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Swimming Pool

Short story By: M A Nogard

A Guy gets his fantasy fulfilled in the changing room at the local swimming pool.

Submitted:Sep 5, 2010    Reads: 10,322    Comments: 2    Likes: 7   

It had always been one of my biggest sexual fantasies. A intimate encounter with a stranger in a private changing cubical at the local pool after a vigorous swim. I had been going there for many years and sadly, it had never happened. Until now...
I had only been there a few minutes and had only swam a few lengths, when I looked up to see a very pretty brunette walking down towards the swimming lane in a tight, jet black, one piece swimsuit. She was medium height, but had long tanned legs, glistening with the water from the shower below her slim hips. These were showed off below the high hem of the bathing suit. Her hair was long and thick, it fell down past her shoulder blades. She had dark, brown eyes and thin, pink lips. Her breasts were crushed flat in the swimsuit, but were obviously ample and her nipples were protruding through the material, erect from the cold water.
She took little time in entering the pool. Approaching the deep end she grazed the surface of the water with her toe to estimate the temperature, then without hesitation, she dived gracefully in to the pool, her slim frame barely making a splash as it cut through the water. Her body shimmered below the surface as she worked her arms and legs, kicking out as she passed over the tiled floor of the pool.
I watched from the other end, admiring the strong strokes and speed as the woman seemingly floated through the water. Landing next to me, she came to a stop only long enough to see me smile and then to kick off again to swim back the way she had come. From where I was, leaning against the side of the bath, I watched her legs again. Her swimsuit was molded to her body, riding up slightly in response to the water that was rushing over it. She had one of the tightest, most prefect arses I had ever clapped eyes on and my trunks began to swell.
I couldn't very well let myself be swimming in public with a hardon, I would be branded a pervert and probably banned from the building. I kicked off from the side, and using my own speed, finished only a second after the brunette.
"Hi" I greeted her cheerfully.
She didn't reply, I thought she had ignored me, but as she turned to kick off again, her tow flicked against my trunks. This could not have been an accident, if it had, it would have been a lot more painful. I followed her again. And again, and again. Each time I got the same result, a cheeky smile and a playful flick.
I came to rest at the deep end of the pool to watch the woman swim, this time as she came belting towards me she performed an Olympic standard turn to kick off and change direction. She did this so perfectly that she had time to flick my crotch again, this time with her hand, before swimming gracefully away.
Her flirting only increased with every lap, she started to brush her body up against me, usually her exposed thighs, and once her ass, as she pushed it in front of me and lent back on my suffering bulge, before kicking off again, a leg either side of my waist.
All the time she refused to talk to me. My hour was almost up, but I wanted to stay forever to play this beauty's games. The next time she crossed my path I whispered a smooth goodbye and turned to pull myself out of the pool. Stopping me with her hand on my shoulder she placed a cool, wet finger on my lips and shook her head. She flicked her head, water spraying from her hair, and swam to the nearest ladder. I watch her emerge from the pool, water rushing off of her body like a gentle waterfall, her hair pinned to her back the swimsuit clinging tighter than ever to her curves.
I watched her cross towards the lockers, here she turned and flicked her head again, water thrown from her hair one more time, splattering the floor. I pulled myself out of the pool at top speed and made my way over to her, almost slipping over in my eagerness and not certainly not remembering to hide my excitement.
I came up close to her, our lips almost touching, I could see the droplets of water on her face, running off of her eyelashes and down her cheeks. Biting her lip she grabbed my hand in hers, clasping it tightly and pulling me forward into the nearest changing cubical. She slammed the door behind us and firmly fired the lock into place.
Inside it was a little cramped; red wooden walls with a gap at the bottom, no roof and a rough, cold tiled floor. I didn't care about the surroundings, as her wet, slippery body pressed up against me. She kissed me gently, her lips brushing against mine, slowly, parting now and then to take my lower lip between hers. Still she had not said a single word to me, but her hands were caressing my soaking wet chest and they soon travelled down to help me out of my wet, clinging trunks that bulging more that I could stand.
She spent a little time down there using her hands and mouth in a way that made me want to explode; but not enough to finish me off. Her touch on my cold skin was like fire as her hands wrapped around the base of my cock. Her mouth was so warm as it took a hold of the end, and moved further down my shaft. Her hands moved round and grasped my buttocks hard as her lip worked up and down my throbbing cock. I ran my own hands through her wet hair and down over her ears, stroking her head as it bobbed into me.
Grasping my dick tight again , she licked at my balls. Sucking one into her mouth and then the other as her hand pulled roughly on my manhood. Precum ran out and down my shaft, and her tongue was their to catch it, licking up it like it was a melting ice lolly, before finishing at the top where she sucked hard for a few seconds to capture the rest.
She stood back up and I then had the pleasure of slowly peeling her slick, wet swimming costume from her soaking, trim body. Down over her shoulders, releasing her breasts, a toned tummy and a small, tight pussy. I pulled it down her legs and helped her release it from her feet. I let my hands explore her curves gently from her thighs and up over her shapely buttocks, up her wet back and round to her small, but full gorgeous breasts. Her nipples were small and dark, and extremely hard from the cold water of the pool, and she let me use my tongue to circle them gently while my hand moved down between her legs.
She had a soft, dark mound of hair just above her opening and I took great pleasure in letting my fingers glide through it until they reach her slit. So soft, wet and cool on the outside and soft, warm and wet on the inside.
All this time she was massaging my balls and hard cock, stroking it towards her slowly, but deliberately; still she has not said a word to me. This went on for a while, occasionally we exchanged a lengthy kiss, until she indicated that she wanted more.
Pushing me backwards I sat down heavily on the bench and watched her turn around, and slowly lower herself on to me. As she did so, she gently reached between her legs and held my penis in position, so that she could slide it inside her.
Slowly at first she worked her smooth buttocks up and down on the end of my shaft, her hands griping my thighs. As I moved in and out of her, I let my hands move up and down her back, I kissed her shoulders, and reached around to squeeze her breasts. I loved the feeling of her hard, cold nipples pinched between my fingers, and the fullness of her breasts in my palms.
Gradually she sped up and took my full length inside her. As she relaxed on to me she leaned back so I could hold her tight, as I thrusted my hips up into her. Now and then she wriggled her hips and I gasped with pleasure. She too was breathing hard and trying her best not to cry out and give us away as her hips ground hard into me.
Standing, she bent over and placed her hands on the wall, her soaked hair flopping down in front of her face as she looked down at the floor. I stood up too and holding my cock to her opening I thrust hard and deep back inside her. My hands on her hips I pulled her into me. I thrust so hard that my balls smacked against her until I felt her starting to shake uncontrollably. As I pounding into her, her tight snatch closed up even tighter around my cock. I didn't stop, but I let my finger tickle her clit as she gasped; it started to throb as she groaned in excitement. I rubbed harder until I heard a stifled cry and felt a sticky warm residue on my fingers. More dripped out of her pussy and down her inner thighs, even more was running down my cock that was still working in and out, helping to finish her orgasm.
By then I want to cum too, my dick was throbbing as much as her clit and I whispered so in her ear to let me shoot my load inside her.
After a few seconds she made me pull out and turned back around to face me. She shook her head and sank slowly back down on her knees again. The second she closed her lips around me, I could take no more and released everything I had. Stream after stream of cum shot into her warm mouth, a thick torrent on to her tongue from my hard worked cock. I could feel her suck harder on the end, trying to get every drop. Her hand working the shaft, squeezing my balls to produce more.
After I have given her all I could, she held my dripping dick firmly in her fist; she licked the end clean and swallowed everything. She looked up at me with sultry eyes, the water on her face now dry and replaced with a shining sweat of satisfaction. With a cute, sly smile she pulled her soaking wet swimming costume back on, once more squeezing her heavenly body into the rubbery material. She kissed my lips, stroking my spent cock tenderly before letting it drop. She smiled one last time and stepped out of the cubical.
I have never seen her since... sadly. But I go swimming three times a week now, just in case.


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