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The Aeroplane

Short story By: M A Nogard

A man on a plane meets a flirty redheaded air hostess and gets more than he bargained for as he joins the "mile high club."

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I was running late and only just made it on to the plane. As I entered the redheaded air hostess caught my attention immediately. Not too tall, but busty with legs that were as smooth as silk below her regulation grey skirt, and a smile that could get her anything she wanted at any time. She noticed me too and bit her lip as our eyes met.
Being the last one on the aircraft I was lucky to find a empty double seat near the back of the plane. I collapsed into the window seat and caught my breath. It had been a mad rush of a day and I was exhausted from the dash to the plane. As I buckled up the plane's engines took hold and seconds later we were rolling down the runway.
It was dusk and the sun was setting on the horizon as the plane penetrated the thick clouds. The meal was brought around within the first hour along with a drink and another pretty smile from the Redhead. She seemed to make a point of serving me, leaning forward so that her breasts hung down, weighting low within her shirt, revealing her blue lacy bra and a small brown blemish in the centre of her cleavage. She knew I was looking, I couldn't help it and it was exactly what she wanted. Catching my eye as she withdrew them, she winked and smiled again. I felt a stirring in my trousers under the dinner tray. I ate my meal with intensity to distract myself from the alluring mental images.
Several times during and after the meal the Redhead came back to "check everything was Ok" and tease me further with her cleavage and also her perfect thighs that appeared from beneath her skirt. Somehow since I had gotten on to that plane, that skirt had halved in length. Her legs looking even longer and more captivating. They looked strong and elegant too, leading down to shapely calves and dainty toes encased in black high heel shoes that were strapped around her ankles. She had red painted toe nails that almost matched her hair.
It was getting late and most of the passengers were beginning to attempt to sleep the bulk of the long flight, as the lights were lowered and the talking died away. I thought this to be a good idea, but before I could sleep I needed a pillow.
I got out of my seat to stretch my legs and moved down the plane a short distance to use one of the small toilet cubicles. Inside I found it confined and spent as little time as possible in there. When I came out I was greeted by another smile from the Redhead whose name was on a tag that I had failed to read earlier; due to the distraction of her womanly curves. Her name was Valerie.
Valerie bit her lower lip again nervously. "I hope you washed your hands." She said as I smiled back, not attempting to hide my lust for her. My eyes were on hers, they were the brightest blue that I had ever seen, they seemed out of place with her red hair, but they were beautiful. The kind of eyes I could get lost in as I made love to her.
I tried to think of something funny to say. "I like being dirty" I said, instantly registering what I had said as the words tumbled out. Valerie grinned anyway and walked past me.
Almost kicking myself, I made my way back to my seat. I sat down wanting to erase the past five minutes from my life. I then realised I had forgotten to ask for a pillow. Surely that would have been better than what I had said. I couldn't very well go and ask her now, so I took my jacket off, roll it up and placed it between my head and the window. I closed my eyes.
"Here try this." a voice beside me interrupted my non-sleep. I turned, my jacket sliding down the window. Valerie sat beside me with a pillow in her hand. Thankfully I took it and placed it beside me. Valerie then produced a long blanket and draped that over me too; before making her way to the back as I tried to sleep again.
I was just starting to doze off when the blanket moved. I didn't take any notice at first until I felt the hand on my chest and the warm mouth on my right ear. Lips sucked in my earlobe and the hand began a slow decent southwards.
Pretending to be asleep I didn't react, but my heart was racing as I felt hair brushing my cheek. I am sure she heard it too.
"I know your not asleep" a whispering voice trailed in my ear, followed by a peck on my cheek as the hand reached my crotch and took a hold. It squeezed and my already excited manhood stiffened more. I opened my eyes and although it was dark and the plane was silent but for the engines, I heard soft breathing in my ear and saw red hair across my line of vision.
My zip came down easy as the hand explored my trousers, ignoring my boxers it dived into the opening at the front and grasped the warm, hard roll beneath. The fingers wrapped around and I felt my cock pulsate gently as pre cum leaked out and down to the top of the hand. It pulled and drew my shaft out and ready under the blanket. The hand moved and I felt a tongue on my face. I closed my eyes as the mouth nibbled on my neck the hand squeezing and sliding intensely up and down my leaking cock.
Squeezing the pre cum from the head the hand rubbed it gently into my dick as it continued to wank me off under the blanket. I felt breasts pushed up against me and another hand at my belt. It grabbed my T-shirt and pull it up so that a the mouth could work on my belly. Kisses and licks followed as the hand massaged my throbbing shaft. This went on for a while as my breathing rate increased further and my cock got ever harder. Then without warning the end of my cock felt wet and warm as the lips enclosed around the head. The hand still jerking as the lips worked up and down. The other hand cupped and pulled on my balls. I was in heaven. The same hand seemed to have extra-long fingers as one bushed the skin between my legs and the outer rim of my anus.
The mouth was sucking hard now and the lips worked furiously up and down. The hand just a finger and thumb tightly wrapped around the base as the other continued to tickle my ass hole. Without warning I could take no more, my cock throbbed harder than ever as it spurted a seemingly never ending stream of thick cum into the waiting mouth. Undeterred the mouth continued its quest drawing every drop it could from my cock.
The head rose out of the blanket and my face was covered by to large breasts. Larger and softer than I had thought under that tight shirt earlier. The nipples were grazing my cheeks and nose, and then over my eyelids. As they came back down I took a long, erect nipple between my lips and bit gently. I sucked it for a short while and then trailed my tongue in a circular motion around the areola. I heard a gasp, muffled slightly as the breasts turned away and became a back. The back slid down my face and over my chest until I felt a soft backside sitting on my flaccid cock.
I heard a spitting noise as the two magic hand took a hold of mine and placed them on the breasts. They were wet and sticky and I could smell the aroma of my cum. The hands on top of mine then worked to rubbed the thick semen into the breasts as the ass brushed up and over my cock, enticing it to come and play again.
When the last of the fluid had been caressed into the skin, one hand held my left to cup a heaving breast as the other guided my right lower over an unexpected soft tummy, through a thick mound of sweaty hair to a warm, wet opening.
The clit was already swollen and the pussy drew my fingers inside. I let three fingers enter and then hooked them round searching for the elusive gspot. I heard a gasp and a moan as I found it. I let my thumb brush the clit and the ass began to move in pleasure once more against my cock. It was hardening, still wet from my ejaculation and as she move her hips back I felt it ping up between her legs.
As I worked the opening, flaming hair in my face as I nibbled the neck and squeezed the breast, I felt her fingertips on my shaft, teasing up and down its length until it grasped it in a fist and pushed it deep into the wet pussy along with my fingers.
Drawing out my hand I felt the wet hole close around my manhood as hips ground into me and the moans got louder. I heard her try to hide them as she worked her body up and down.
As she fucked my dick I pounded back and up into her, slamming my balls against her, it wasn't long before the hole tightened and the gasps became louder and I felt the warm body draped over me begin to shake. I knew she was cumming so I kept a good pace with my cock sliding in and out, and my finger circling her clit. As her orgasm subsided I felt a warm trail of juice run out and down my shaft to my balls. At the same time she lifted her self off and turned back around.
As the tits were in my face again so was my cock back in the wet, throbbing pussy. Arms around my neck, her cheek against mine, her heavy breathing in my ear, my hands held her buttocks, pulling her on to me as she moved her hips slowly, gently and deliberately. I could smell her perfume, mixed with sweat as she bit into my shoulder.
As I came for the second time I heard a gratifying gasp as I shot my load into her. After the first jet, we lay still together letting my dick fire off everything it had left until it was soft enough to fall out of her on its own.
"mmmm" I heard in my ear as we lay together. Both of us fell asleep soon after in the same position, her straddling me, her head on my shoulder as mine found the neglected pillow.
The sun was shiny blindingly as the plane landed. My night time visitor had left before I awoke to the trembling of the aircraft as it set down on the landing strip. As it rolled to a stop I thought of the night before, I had been so erotic, so passionate and so fulfilling.
I got my hand luggage from the overhead compartment and joined the queue to disembark. As I got to the door I spotted my favourite air hostess looking as sexy as ever. I tried to catch her eye but she was busy helping an old man down the first step. As I approached she finally saw me and the smile I was expecting turned to a sour purse of her delicate lips. I winked at her and she turned her head away with her nose in the air. I felt hurt and confused, wondering why she being so cold after such a warm night.
As I passed her she said "I hope you enjoyed your flight" in a sarcastic voice and turned to a man behind me. I hesitated for a brief second still trying to make sense of Valerie's rejection. As I pondered her coldness, remembering the touch, I felt a rough nudge in my back. I turned to face a women in her late fifties. She was plain, tall, wore a tight, white T-shirt that outlined her sagging breasts and a short skirt that showed off the cellulite on her thighs. She also had, long, red hair. I smiled politely and moved to let her pass. Winking at me she stuck her tongue out and deliberately licked her lips, making her red lipstick shine brightly in the hot sun.
I didn't entirely enjoy my holiday after that. And I decided that I would never be using that airline again.


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