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Sunday Morning Passion

Short story By: M A Nogard

A woman wakes on a cold Sunday morning to hot passion.

Submitted:Sep 25, 2010    Reads: 7,212    Comments: 2    Likes: 7   

Despite the sun streaming through the gap in the curtains, it is a cool Sunday morning, but as he lays next to you, wrapped in the sheets; both of you still naked from the passion the night before, he rolls gently over to your side of the bed, snuggling up, close against your back. The sudden warmth against your form is like cold custard on a hot desert: Delicious and inviting.
You both lay on your sides, his strong arm wraps around your body, just beneath your breasts as he rests his head on the pillow behind you. Pulling himself closer to you, you feel a stirring against your smooth buttocks. With his warm breath on your neck, you pretend to be sleep, secretly smiling over what may be coming, as you enjoy the muscular chest that is pressed against your spine and the large bicep wrapped around you.
He's tall and his legs travel further down beyond your own freshly waxed legs. He brings up his thigh against yours and gently caresses your calf and feet with his own. You feel a gentle wisp on your ear and you know he is kissing you, gently brushing your skin with his lips. He is clean shaven and his kisses become more intense as he makes his way under your hairline to the back of your neck. He inhales, taking in your scent and at the same time runs his fingertips, down your back, over your buttocks, around and down to your silky thighs.
He lays his palm on your hip, his fingers hooked into your groin, up high and just within your inner-thighs. The warmth of your womanhood is radiating heat. His touch, gentle kisses and semi-hard, warm cock pressed against your ass has made you wet, and he feels the damp, just out of reach beyond the thin stip of downy hair.
He's kissing you harder now, long, loving, suckulating kisses that you wish would never end as the invading hand strokes your skin, gripping you tight, moving gradually towards the inevitable.
You moan, you can't help it, the heat has risen within you, and you feel the passion for him that you felt when you had your first kiss. Your gasp gives you away, but he already knew your were awake as his fingertip brushes your vulva. You smile and your eyes light up as he rises slightly to kiss your lips as you turn your head towards him.
As the full passion takes hold, his fingers push against your opening, circling gently as his massages your clit. Your juices are flowing, soaking his hand. He continues to pleasure you, rubbing your own lubricant back into your inflamed pussy lips.
His tongue enters your mouth, pushing between your lips. You flick your own out to meet it, lost in the kiss you don't realise at first, that the two fingers have become three and they are now inside you, pushing upwards to find your gspot.
He kisses you again, long deep kisses as he looks into your fiery eyes with his own deep blue pools. You're both gasping now, breathing heavy as your lips part. Your hand moves behind you, searching. It finds his cock, now fully erect and leaving a sticky residue on your skin as it moves against you.
You take a hold, squeezing firmly as the fingers work your pussy. You pull hard upwards roughly and he moans in delight. You pull on it again and again, letting the end rub against your ass as you grip the shaft tightly. You feel your orgasm starting to build and you want it to finish with his cock inside you. You reach further down and take his smooth balls in your hand, squeezing gently before pulling upwards again sharply on his shaft. He responds with small thrusts into your grip and a deeper push into your pussy.
You let him go and tend to your clitoris for a short while as he slides is dick between your thighs. You clamp them shut, enjoying the roll of flesh pinned betweeb them. He pulls back with his hips and the pushes into you, sliding in and out, fucking your thighs as his fingers work your wet hole, and your own hand rubs your clit. His mouth is behind your ear and as you moan, he takes your lobe into his mouth and sucks gently.
He wants you, as if a switch has been flicked he pulls his fingers from your between your legs and brings his hand up to massage your breasts. Cupping them tightly and gripping your nipple between his fingers, his mouth now on your shoulders and collarbone. Your pussy juice is all over your breasts now, and as he brings his hand up to your face you suck his fingers between your lips.
Your hand leaves your clit for a few seconds, long enough to take a hold of the mound between your thighs. You pull on it again as you did before, pre cum leaking out into your palm. You caress his penis, spreading his semen over the shaft before pulling it up and pushing it deep into your ready, tight, wet pussy.
Sucking on his fingers you push your hips back into him as he spoons you. His hard, leaking shaft moving into you as your climax continues to rise. You whisper to him to go faster, to go harder. He is more than willing to do as you ask. He starts to smack his hips into you, his balls slapping against your ass and his cock delving ever deeper as your moan loud and struggle to catch your breath, His hand is back on your breasts, grasping them hard and your finger is back on your clit as sweat starts to form on both your brow's.
You pull you knees up and lean further back into him, he's pounding you as hard as he can, entwined beneath the sheets and lost to the acts of pleasure.
As you cum, your whole body spasms hard and your pussy tightens, and throbs around his cock as you scream intensely. Still climaxing your finger presses down on your clit, red and swollen from the attention it has received, and your hand clutches behind you, grasping any part of his flesh you can reach.
You beg for more as you collapse slightly, back on to the pillow. But he hasn't finished with you yet and continues to service your pussy. He's fucking you from behind, as hard as he can, his face is red and dripping with perspiration. Suddenly his body goes ridged and thrusts forward one last time as hard, and as deep as he can, ejaculating a huge warm, sudden stream of cum into you. His cock throbs, you can feel it pumping more and more fluid into you, and then the satisfying warmth it brings as your own orgasm subsides.
Sticky fluid drips out as you take a hold of his spent cock and releasing it from your pussy. It flops down on your slit with a soft thump. You take a hold and gently stroke it as more and more cum drains out onto your opening. He holds you lovingly in a strong, safe grip.
Fully awake now, you pull your fingers from where they have been working their magic and gently suck the taste from each one, and then caressing your breasts, pulling gently on your nipples the way he does so well. You always enjoy a Sunday morning orgasm, even more, Sunday morning sex. As the last images of your fantasy fade away, you feel horny again, wishing that special someone was really laying behind you ready to meet your needs.
Quickly you grab your phone from the bedside table. As if in anticipation, he answers almost immediately.
"I had a great time last night." You tell him, "wanna join me for breakfast?"
"Sounds good. What we eating?"
As the sun begins to warm the room, you lay back, impatiently waiting for his arrival. As you answer the door, you don't bother to put any clothes on, you won't be needing them.
Sometimes dreams do come true!


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