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The Full Package

Short story By: M A Nogard

A young woman has a chance meeting with a delivery man, leaving her to fantasize with a new toy.

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It was a raw, winters morning, and a heavy frost had covered everything in a shimmering expanse of cold, white glitter. The winter sun was just breaking through the clouds; its radiance shining seductively on the slippery sheet, making it twinkle all the more; like the stars of the night sky that hadn't long faded from view.
It was still early when the doorbell rang, and Stephanie was barely awake. Grumbling she clawed her way out of the bed covers, and slipped her thick, pink dressing gown on over her small, silky, light blue nightie. Her bare feet scrambled for her slippers on the way out of the bedroom, almost tripping her as she wiggled them on over her dainty toes.
Wiping the sleep from her eyes, and yawning loudly she made her way down the stairs with hard, heavy steps to the front door. A dark shadow was cast on the other side of the frosted glass, and she jumped a little as the bell rang again: Surprisingly louder than usual at that time of day.
"Just a second" she yelled, holding back a grumbling taunt as her hands fumbled with the locks; Stephanie was by no means a morning person. It usually took a good couple of hours, and several cups of strong, sweetened coffee before anyone who knew her, dared to approach with anything more than a 'good morning' greeting.
Finally the key turned, and the bolt slid back with a satisfying click. Opening the door, Stephanie peered around it, out at her visitor, her eyes blinking quickly at the sudden glare. She tried not to shy away from the abrupt blast of the morning breeze that hit her face and bare legs as she yawned again loudly.
The visitor held up a large package, obscuring her view of them.
"Good morning" a gruff voice intoned from behind the box.
"Is it?" Stephanie answered before she could stop herself.
"Sign here please." The voice called back over the brightly packaged box, a clipboard and pen balancing precariously on the top.
Stephanie took the clipboard and scrawled her name next to her address.
"Thank you" she murmured as the man placed the box down at her feet, next to her. He took the clipboard from her hand and clasped the pen that was still pinched between her finger and thumb.
He tugged, Stephanie didn't let it go, her attention on the design on top of the box.
"Pleasure Planet" it announced proudly in giant, red bold lettering, next to a picture of a half naked man, and a young woman in her underwear; smiling in each others arms.
"Oh god!" She thought. "I hope he hasn't seen that."
Looking back at the man, she saw him smiling. A mischievous grin running from ear to ear, his dark eyes crinkled in mirth. He was of average height, no more than 5'10, but stocky, with large arms and chest. His unruly, curly hair was stuffed under a woollen hat, and the stubble on his broad chin was obscured by the scarf around his large neck. On any other day she would no doubt of found him handsome.
In her horror she let go of the pen, and the delivery man almost lost his footing on the ice due to the sudden recoil.
"It's not for me" Stephanie shook her head in hasty reproach.
The man shook his too. "None of my business."
She could tell he was still grinning as he turned around, and made his way back up her drive way to where his van was parked.
"It's for my friend" she shouted out to him.
"I am sure you and your friend with have lots of fun." He called back. As he reached the open door of the van, he turn around once more and winked a cheeky wink that made Stephanie turn crimson with mortification.
The frost fell from the window as she slammed the door and lent back against it, looking down at her slippers. She heard the vans engine rumble to life and gradually fade into the distance. Her gaze soon moved to the box next to her. She closed her eyes, reliving the grin from the delivery man, the embarrassment still burning her cheeks.
It had been her roommates idea. Something to cheer her up, bring her out of herself and to 'live a little'. Maria had been placing a rather generous order anyway, and had insisted on getting something for Stephanie, if only to help release some tension or boredom.
Stephanie had had her reservations, and had left the room before the order was completed. The break up had been hard; it had been almost three months, and she was still feeling the effects of his betrayal. Maybe some solo time would help her libido?
Going out with the girls hadn't helped, when each of them had prescribed in unison that all she needed was a 'good seeing too'. The night had been fun, the guys had been great, but even after too many cocktails she just hadn't been ready. She was not sure when she would be again. Seeing the love of your life with his dick down another woman's throat would do that to anyone. Stephanie was not anyone: It had taken her years to find Patrick. The one man who had understood her, cared for her, and been everything she had needed; he had fucked it all away in one destructive night.
She still didn't understand why. She had never denied him sex, had always been adventurous, and besides she had decided that her tits were way better than the slut' who had been sucking him off. So why..?
Shaking the last of the delivery mans grin from her mind, Stephanie locked the door again and dragged the parcel up the stairs. It was barely 7:30, way too early to be up she had decided. A couple more hours sleep...
Back in the bed, the box on the chair next to her, her slippers beneath. She tried her best to close her eyes again, but the cold air from outside and the encounter at the door had woken her completely. Besides the box was calling to her: Loudly, with a buzz that shook the chair.
As the box jumped and throbbed on the wooden seat, Stephanie sat bolt upright and pulled it on to the bed next to her. Drawing her knees up, the cardboard vibrated against her at regular intervals. She giggled out loud wondering what was in the box, and what had brought it to life.
It took less than a second to tear the tape from the opening and stretch the flaps wide. Inside amongst a few handfuls of polystyrene, and a collection of indescribable objects, a small, unmarked, plastic container was almost jumping up and down.
Quickly she lifted the top. Almost instantly the buzzing stopped and the container remained still. She closed the lid again, and the buzzing took over once more, the box shaking her hand uncontrollably. It stopped again the instant the box was opened. Inside was a small, black, rubber, cylindrical object. It was quite heavy, both ends flat, with two buttons and a small display on the side and another larger button on the top.
Stephanie slid the object out into her palm and examined it close. Moving her fingertips over the rough outer casing, her thumb drawn to the large button on the end. The object vibrated violently, bouncing out of her hand and into her lap as it took her by surprise. It felt heavy against her, even though the vibration had stopped. She picked it up again, testing the button over and over, giggling each time like a naughty schoolgirl.
Holding the object against her with the button pressed sent waves of reverberation through her body, making her shiver with excitement. The sensation was like electricity coursing through her, making her feel something she hadn't felt in over three months: Wet.
Her white cotton knickers were dampening with every caressing buzz, awakening her desires as she ran her new toy between the folds of her robe, then under her nightie. It slid shaking between her breasts, slipping underneath to make them vibrate too; jiggling them gently under the soft material of her nightie. Stephanie bit her lip, closing her eyes and laying her head back on the headboard of the bed as she pushed the robe aside, and slipped the shoulder straps down her arms and over her hands.
A breast the colour of milky tea, full and heavy fell out over her nightie as one cup collapsed beneath it. The shaft like object, she held close to her nipple, circling her small, but sensitive areola. Her breast tingled in pleasure, drawing an erection from her brown nipple that rubbed against the rough side of the toy. She placed the flat end over the nubbin and sent another wave of vibrations though her chest. It was only then that she realised that her hand was between her legs.
The smooth cotton of her panties was almost transparent when she push the hem of her robe aside and pulled up her night dress. Stephanie could make out the contours of her womanhood as she rubbed two finger tips over the small bulge of her pussy lips. The material was sticking to her and she enjoyed the friction as she eyed the dark shadow of her unkempt pubic hair that was also entangled in her juices.
Her hand penetrated past the waist band and explored the small, coarse forest beneath: Her fingers tangling in the wet hair, on the way down. Her vagina was seeping fluid freely, and more escaped as her digits parted her labia. She circled again, the buzzing cylinder now teasing the other nipple through her night dress, stiffening it to match the other.
She pulled it away letting her breast hang unheeded. As her fingertip entered her pussy she examined the object more closely. I was thick, wider than any usual vibrator, thicker than any cock she had ever seen, although she hadn't known many to compare. The flat end was unusual, unlike any phallic she had ever seen. She wondered what it would feel like inside her. On the flat end was some embossed writing in the rubber: "Made in China."
Followed by "Waterproof up to 100 meters."
Stephanie smiled in relaxation, sighing as her finger pushed deeper into her. It had been so long. A small cry of pleasure passed her lips, a small gasp as she caught her breath, her heart starting to beat hard within her chest. She let a second finger join the first, stretching her vagina a little as she moved in and out, hooking around into the depths of her pussy, more juice flowing with every stroke under the cotton.
She pulled her hand out and pushed the toy over her panties, pressing the top and feeling the now familiar buzz sending impulses through to her womanhood. Her clitoris tingled and swelled in response, appreciating the attention as the tip of the toy lingering over it before sliding down between her legs.
"Waterproof up to 100 meters."
Grinning Stephanie release the button, denying herself further pleasure. Her other hand let go of her breast, where she had been squeezing and caressing it as the vibrations had rocked her abdomen.
She was up in an instant, gliding urgently to the bathroom, letting the dressing gown fall to the floor along the way, followed but the night dress. Her large, full breasts swinging under her she bent over to turn on the taps, fitted the plug and start to run herself a bath. Coloured oils and luxurious lotions were added to the water as it crept up the side of the bath. Stephanie watched, clutching her new find in anticipation.She caught sight of herself in the mirror, noticing the flush of her cheeks.
The cotton knickers peeled away from her like a wet bathing suit, and landed with a soft splat on the linoleum floor before she stepped over the side of the tub.
The water was warm and pleasant, and smelt of flowers and fruits. Stephanie lent back, submerging herself and enjoying the embrace of it over her breasts and the delicate kiss on her aroused pussy.
"Oh if Mr Delivery guy could see me now, he wouldn't have been so quick to judge. I would have him jerking off in a second." She thought as the water lapped around, licking at her form.
She took a little time to rub the warm water into her skin, caressing her body. Travelling her hands up and over her legs, around the back to her buttocks and then around and up over her tummy, and up again. Cupping her breasts once more and pushing them tightly together, clasping and pushing them up so she could lick her nipples, and suck them between her lips. A trick she had been able to do since her teens. A trick that had brought her much pleasure in the past.
"Was Mr Delivery guy's cock as thick as that?" Stephanie wondered. She hoped it was. She imagined what it would have been like, there beside her, hanging over the bath as she sucked gently on her nipple, giving herself a playful bite. Thick, yes. And long, smooth all the way from the base, where his smooth balls hung low, then nice and ribbed on the end, where a foreskin covered the tip, waiting to be coaxed out.
The feeling of her wet, rubbery skin beneath the water only succeeded to turn her on further, and it wasn't long before she reached for the toy, perched upright on the floor beside the tub.
The water swirl slightly as she switched it on under the bubbles. Drawing the cylinder over her outer lips, her pussy soon gladly accepted the buzz from the shaft. As it entered her, she exhaled loudly, her eyes glued shut in pleasure. Stephanie had been right. She had never had a phallus inside her this thick before, or with a flat end. The surround was ribbed and the friction alone against her vagina walls was amazing, doubled with the vibration, the pleasure only intensified.
"Would he have been able to resist taking over and touching me himself? Or would he have watched patiently, giving me a show too as he stroked his hand over his shaft, his balls swinging?
The rough rubber drove her wild as she slid it in and out slowly, her finger never leaving the push button on the top, not even when she started to move her hips to meet her hand; thrusting herself back and forth as she moved faster, the water slopping over the side of the bath as she fucked the flat ended column.
She was crying out now, moaning loud with every movement as she brought her legs up to balance on either side of the tub. Stephanie lay back again, water moving over her face as she penetrated herself deeper, over and over, working her tight hole as hard as she could, bucking her hips up and down.
Her orgasm was building, she could feel it, her toes were curling where they dangled over the side of the bath, and her free hand reached under her form to her backside. She loved her buttocks squeezed as she was fucked, it made her feel closer to the person who was pleasuring her. Solo, it had become a habit, her finger tips tracing over the patch between her legs where her pussy met her anus.
She imagined the delivery man grasping tightly at his cock, his fist clenching hard as he tugged back and forth, the end of his cock making an appearance now and then, and leaking a creamy white fluid that dripped on to the bathroom floor. The thought of him watching her, her actions helping him to give himself pleasure, only spurred Stephanie on as did the imaginings of he balls swinging free, and the sounds of his hand pounding against his flesh, and the grunts that escaped his lips.
Her finger found the star of her anus, and took no time at all to push in an exploring finger, her arse hole pulsed in response, drawing it in deeper as she twisted the toy around, and moved it from side to side as it continued to buzz in the steaming water.
"What would he do when he came? Let it shoot out randomly and make a mess all over the bathroom? Quickly turn and fire it off into the toilet? NO! No, He would move closer, never slowing his wrist action, his legs up close to the side of the tub, bending over the side slightly so that he was masturbating over it: Over her, as he peered down at her shining, wet body, writhing under the water.
Nothing turned Stephanie on more than the sight of an ejaculating cock. The thought of his shaft pumping above her only spurred her on. She pumped herself at top speed, the water slapping her body as her rhythm increased. Her breasts were jumping out of the water as her finger pushed deeper in to her arse.
Eyes closed, she was lost to the pleasure now, her body was shaking as she withdrew the toy. She placed the flat end over her clitoris, and started to work her finger in and out of her arse.
Yes, yes, his cock would erupt in a sudden wave that would shoot a warm glaze of cum on to her glistening breasts, maybe it would hit the tiles on the other side of the bath and run down in a thick, white waterfall of sticky fluid.
"Urrrr, uh hu, yes, fuck yes..." she yelled as she imagined the warm splodges on her skin. As she thought of the huge penis spurting a never ending torrent of semen, her pussy caught fire with a wave that shook her entire body.
Stephanie's back arched as her form went ridged, she screamed in release as her orgasm took hold. Her pussy pulsed, her arse clamped her finger inside her, and the cylindrical object fell from her gasp with a plop as she opted to rub at her genitals rigorously with her finger tips.
As she sank back in to the depths of the water, Stephanie withdrew her hands and submerged her legs, she pressed them tightly together as a wave of calm came over her; very aware of the smell of the oils and the tingle of her climax as her pussy settled.
She lay under the water, lukewarm by now, absent mindedly passing her hands over her breasts, thinking of how Me Delivery guys could have been laying naked on top of her, holding her close, his spent penis pressed against her.
"Shit" Stephanie leaped up suddenly in the bath, a torrent of water falling from her as she realised for the first time that the bathroom door was wide open, her bathrobe and nightie in a crumpled heap in the doorway.
"Steph, you up yet? You seen my phone?"
"Maria? Err."
Scrabbling for the side of the bath, Stephanie grabbed a towel just in time to cover her nakedness as her redheaded roommate cast a shadow over the doorway.
"Oh, sorry sweetie" Maria exclaimed as she saw Stephanie wrapped in the towel water dripping from her hair, arms and legs.
Stephanie stood motionless, staring guiltily at Maria, unable to decide what to do. Maria's brow furrowed as she took in the half filled tub, the puddles of water on the vinyl floor, the discarded garments, the naked roommate.
About to comment on the scene, Maria was cut off by a heavy blast of music from the next room, together with a buzzing sound.
"There it is..." Maria ran into her bedroom, where Stephanie heard her in deep conversation. She took the opportunity to empty the bath, mop up the pools and rush into her own room, grabbing her night clothes along the way.
She had finished towelling herself down by the time a knock sounded on her door. Stephanie slipped her robe back on over her naked body, still not quite recovered from her expansive orgasm; her legs a little shaky.
"Steph?" Maria called softly through the door. "Everything OK?"
Stephanie called back. "It's open."
Maria inched open the door, a mischievous smile on her face, eyes darting about the room. They settled on the brightly coloured box, still open on the bed. Her Eyes widened.
"I knew it!" She exclaimed "I knew you had been up to no good, you dirty tart."
"W.. well" Stephanie overcome with embarrassment merely stuttered inconceivably.
"Good for you girl" Maria smiled again and pointed at the box. "You opened it. Knew you couldn't resist."
"I, um, was curious."
"Yeah, I bet! Oh what?" Maria cried. She had moved over to the bed and was rummaging through the package. Her face had fallen as she searched the box.
"What's wrong" Stephanie cringed slightly, adjusting her legs uncomfortably. The sensation of the shaft between her legs was still fresh in her mind. It felt as if it was still in her, pulsing.
"Looks like they have messed up my order a bit. They forgot to send my free silent alarm, free on orders over 50 quid; that's why I ordered so much. It's only a gimmick but I thought it would be better than waking you every morning with my ancient alarm clock. It just sits on your bedside table, and wakes you up with a vibration. Bit like a mobile phone, or a dildo. Haa haa."
Stephanie looked wide eyed at her roommate. "An alarm clock? I'm guessing there is a test button on the top eh?"
Maria shrugged. "What's the matter Steph? Did I interrupt? You not got to try your new toy out yet? Here it is." Maria said holding up a 3 inch golden bullet, shrink-wrapped to a cardboard placard. "It comes with batteries."
Stephenie shrugged back.
"Here" Maria said seriously, handing it over. "Enjoy yourself, you deserve it. Although, you're looking better than you did last night. That bath must of helped, there's a bit of colour in your cheeks. But you didn't half make a mess."
Stephanie shrugged awkwardly again, as Maria rushed downstairs, preparing to leave again. Stephanie pulled out the object once more, from where she had hidden it in the pocket of her dressing gown, realising her mistake.
She pressed the other two buttons, and numbers appeared on the small display: A clock. She hadn't even thought to look at those. Quickly she dried it thoroughly. As her hands stroke the shaft, visions of the Delivery man crept back into her mind. She bit her lip.
"Waterproof clock, of course" she said to herself, her cheeks burning for the second time that day. Stephanie slipped the golden bullet into a draw beside her bed, then dropped the clock into the bottom of the box with a dull thud, as she heard the front door slam shut again. Before she let it go, she pressed the big button on the top one last time and exploded into giggles.


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