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The Train Home

Short story By: M A Nogard

A woman receives some erotic attention from a fellow commuter and gets a different kind of ride home on the train.

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As the steel like bulge pushed against me, my entire body went ridged. I continued to stare straight ahead, trying to ignore the pressure on my buttock.
I don't usually take the train, but the geriatric in the BMW had put pay to my little mini cooper; my pride and joy: An almost exact replica for the one used by Michael Caine in the Italian job, one of my all time favourite movies. I didn't even see him coming, he was going too fast, fuelled by too much alcohol at the working men's club. He sideswiped me at sixty miles per hour as he jumped a red light. I was lucky to survive, he didn't.
Now six months later and two months after leaving the hospital, I was on my way home from my first day back at work since the accident. I had been a bit apprehensive, but looking forward to the returning to my old, normal routine.
Darkness was setting in and the platform had been crowded. I have never liked big crowds, they tend to freak me out. Especially when all of the people are complete strangers, I get a little claustrophobic and a little frightened when I am huddled amongst so many hot, sweaty, heaving bodies.
The seats were filled almost instantly, mainly by large, grumpy businessmen in expensive suits and briefcases. So I stood, holding on to the metal pole in front of me for dear life, as the train lurched forward. The lights were dim and no one spoke, the noise of the train was drowned out by the rustling of newspapers, the clack of mobile phones and the echo of ten mp3 players that were beating in the ears of their owners.
I managed to slow my breathing, took a wider stance to help my balance and began to relax. But as the fingertips slid gently up the back of my knee to my thigh below the hem of my skirt, the adrenaline took hold again. I froze like an ice statue, hope it was just someone passing by to the next carriage, but when the hand was placed firmly on my ass, the fingers between my legs I knew different.
I said nothing, still routed to the spot. I tried to look over my shoulder to see who was violating me, but I couldn't without showing I was responding to the touch.
I felt a shift behind me and another hand joined its partner as the two grasped my hips. They didn't linger for long as they moved back down to my ass again and then my thighs.
My breathing became erratic again and I almost had an asthma attack then and there, but when two hard nubbins pressed in to my back, my breath was jolted out of me. Warm breath stroked my bare neck and I could smell perfume. All I could think was, who is this person? and what are they going to do to me? No one else had noticed.
The nubbins pressed harder into my back and I realised that they some ones nipples and they were attached to two, very large and very firm breasts. They were hard and warm, and I could feel the owners heartbeat vibrate through them. My own heart was racing as I held tighter onto the pole to stop myself from collapsing in either fear or excitement. I didn't know which.
The hands came up again, they paused momentarily at my hips and then glided around and up to my own cleavage. Two hands cupped my breasts and long, blond hair fell on to my shoulder, tickling my ear.
"Oh my god" I thought. "I am being felt up by a woman".
Always being a straight, heterosexual girl, even sheltered somewhat, I have never even experimented with another female. I have only ever had two boyfriends and I have only ever slept with one of them. I am not prude and I enjoy sex, I pleasure myself regularly, but this was like nothing I have ever felt. Both physically and emotionally and I had no idea how to deal with the situation.
The hands grasped and groped at my breasts, squeezing them together beneath my bra. The breathing behind me had increased somewhat and I was still unable to do anything. I then realised I was no longer frightened and was enjoy the attention. I glanced down to see long, red fingernails on the ends of the fingers that were engulfing my tits. I am a rather large woman when it comes to bust and I was rather alarmed to see that the woman held them both perfectly in their palms.
I let out a moan under my breath. I love to have my breasts fondled during sex and this was starting to turn me on. The hands let them go and started to slide due south. One paused on my tummy, dipping beneath my new top, his finger lingering within my belly button. The other hand had gone lower and was now cupping me between my legs, squeezing my crotch and dampening my white panties beneath my skirt.
I heard a "mmmmm" in my ear and then got the shock of my life as a long, hard bulge pressed against the crack of my ass. I was stock still again, confused. I had a large pair of breasts sticking in my back and what felt like a hard penis between my ass cheeks. It rubbed up and down slowly against me, the owner clearly enjoying the friction.
I managed to remove a hand from the pole, where my knuckles had gone white. I then tried to peel the hand away that was still holding my pussy. It responded immediately and took a hold of mine. I tried to pull away but it gently guided my hand behind me. They placed the back of my hand on my ass and then pressed forward so that a huge, naked, hairy cock, hanging from a zip was placed in my palm.
The sudden heat from the throbbing manhood and the stickiness that was running down the shaft brought me to life again. The shock subsiding, the dampness in my panties increasing I curled my fingers around the cock, gripping it tightly. I stoked it gently, squeezed tightly, pulled it roughly and the hand returned to my crotch as the penis thrust in to my hard grip. This time delving under my skirt and into the top of my underwear as the cock grew in my hand.
The finger slipped in between my pussy lips as soon as it made contact, it was like electric. My juices ran out and I saw some drip to the carriage floor. I felt two lips on the back of my heck for second and the cock pulled from my grasp.
They let go, I thought it was all over and I was disappointed. Disappointed and unsatisfied. I shouldn't have worried, for next the huge, throbbing cock was dipped between my thighs, pushing my panties aside. I yelped loudly as it entered me. This was a bigger member than I was used to. I looked up, no one had heard me. No one was watching, they were all in their own little worlds as the train trundled them towards home. We all were, only in mine I was being fucked on the train on my way home from work.
They were really going to town. From the moment the cock was in up to the hilt, it fucked me hard and fast, in short, sharp thrusts. My breasts were cupped again by the large hands and were kneading them as the cock worked my tight, wet hole.
I was finding it hard to breath again, but for a different reason, I could feel the familiar build of an orgasm. It was getting more and more difficult not to cry out. I looked up and my eyes met a girl over the top of her hello magazine. She was smiling and biting her lip. I was unable to smile back but her eyes never left me. She lifted the bottom of her magazine and saw her other hand was working between her own legs as she watched the stranger violate me. She replaced the reading material just as my climax took hold.
I gasped, how I managed to hold back the cries of pleasure I will never know, but my entire body was shaking and I was finding it hard to stand. If it hadn't been for the two strong arms around me I would have fallen to my knees. There was a small puddle on the floor and the girls expression had changed from lust to awe as my pussy clamped the cock inside me.
My pussy was sensitive to every thrust that followed, the lips in a frenzied spasm, my clitoris tingling. The thrusting slowed and I felt the huge roll of meat withdraw. The owner clamped it against my ass between the cheeks again, only beneath my panties this time. There were a couple of small thrusts and a grunt from behind me and a warm fluid spread across my skin.
My panties settled back to their position around my curves. You wouldn't know they had been disturbed at all if it wasn't for the sticky paste within.
I felt another peck on the back of my neck. The cock was gone and I felt some shuffling behind. As we pulled into the next station, a female form wearing a tight pink jumper and equally tight leather trousers passed me by. They were tall and lanky, and somewhat muscular. Long golden locks swung below their shoulders and they swung their hips as they walked. They got to the door and I saw the locks flicked back behind them. They turned their body and I could see the huge breasts, their nipples protruding out from the jumper. Then I saw the handsome, attractive face that blew me a kiss from rosy red lips, and the five o'clock shadow that covered their chin and upper lip.
Although I had enjoyed it, I was a little disappointed that my first lesbian experience had been with a man. When I got home, it took me nearly ten minutes to peel off my underwear.


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