiff as it was and remained a fountain of pre-cum. All the time they were watching me, until the mistress whispered again in her maids ear.

She got up from the bed, her shirt open, but still tucked in to her skirt, her ample breasts swaying as she moved. She approached my vulnerable self and knelt down in front of me, between my open legs that were bound by my own trousers.

She placed her hands on my thighs and move up towards me, her breasts grazing my deprived cock. She kissed me. A simple peck on my lips, but enough for me to taste her mistresses scent. She leaned back and grasped my grateful cock tightly in her fist.

Her touch was electric, it sent shock waves through my penis and my body, enough to make it erupt violently and fire shot after shot of huge globs in to the air. Her hand didn't move but the semen kept cumming. The first streams landed on the floor and the very end of the bed, after that it splattered my naked chest and most gratifiyly the young girls breasts that were up close and her hand was a sticky mess.

I had wanted to fuck them both, but it didn't even take a handjob from them to make me cum. They untied andleft me alone soon after to clean up as the two went for a shower that I was forbidden to join.

As I left the two smiled there smiles and closed the doors behind me. As I got into the lift again all I could think was "Damn. I love Tokyo."

I was extremely tired as I reached out my hand to finally press the button for floor thirty three.


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