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Morning Shower

Short story By: M A Nogard

A woman wakes up horny...

Submitted:Aug 10, 2010    Reads: 18,460    Comments: 8    Likes: 5   

You wake up before me, your head of silky, chestnut hair resting against my neck. Your arms wrapped around my waist, and your naked breasts pushed up against me. You look up at my sleeping face and see that I am still dreaming with a slight smile on my face.
You bite your lip mischievously, and let your hand glide over my chest and down to feel the stirring beneath the sheets. I am dreaming of you and my body is reacting to the images of your body. You gently grasp my hardening penis and let it slide through your loose, smooth fist. You hand moves lower and you cup my balls, squeezing them gently and massaging the base of my cock.
The more you fondle me, the more my cock stiffens until I leak a little pre cum that drips down the side of my shaft. You use this to wet your palm then rub it into my dick, slowing pulling on it as I sleep.
Meanwhile your other hand has not been idle. Its found you breasts and nipples and it is massaging them slowly. You are extremely turned on by the toy you have all to yourself. You feel a familiar dampness between your legs, and as you stroke my cock with one soaked hand, you move the other down to wet that one too.
You feel the juice of your pussy on your thighs and rub it slowly in to your skin then up gently to your opening. Teasing your pussy lips you gasp slightly, tightening your grip on my cock.
You let two fingers delve deep into you, pushing then in and out intensely, your thumb pressing your clit until you realise you need something more. You squeeze my penis as tight as you can making me stir slightly, you place a long, soft kiss on my chest and slide, naked out of bed. You head for the bathroom.
I don't know if it is the enormous erection, the damp sheets or the running water that finally wakes me. But as I open my eyes, my first thought is how horny I am. I realise you are not in the bed to share these thoughts with, and I follow the sound of running water into the bathroom.
You have left the door open and I can see you sitting with your back to me on the side of the bath. I move around quietly to see you with the shower head blasting against your pussy. You are holding the head in one hand and rigorously rubbing your pussy with the other. I gently start to stroke my hard cock, not taking my eyes of the erotic scene. I don't know when you noticed me standing there, but soon you call out to me.
"You gonna stand there wanking all morning? Or are you gonna give me a hand?"
Not one to deny a lady pleasure, I come up behind where you are sitting. I kiss your neck, the tip of my penis pushing against your back, making you smile. You remove your hand from your pussy and I replace it with my own. The shower head is still shooting out water directly on to your clit and spraying up, soaking your gorgeous breasts.
My hand cups underneath you, as I push my fingers inside you, I see you are already close and I work to finish you off. My other hand rubs the water into your breasts as you lean your head back on to my shoulder. You start to breath harder and I know you are nearly there. I start to work your pussy harder as I massage your soaking tits and nibble on your neck and ear. When you cum, you cum violently. You scream in pleasure and start to shake. I hold you tightly as your body seizures against me. Your pussy closing tightly around my fingers. This goes on for almost half a minute as you try to catch your breath.
As you recover from your orgasm you stand up in the bath. I step in behind you and run my hands over over your wet, slippery body. Feeling every contour and the silky smooth of your skin. My cock presses against you, rock solid as I reach up to cup your breasts. Your nipples fall between my fingers as you reach behind to stroke my dick. I pinch them, making you gasp and making you tighten your grip.
It's all ready for you, hard and beginning to drip again as your fingers tease the thick end. I push your body up against the cold tiles, the shower raining down on us. Gently I part your tight buttocks and push my long shaft deep into your soaking pussy. I push it in all the way between the folds, so that I am tight up behind you, my thighs against yours, my chest pressing against your bare back. Gently I kiss your neck and run my hands down your arms and sides. I start to thrust in to you, my dick sliding in and out of your hole as your legs clamp together.
I hear you breathing heavy already, so I speed up. I am so horny this morning. The first time I may not last long, so I want put as much pressure in as possible to maximize your pleasure. I push in deeper and faster as you push backwards into me. You are so tight and warm, and all I want is to feel you cum again as I fuck you.
I grab your hips and start to pull you on and off of my shaft, my balls smacking against you. Your hand moves down and you begin to circle your clit as a new orgasm builds.
I am suckling your neck now and biting your earlobe as you start to shake. Your pussy tightens even more, securing me inside you, drawing me in deeper. You start to moan loud and its then that I feel more than water running off of you, over my cock and down our legs. You pussy juice runs out, as you let out a scream of pleasure, your pussy throbbing as I fuck you harder, slamming against you as your finger still teases your swollen clit.
I can't take much more, so I wait for your climax to finish before I pull out. You turn around and drop to your knees. The hot water glistens on your skin as you wrap your breasts tight around my shaft, letting me titty fuck them hard. Every time I thrust up, you flick your tongue out and you lap at the end, still dripping with your juice. Then I cum. My whole body shakes and I shoot jet after jet of thick, creamy cum up on to your face like a fountain, over you chin and mouth, and then down your neck, soaking your breasts. Some shoots into your open mouth where you let it dribble out.
You take my cock in your mouth, sucking hard every drop you can get from my shaft, massaging my balls and moaning loudly. I just look down at you and smile...
"Morning!" I say.


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