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Norman's Midnight Adventure

Short story By: M A Nogard

A night time security guard gets more than he bargained for as he makes his rounds.

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It was that time again: 6pm and everyone at 'Paperworks Ltd' was leaving work. Heading for home. A comfortable sofa, a warm meal and loved ones to cuddle up too. All except for Norman. For him 6pm meant the beginning of his shift. Twelve long, boring hours of locking doors, checking the doors have not been unlocked, making sure the alarms were set, making sure the alarms have not become unset, and of course watching the security monitors and making sure no one was breaking into the building to steal company secrets.

Why anyone would want to break in and steal secrets from a paper factory Norman had never understood. Maybe they were developing a new type of paper. Maybe a paper that is 'unrippable.' Or maybe the factory was a front for a government agency that specialised in nuclear weapons. He had asked his boss this once and had been given a stern, yet confused look that neither confirmed or denied the possibility. However there was a lot of paper around, so maybe it was just a paper factory.

Despite being unclear as to why, Norman did his duties, four nights a week he patrolled the corridors and warehouses, surveyed the monitors, and almost never fell asleep within the first three hours.

He was a short, round man with large features. He was slightly overweight, but not fat. He was strong with unruly black hair, grey eyes and a kindly smile. He had large feet and hands, and a slight nervous disposition when around new people.

Nothing ever happened. For six years Norman worked for 'Paperworks Ltd' and never once did he get to chase an intruder, catch them and shine his huge, 4D maglite into their eyes. He was even more disappointed because the alarms had never once gone off during his shift, never allowing him to make an emergency phone call.

It was a large building, bigger than two football pitches. Full of dozens of small offices, dark, dingy corridors and several large, cold, concrete floored warehouses full of machinery and of course boxes upon boxes of paper.

One cold Wednesday evening Norman sat down heavily in his large, comfortable leather chair. As his weight hit the cushion, dust billowed out and more of the filling spilled from a hole in the side. He leaned back placed his feet up on the desk, eyes on the four, large monitors as his fingers opened a large paper bag.

It was past 9:30pm as Norman sat chomping on his doughnut dinner. A few years back he had reconfigured the end monitor, and as he ate he flicked through the few TV channels that he was able to receive from the small portable aerial that he had hidden behind it.

The Simpsons were on and he was soon chuckling as Homer once again tried to strangle Bart. The show ended and there was nothing else of interest. Leaning back further, Norman decided to rest his eyes before making his next round of checks: Naturally he fell asleep.

BANG! Norman awoke with a start, scrambling to the edge of his seat to glance at the screens. They were all blank. Fully awake, Norman jumped triumphantly to his feet and slid his maglite into its holder on his belt. This was it, this was what he had been waiting for, this was what the last six years had been about. Now it was time for some action.

He raced to the back of the room and slammed his palm down on the large red button. This lit up and sent a silent alert to the alarm company. Nothing happened, he smacked the button again, nothing. Again and again he tried without success before he grabbed the telephone receiver. The line was dead.

A broad smile crossed Norman's lips as he realised he was on his own.

"The way I like it. It's time to go old school" he mumbled to himself and rushed out of the door, pausing just long enough to peek around the frame and check the coast was clear.

Running full speed down the corridor he stopped at a door that was half open, billowing smoke from its door, A notice marked 'authorised personal ONLY' was on the outside. Norman considered himself authorised personal, grabbed an extinguisher and immediately pushed open the door.

The smoke was not smoke, as is hit Norman full in the face, he realised it was steam. It was thick and the interior of room was piping hot. He was sweating profusely as made his way inside, blinking intensely as he tried make out what was beyond.

BANG! The noise he had heard before sounded again, only much closer this time and it was followed by two loud giggles.

"Who's there?" Norman called. "This is site security, come out now and no one gets hurt."

The giggles came again, louder this time, followed by a small voice. "Please don't shoot."

As the steam cleared ever so slightly, Norman took another step forward and bellowed loudly as his foot knocked against a hard object. His balance gave way and he toppled forwarded, dropping the extinguisher with a clatter. There was a loud splash, followed by another yelp and two, loud, hearty laughs.

Norman's breath was knocked out of him as his face hit the hot, bubbling water. He thrashed around wildly until finally he managed to right himself. He was wet through, sitting on the bottom of what can only be described as a hot tub. That was because, it was a hot tub. It was full to the brim with steaming hot water, that was bubbling all around him as if it was a normal thing to find in a room marked 'authorised personal ONLY' late at night.

In front of him, staring down at his soaked and disheveled form were two women in two piece bikinis. One in pink and one in green. This was the only difference between them. Obviously twins, they had the same long blonde hair down to their mid-backs, tanned skin, deep blue eyes and long, smooth slender legs beneath toned, hourglass bodies. They each had the same ample breasts and held a champagne flute in their delicate fingers. Their long eye lashes fluttered at the sight of the large security guard, sitting like a small child in a paddling pool.

Norman looked up confused, the adrenaline draining away along with the bravery he had felt before he entered the room. He sat in the water, staring back at the two beauties, unable to stand, unable to move. A terrifying hardened thug he could have dealt with, but two women in bikinis, he was completely unprepared for.

The two woman looked at him again and burst in to laughter. Norman, still stunned by his predicament and the by the beauty of the two woman laughed along with them nervously.

"Hi." Norman said. Mainly because he couldn't think of anything else to say.

The women wave at him eagerly, smiling broadly as they sipped from their glasses.

"I err, um mm, heard a noise, do you know what it was? Like a loud bang."

"It was a Champagne bottle, want a glass?" they said in unison.

Norman nodded. It did not occur to him to ask why two gorgeous women in bikinis were in a darkened store room, in a hot tub, drinking champagne in the early hours of the morning.

"I'm Niki and this is my sister Natalie" Niki told him as she handed him a glass of sparkling bubbly.

"Norman" was all he managed to say, sipping the champagne gently.

"Nice to meet you Norman. Mind if we join you?" Natalie asked.

Norman looked up confused, the women smiled and he nodded as if by reflex, his mouth slightly open.

With huge smiles they clinked their glasses together and scrambled over the side into the hot tub. They sat either side of Norman who could hardly believe his luck as they snuggled up against him in the water.

"Oooo" one of the women said, Norman wasn't sure which. "Tell us Norm, can we call you Norm? Are all the security guards here as manly as you?"

"I, umm, sure, umm, well, I, I'm the only security guard" He told them.

"Oh lucky you..."


With that, two identical pairs of hands got to work to unbutton his saturated shirt and peeled it from his body. Two identical pairs of hands untied his belt and pulled off his trousers, shoes and soaks; and two identical pairs of hands began to massage the hot, steaming water into his skin.

Sitting in the water, in just his underpants the two women caressed their hands over his body, taking it in turns to touch his back or chest with their palms.Then came the kisses. From two identical pairs of lips, on his cheeks, shoulders, neck and chest. The two made their way lower, each taking a nipple in their mouths and biting gently, pulling outwards as Norman breathed in deeply.

They kissed his chest some more, moving inwards until their mouths met. They were not kissing him anymore, but each other. Directly in front of him, Norman watched as the two sisters took each others tongues into their mouths and closed them together. Each placed a hand on his knee as he felt a stirring in his soaked underpants.

"Wh..?" He started to say, but the twins just placed a finger each on his mouth, sending him into silence as he watched them kiss each other deeply.

As if by magic the bikini tops vanished as they each pulled on the strings behind them, and threw the tops away. Niki gently straddled him, her thighs glistening in the water, clamped around his waist and ribs, her firm ass directly on top of his hardening penis. Leaning forward she placed her arms around his neck and pressed her large, full breasts against him. Her nipples were hard and erect from the water, and he could feel them grazing his hairy chest.

Meanwhile Natalie had moved behind him, her own nipples protruding into his back, her arms over his shoulders, and around his neck. The two beauties were kissing each other over his shoulder. His underpants felt ready to burst as the pressure increased.

They were kissing him now. Taking it in turns to feed him their lips. Niki raised herself up slightly and he watched while she rubbed hot water over her breasts. She let them glide up over his face as her backside rubbed against his bulging dick. He felt the curves skim over his mouth and let his lips fall open as she brushed against him.

He felt Natalie let go of him and sensed movement as his back before she grabbed one of his hands and pulled it behind him. The next thing he knew, his finger tips were brushing against something that was hotter and wetter than the hot tub itself. He felt his fingers pushed into a tight, soft space and the nipples moved up and down his back. As his fingers entered Natalie's pussy more and more with each thrust of her hips, Niki slowly eased off his full, tight fitting underpants. They were thrown over the side and his cock sprang to life, cutting threw the water like a periscope.

Her mouth was on it in a second, taking his full length. As she sucked hard on the shaft, she took a hold of his balls and squeezed them under the water.

Norman felt another hand reach around his waist and take a hold of the base of his dick, Natalie almost feeding her sister his cock as she continued to pleasure herself on his fingers.

Niki came back up, her mouth full of hot water, she let it dribble out on to his face and run down his body. At the same time she sat back on his lap, Natalie easing his hard cock into her sister's pussy. Her arms around him, Niki ground her hips into him as he felt Natalie stand up.

Stepping towards them Natalie stood over them both, between them, her soaking buttocks in front of Norman and her equally wet pussy in front of her sister.

Niki took no time burying her face in between Natalie's legs, Norman couldn't see what she was doing but had a good idea from the groans that escaped Natalie's lips. He leaned forward and joined in. Licking her buttocks and biting them gently as Niki continued to fuck him. Using his shaking hands he gently pulled the smooth, wet mounds apart and lapped joyfully at her tight slit. As he licked he felt Niki's tongue flick against his as they met in the middle. Natalie was running her hands through Niki's hair as she enjoyed the double tongue action. She felt the heat rise and as her orgasm erupted she pulled her sister's head into her tightly, screaming loudly, her body shaking. Norman felt the juice against his cheek and the tender nectar dripped on to his tongue. Niki was next, wrapping her arms around them both, grinding as hard and fast as she could. He felt her pussy lips pulsing around his cock as she too howled in the dark of the store room.

He wanted to cum himself, but didn't want the pleasure of the night to end. Niki eased herself off of his throbbing cock and Natalie bent forward over the side of the hot tub. His cock was inside her before she could ask, slipping in between her buttocks, as Niki disappeared below to tongue on his balls and tease herself between her legs with her fingers, rubbing on her swollen clit, still tender from her orgasm.

He took a hold of Natalie's hips and gave her everything he had, slamming into her, water sloshing over the side, building up he own climax. His balls swinging over Niki's tongue.

Norman moved as if to cum, wanting to fill her up with his creamy treat. but Niki had other ideas. She grabbed the base of his cock, like Natalie had earlier and pulled it out of her twins pussy. Fingering her sisters hole with one hand she began to tug on his cock with the other. She twisted her fingers around, digging deep, hooking up inside the tight snatch as she pulled hard on his throbbing member.

"OK, You can shoot now Mr Security Guard..." She whispered to him.

It didn't take long before a jet of pearly fluid shot out of his cock, splashing over Natalie's buttocks, dripping down the crack to lightly glaze her pussy lips. At the same time Niki had her cheek on her sisters ass, her mouth open wide, her tongue wildly searching the skin for as much cum as she could get as his cock continued to fire off another sticky load.

As Norman's cock fell flaccid from her palm, Niki lapped as her sisters ass, licking at the sticky man juice on her flesh, drawing it in to her mouth.

Natalie turned around and met her sisters lips. Norman watched as they not only shared another kiss, but his cum as well; passing it from one to the other as they rolled it over each others tongues, and caressed each others tits; pinching each others nipples.

Norman sat back and drained his champagne glass that had been abandoned at the side of the tub. The two women crawled towards him and planted a kiss on either cheek.

He smiled and took the two in his arms, either side of him, drawing them in close as they giggled at nothing in particular.

"Wow" he said. "Wow..."

He felt a jolt and sharp pain in his shin. He looked at the two women, they both had their eyes closed, exhausted from the nights events.

The jolt came again, followed by a rough hand on his shoulder, a voice broke through the darkness and....

He woke up with a start, almost falling of off his chair. It was daylight and his supervisor was staring down at him angrily.

"I only closed my eyes for a second" He told the man, hiding the prominent bulge in his trousers and quickly scrabbling up to begin unlocking the doors.

As he passed a door marked 'authorised personal ONLY' Norman noticed a small stream of vapour pouring out from under the door and small pool of water on the floor. He smiled broadly, checked his maglite was in place, put his shoulders back, stuck out his chest, and carried on with his rounds.


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