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Peeping Tom's Anecdote - Part 1

Short story By: M A Nogard

Part One of Three - A man spies on a woman from his apartment. As his lust grows, so does his imagination.

Submitted:May 27, 2011    Reads: 3,634    Comments: 9    Likes: 4   

I see you sitting there in the darkness, the moonlight casting your perfect shadow onto the wooden floor. It's unusual; you being up this late. It's usually only me at this hour as I observe your form encase beneath the sheets: Your pretty face on the soft, fluffy pillows, your bare arms flailed out, your gentle twists and turns as you dream.
From across the road I watch from my window as you stir, grasping gently at your body as you awake. I see you stretch slightly and crawl blurry eyed from your bed.
I watch you padding gently down the hall to the next room, your silky nightdress shimmering in the gloom, waving unheeded around thighs, the moonlight grazing your smooth, lily white skin, and then evaporating into shadow.
For countless nights I have stayed up late to watch you as you undress, unaware of the excitement you are causing. The curves of your body reveal an hourglass like figure with a flawless stature and unblemished skin. Your short, blonde hair exposes your neckline, your delicate back and the firm rounded buttocks of your backside that causes my blood to rise. And when you sleep you look like an angel in the night, a statue of beauty, that even a master would fail to reproduce.
I am intrigued now, never before have I seen you leave your slumber before dawn. It's a chilly night, I am wondering how you do not feel the cold in your thin, blue negligee.
As you enter the next room, it is as if you have brought the moon in with you as the darkness dissolves to grey. You are illuminated further as I witness a glow forming in front of you. Flickering it makes your form glow as well and reveals the outline of your underwear.
You sit. Turning so that I can make out your profile as you reach up to caress an object. I adjust my lens and look closer, to see you staring at a computer screen as your delectable fingers work the mouse. You have already found your web site of choice.
You barely move, but I can imagine your deep brown eyes fluttering back and forth between your long lashes as you read the text on the monitor before you. The moon shifts and casts more light on to your glowing features. I see you smiling, you beautiful lips curling and I notice you briefly bite your lower lip.
I am unprepared for the sight of your long leg stretching out, your painted toes gripping the wood of the desk, searching for a grip. It finds one on the corner as you bend your knee, the negligee riding up, falling to your waist. I get a glimpse of the waistband of your simple, black, cotton panties above your thigh. You lean forward trailing your hands from your toes to your calf, up to your knees and down your thigh. I see your head turn to look as you explore and then back to the screen to read more.
I hold my breath as you raise the other leg, placing you foot firmly on the desktop on the other side. You straighten the other. I see you mouth something, your eyes fixed on the erotica on the screen as your palms massage your inner thighs. The hand closest to me started to move and I am paradise as I witness your arousal.
I imagine I am there, standing behind your chair, my hands on your bare shoulders, rubbing gently, squeezing them as you roll your head back, it's as if the chair isn't there as I push my body up against your back. I lean into you and plant a soft, warm kiss at the base of your neck. I hook my fingers under the straps upon your shoulders, and pull them down your arms, taking your negligee with them, revealing your ample, coned shaped breasts. Perfectly shaped with nipples that blend in with your skin, and protrude out in front of you. My strong arms close around your waist, my lips on your neck again as I hear a contented sigh.
My hands close around your breasts, cupping them as I hold them tight, crushing your hard nubbins into my palms. I let my tongue trail up your neck and I peck your cheek. Taking your earlobe into my mouth I feel the heat radiating off of you and your womanly scent is intoxicating. I feel a stirring in my underpants.
You moan gently a I caress and fondle your breasts, letting the nipples, so erect and hard get trapped between my fingers so that I can pull and twist them as I lean over to kiss your chest.You cheek pressed against me.
You turn slightly and I release my embrace as you turn around to face me, still sitting in the chair, your eyes have a sultry look as I stare down into them. Even in the shimmering darkness they gleam with seduction.
You pull off your negligee over your head, leaving only the solitary panties on your form. You lean your head back on the chair and I come closer so that I can plant my lips on yours. You readily accept my tongue as your hands clasp around my neck. They travel down my back and under the waistband of my pants. You grasp my buttocks and my manhood finishes it ascent, bulging out before you.
I kiss your lips, your cheeks, your neck, your smooth skin and sweet aroma turning me on further. As you hands travel around to clasp my bulge, I let my tongue explore your cleavage, down the centre and then beneath your breasts. I take a nipple in my mouth, holding it between my teeth as my tongue works its magic. My hands are on your thighs, yours are now on my bare chest.
Your pierced belly button makes me linger at your tummy, working the indented jewel you hold within with my mouth. Finally I get to your panties, I waste no time gripping the sides at your hips and in once swift motion pulling them over your ass, and down to the floor. You gracefully pull one foot from the delicate cotton and open your thighs.
The beauty of your womanhood is indescribable. Neatly hidden, so rounded, so flawless with a thin bead of wet covering the opening. All encased in a dark mound of downy hair, groomed to perfection: Thick, sexy and inviting. I stare in wonder and satisfaction, maybe a little too long, but then I run my thumb up over your pussy lips, letting them part and feeling the hard, swollen bump of your clitoris between the folds.
I place my lips gently to yours, my thumb now replaced by my tongue. I force it between them, running it up and down and flicking your clit before delving deeper. My mouth clamped to your pussy I feel your hands in my hair, stroking my head as I lick and nibble, drawing your clit into my mouth and sucking gently as you start to moan loud. I feel your grip tighten on my head and you hips push up into me as I taste your sweet nectar.
My hands grip your hips, your legs in the air I raise your ass from the chair, allowing me to lick deeper than before, your breathing becoming gradually heavier as I work your slit.
As the heat builds your thighs clamp over my ears and my hands reach up for those cones. I pinch a nipple as you start to buck against my tongue. I can feel you holding it back, but I won't let you as my oral pleasure forces you to release. As you climax, you erupt. Your pussy quivers against my lips, your clit pulses in my mouth as a warm slick forms upon my lips and cheeks. Even with your thighs against my ears I can hear you scream, you are practically pulling out my hair as you cum.
You go tense as you howl into the night, and then relax, laying back and letting go of my head. I continue to kiss you pussy and lick the outer edges, letting you enjoy the aftermath of your orgasm.
And now as I watch you in that chair, one hand now beneath your negligee fondling your breasts, the other inside your panties, I can only imagine the pleasure you are giving yourself and wish that it was I with my fingers working your pussy and teasing your clitoris. I to am giving myself pleasure as I stand naked at my telescope watching you masturbate. My boxers were removed a while ago as I witnessed your flesh in the dim light, and imagined the taste and feel of your skin. My hand works on my manhood, stroking gently up and down the length, and then speeding up as I grip it tightly. My hand is sticky with pre cum and my pleasure almost reaches its height as I see your movements quicken pace, but...
The door crashes open and two large policemen burst into my apartment. As they take me away in handcuffs, I have been allowed only to pull on my trousers and a T-shirt. I glance back at your windows as they take me away and see you smiling and licking your fingers slowly and deliberately at the window; the moonlight now illuminating the beautiful features of your face.


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