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Katies Secret

Short story By: M A Nogard

A woman confesses her sexual desires to her boyfriend, then takes matters into her own hands.

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"Please just stop" she cried, almost in disappointment rather than anger, her chest rising and falling rapidly, her cheeks flushed

Mike withdrew his tongue from Katie's ear, and his hands that had been snatching at her breasts through her T-shirt relaxed and fell to his sides. He knelt up on the couch looking down on her as she straightened first her clothes and then her posture. She indicated with a quick gesture towards him, looking down he hastily pulled up the zip of his jeans. It was not an easy thing to do, what with his erection, and it took both mental and physical effort to encase the bulge that was aching to be attended to. But then again, the same could be said for backing off of Katie at a seconds notice when she was looking so alluring as she lay there with her hair billowed out in a tangle over the cushion.

He was horny, frustrated, more so at the sight of his girlfriends pert nipples that defied not only her T-shirt, but her simple, white bra she wore beneath as well. He turned around in dismay and slumped down on the couch beside her. Folding his arms he sighed loudly.

"I'm sorry" Katie said. "I just can't..."

They had been dating for almost a month.

"You started it. You were so hot and horny one second, and cold as a fish the next. I don't understand." Mike said as he shift in his seat, his cock poking through his boxers and rubbing the inner lining of his zip. It felt good, but it only added to his frustrations.

Katie drew her legs up under her, and blinked away a tear in her eye. Mike was right, she had wanted him, she had been aroused. Had...

"Are you gonna tell me what's wrong? This happens every time. Is it me?"

"No..." Katie answered as quickly as she could and refused to say any more.

"Then tell me." Mike almost begged her.

She shook her head. It was too much for Mike, with a grunt he shot to his feet and disappeared upstairs.

Katie sat for a while conflicted. Mike had been so good to her, patient. Yes he had tried it on with her, but had always backed off when she asked, had never forced the issue, and had never tried to take advantage.

She was a slim girl, a pretty 19 year old, with delicate features, small breasts and thin legs. She didn't have many curves to speak of, and it had taken a while to find someone with whom she liked enough to feel comfortable around. She had sandy blonde hair, green eyes and full lips that she had the habit of biting when she was nervous. To Mike that seemed to be most of the time.

Mike sat on his bed, thinking of his girlfriend downstairs on his couch. Thinking of how good she had felt to the touch, thinking how he wanted to tear off her clothes, and explore her body. Thinking how much he wanted to make love to her, to feel her touch on him, to feel his dick inside her; to make her cum: To cum too...

He was still hard, and his thoughts only added to his carnal desires. He found himself rubbing the front of his jeans, pressing against his hard, excited cock with his palm. There was nothing for it. There was no way he could face Katie in this state. It would only upset her more, and he would end up saying or doing something stupid that would only make matters worse.

She was so sweet and innocent. Maybe even a little bit vulnerable. It was this delicacy that had attracted him to her: Along with her gentle nature, and her ability to make him laugh. She could be so sexy when she wasn't too self conscious. He just wished she would explain the problem so they could deal with it together.

He was a tall, muscular lad of 21. Although not overly built, he had a stone-cut chest, steel abs, and biceps that could make any girl feel safe. His legs were the same and he was immensely proud of his butt. His hair was blonde too, but shaven neatly and flared at the fringe. His eyes were dark and mischievous, and lit up when he smiled.

Mike rubbed himself a little more before finally slipping off his jeans. His cock, long, thick, but hairy hung suspended proudly in mid-air as it protruded out of the front of his boxers. It was dribbling slightly. An affect Katie had had on it as she had rubbed her foot against him and taken his tongue between her lips.

He imagined that feeling again, the flat of her warm, firm foot against his shaft. Slowly he eased off the boxers and threw them away as he knelt down at the foot of his bed. One hand took his shaft in a large fist, holding it tight, threatening to squeeze the life out of it as he started to tug in sharp, sudden strokes. The other hand reached for the bed as he lean forward to rest his forehead on the bedclothes.

There on the floor, bending over his bed, he worked his shaft with hard, rough beats. His eyes squeezed tightly shut, a grimace of intense pleasure on his face as the pictures of his girlfriend zoomed across his mind at a hundred miles an hour.

Katie made her way up the stairs. She didn't like it when he was angry with her. At the top of the staircase she saw that his bedroom door was pushed to. Cautiously she made her way up to it, raising her fist to knock gently. Something made her stop before she made contact. A noise: Like loud breathing. Was Mike crying?

Katie immediately felt worse than before. Should she enter? Comfort him? Or leave him alone? Would he be more angry if he found that she had seem him cry?

Her heart was breaking as the muffled cries got louder. Gently she pushed open the door. As she glimpsed inside the bedroom, her mouth fell open.

Mike was punishing himself vigorously. Katie began chewing her lip, watching Mike as he knelt on a large towel, forehead pressing into the bed covers, arse in the air. She could see his circumcised cock for the first time as he held it in a vice like grip, pulling down hard in sudden, violent jerks as his plump, hairy scrotum swung nonchalantly below. He was big, she could see that his shaft stuck out far from the top of his large hand, and the mass of light coloured hair only made him seem more manly.

She moved to the other side of the door frame to get a better view, watching his backside move up and down as he fucked his own hand. Katie could just make out his arse hole between his tight cheeks. She licked her lips, she had agreed early on that Mike had a great rear end.

Mike was in a heightened state of pleasure as he imagined his hand being Katie's mouth. He thought of standing over her as she played with herself, (he tried to imagine what her pussy looked like), taking his giant shaft between her lips and the sucking it deep to make her gag. He thought of reaching down to pinch her pert nipples, all the time wishing he could feel her electric tongue lapping at the head of his cock. His body started to shudder and his cock throbbed, tingling hard, threatening to release.

Katie watched as Mikes movements only increased in speed and power. His breathing became loud and she noticed him change hands, his biceps bulging as he flexed them. He saw him turn his hand upside down and start pulling down harder than ever. As he did so the other hand caressed his bare chest, his fingers tangling in its thin layer of downy hair. He rubbed his pecks and then took a hold of a small, hard nipple. He pulled and pinched it, twisting hard until he grunted in pain and then his body seemed to spasm.

Grunting loudly, Mikes hand moved fast at the head of his dick and Katie smiled as several long, white streams shot out in succession, soaking the towel and splashing the base of the bed. More and more spurted out as he moaned louder, his hand milking the thick cum from his cock, so that it poured out in large globs. He was biting the bedclothes, still torturing his nipple and never once stopped the relentless assault on his manhood.

As he continued to massage the semen from his balls, Mike let his other hand reach around and fondle his ass. He like to feel a grip on his buttocks, liked to let his finger grazing the outer rim of his hole.

The last of his load dripped out, Katie saw his hand on his backside, the finger that teased his opening as the other let his spent penis hang free. She could make out the white pools on the towel, and the sweat on his back as Mike slumped forward, relishing the aftermath of his orgasm as he caught his breath. Aroused again and smiling thoughtfully, Katie made her way back down the stairs.

One warm evening, a few days later, Mike arrived at Katie's house. His arms loaded with a huge bouquet of flowers he hammered on the door. He was wearing his best trousers and a blue shirt, open at the neck. He was looking forward to a romantic evening, and hopefully some sex. Katie had promised that tonight was the night.

He was somewhat surprised then, when Katie answered wearing uncharacteristically tight, black trousers and high heeled boots, and a equally tight black tank top that exposed both her midsection and her moderate cleavage. Her hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail, she wore red lipstick and dark eye liner that made her look dangerously sexy. Her eyes were fixed on him, lips pursed, her face like stone.

She accepted the flowers graciously, her expression softening slightly at the romantic gesture. She beckoned him in without a word. Mike felt like he was entering a strangers house rather than his girlfriends.

Katie put the flowers aside and took Mike by the hand without speaking. He sniffed the air, expecting to smell dinner cooking, but all he detected was a faint perfume from upstairs. The same stairs up which Katie was leading him now.

The door at the end of the landing was glowing red, the smell was drifting out from under it. A strong scent like perfume that smelt both mysterious and inviting.

Katie stopped outside of the door and drew herself up close to him. He was suddenly very aware of the tight top and Katie's breasts almost touched him as she stroked his face gently with her soft hand. He was sure that for the first time since they had met, there was no bra under that top.

"I saw you..." She said.

Mike didn't answer, a little confused by the confession.

"The other day, in your room, after..." Katie bit her lip. "I saw what you did to yourself."

Mike blushed and turned his face away. "I'm sorry. How much did you see?"

"All of it" Katie smiled and pull his face back so her eyes met his. "It's OK. You were amazing."

"I'm, I'm sorry, it's just you got me so worked up. I didn't want to..."

"Shhh, it's OK, really. Made me realised that I should tell you everything."

Mike looked down at her, wanting her then and there. The thoughts of his solo adventure fresh once more in his mind.

"Tell me what?"

"I saw you, hurting yourself when you were... taking care of yourself." Katie began "I love sex, it's just I love a lot of other stuff too that's more likely to turn me on. When I saw you abusing yourself and your enjoyment, I was more turned on than I have been in a very long time."

"I don't understand."

"You will. Just know that I didn't say anything before, because most guys don't like what I do and usually walk out calling me a freak. So I am a little more than nervous about putting myself out there."

Mike leaned in to kiss her lips, he held her against him.

"Show me, I promise, I won't do that to you."

Katie saw the truth in Mikes expression and nodded.

"Come on" she said, taking his hand again and pushing open the door.

Mike stopped in his tracks at the doorway as the scene unfolded before him. The room that he believed to be a bedroom, was nothing as such. Yes there was a large double bed in the corner, draped in purple sheets and 4 huge, fluffy pillows. But that was as far as it went.

The red glow was coming from a soft red light bulb, that hung from the ceiling. His immediate attention though fell on to the structure in the middle. The large metal one with the leather straps. The table behind was laden with objects. A riding crop, several vibrators and dildos of various sizes, bottles of lube, handcuffs, chains, clamps and many others that he couldn't identify or his brain couldn't process.

"Welcome to my dungeon." Katie whispered in his ear, closing the door behind them and snapping the lock into place.

"In here it's my rules and my rules only. If you want me to stop for real, just say 'I love you', don't make the mistake of saying it too early. You can leave at any time, but something tells me you'll want to stay."

Mikes breath had been taken away at both the shock of the room and Katie's sudden forwardness.

"You're into pain?" he asked timidly.

"Not exactly... No blood or injuries, just pain that enhances pleasure. I love to give it. I love to watch it. I love to dominate and 'take' my pleasure as I see fit."

A wide, cheeky smile spread across Mikes lips and Katie knew she had him.

"Stop smiling and get undressed. You're mine now."

Mike had never seen Katie like this. So confident, so abrupt, so demanding. So damn right sexy. He loved a woman in charge. Didn't every man?

"What are you standing around for?" Katie demanded, picking up the riding crop and slamming it down on the table. The crack made Mike jump and he immediately started to unbutton his shirt.


Mike paused mid-unbuttoning, slightly uncertain.

"What do you think you are doing? Not like that."

The riding crop touched his cheek and slithered down his chest. Katie stepped forward and whispered in his ear.

"Like this." With a sudden wrench at his collar the shirt flew open, firing plastic buttons in every direction as Katie bared his chest. The crop slapped his pecks, he barely felt it as he let the shirt slide off of his arms to the floor behind him.

The crop fell and came up once more, cupping under his crotch and teasing what was beneath.What was beneath was already stirring in excitement.

"Off!" Katie ordered.

This time he moved fast, opening and removing his trousers in record time. The action caused his semi hard manhood to poke out from his black boxers, limp and helpless. It got a short, swift slap too from the flap at the end of the crop.

"Did I say I wanted to see that? Put it away."

His penis disappeared again with a quick adjustment and Katie's palm was on his chest, moving upwards to his throat. She grasped it tightly, not enough to make him choke, but enough to feel the metal of the rings on her fingers.

"Come" She pulled him gently by the throat, leading him over to the structure. "On your knees."

He fell without question and waited as Katie, pulled each of his arms up and out straight in turn, attaching each to the metal frame with a soft leather strap.

"mmmm" Katie crooned. "You're mine now." She bit her lip and then licked it with her tongue.


The crop slapped his back and this time he felt the sharp, hot twinge. "Yes what?"

"Yes... Mistress?"

"Good" SLAP. "But I didn't say you could talk."

"No Mistress" SLAP. Mike smiled secretly as she stood behind him and went silent.

Katie looked down at her hostage, the heat radiating off of his bare back. She was feeling excited too, and took a couple of minutes to run the crop over the contours of his muscular body before pulling a black scarf from the waistband of her trousers. In one swift flick it was over Mikes eyes. She tied it off tightly, Mike not saying a word but grinning inanely.

As the darkness closed in, Mike felt Katie slide down behind him, her body caressing his back, her arms over his shoulders. Her hands reached over and rubbed his pecks. He jumped slightly as the teeth nipped his shoulder, followed by a soft kiss to his cheek. His previous assumption was confirmed, there was no bra under that tank top, and Katie nipples were grazing his back through the fabric. It ended with his earlobe in Katie's mouth as she pulled it, holding it tightly in her jaws. The warm shroud that was Katie body vanished as suddenly as it had appeared and was followed with a shock of pain to his shoulder blades. CRACK! The crop struck his flesh, reddening his back with a long, thin stripe. Another blow followed, then two more, then nothing.

Something cold dripped over his neck and shoulders and glided down his spine, a delicate hand massaged the raw skin with the oil and the other reached under his arm. He cried out more in shock than in pain as something hard and tight grasped his right nipple. The weight followed as it hung down, pulling the skin on this chest. He was more prepared for the second one, but when the vice like grip pinched the nub of his nipple he jumped again.

"Shhhhhh" Katie whispered in his ear. "Just do everything I say and we will both have the time of our lives."

"Yes Mistress" Mike gasped as his nipples bounced under the pull of the clamps.

"Up" Katie commanded. "On your knees, get that gorgeous arse off the floor."

Mike struggled to comply, working his way up straight so that his backside was off of his heels. Katie seemed to have vanished, then he heard a small clatter, followed by a sigh.

Something new stroked his face, then his chest. It was long, hard and wide. It had a cold, unforgiving feel to it as it made it way down to the waist band of his boxers. It soon pushed that out of the way as the hard, foreign object met with another: His penis. He was fully erect now, and the object felt good as it rubbed the underside of his shaft.

Katie gripped the paddle as she watch the expression on Mikes face. He was nervous, he was excited and she knew he wouldn't change any of this. The paddle stroked Mikes cock, teasing it. Before she withdrew she let it delve deeper into the boxers, letting it attack his low hanging testicles.

She made her way back behind him, the paddle held tightly in her grip.

"Do you still wanna fuck me Mike?" Katie asked.

Mike grunted.

WHACK! The paddle found its target on the seat of his boxers and Mike yelled out.

"Answer me." Katie demanded, hitting him again "I said do you still wanna fuck me?"

Mike nodded as he caught his breath from the last blow.

Katie, mock enraged by the lack of respect hit him again. Before he could recover she had yanked his boxers down to his bent knees. Mikes bare ass hung out as it had in his bedroom, and his cock sprang out in front of him, his balls dangling down, swaying gently in their liberation.

The paddle turned sideways against his lower back and the descended again. It slipped hard and unforgiving between his buttocks, cold and yet invigorating as it slid over his anus. Katie teased up and down for a few seconds before dropping the paddle to the floor.

Mikes eyes may have been covered, but he sensed her the moment she was in front of him. When she whipped off the blindfold, all he could see was the black crotch of her trousers. This close up, he saw that they were of a cheap material that looked like they were falling apart. He also noted just how tight they were and realised in lust that she had neglected to put on underwear as well. The clingy material was stretched over her womanhood so tightly that it showed a perfect imprint of the treasures beneath.

"You want me?"

He nodded.

The crotch came closer. "Answer me."

"Mmmm" was all mike could manage, he tried to kiss the on coming delight, be it was still too far away. His tongue tried to reach it too, but to no avail.

Katie gripped Mike's chin and forced his head up. "Answer me..." Her eyes were fiery and when she spoke again Mike couldn't help but answer. "Tell me you want to fuck me, tell me you want that huge cock of yours inside me."

"I want you" Mike bellowed out, giving in at last. "I want to fuck the Shit out of you."

Katie let his head drop again. "Good boy. Here, you want this?"

She edged forward again, both her hands between her legs, stretching the material more, the contours of her pussy forming a perfect camel toe for a brief second before the trousers began to split.

With a satisfying rip, the seam gave easily and ran up to the waistband, and back down between Katie's legs, stopping as it reached the seat of the trousers. The material parted and Mike finally set eyes on his goal.

The thin, downy hair flowed out first, neatly trimmed in a triangle above two beautifully formed lips that were as smooth as Katie's cheeks. Under the pale lighting, the slit glistened and Mike licked his lips in anticipation.

They tasted as sweet as they appeared. Mike took the lips to his mouth like a moth to a flame. Sucking them between his lips and running his tongue over the smooth slit. They parted, allowing him to delve deeper. He licked her all over, finding the swollen nub of her clitoris and teasing it unmercifully on and off between flicks to her inner lips.

Katie gasped in pleasure, her head thrown back as Mike's mouth took control of her opening. She gripped the back of his head and pulled him in closer, letting him suck her clitoris between his lips. His mouth continued to work on her, his tongue tunnelling deep inside her, tasting every inch he could reach.

As the tongue pleasured her, Katie reached down to the nipple clamps and pulled gently. The sudden pain caused Mike to bite down on her pussy, Katie squealed in delight and pulled the other one. Juices starting to flow, she swayed her hips against Mike's mouth, holding his head tight as she pleasured herself on his tongue, swaying her body and grind into him.

She was ready. Pulling her pussy from his eager mouth, Katie slowly lowered her body, bending her knees so that her back remained straight. Her body sliding down his manly chest, irritating the clamps along the way. Her pussy wet with juice and saliva leaving a sticky trail on his flesh, found his ready manhood before she even reached his bellybutton. Her eyes shut as it entered her, all of her breath leaving her lungs as she sat down on the huge, solid shaft.

Mike sighed too as the warmth of his girlfriend settled around the entire length of his cock. He could still taste her on his lips. She had looked and tasted better then he could ever have imagined. Her legs wrapped around his waist, her arms around his neck as Katie began to buck passionately against him, moving his dick inside her without having to slide up and down on it. He looked down into her eyes and she smiled a knowing smile. With a quick, swift action the tank top was gone, revealing, two small, yet full, pert breasts.

He leaned into kiss them, only to be met with a hand on his face, pushing him back. One of the clamps was removed and replaced by a pair of teeth. Katie was fucking him harder now, her buttocks lifting slightly each time she made him thrust inside her. The nipple burned as she pulled it with her teeth, Mike trying his best not to let out a primal howl.

The mouth kissed his chest and then up to his neck, the breasts pressed against him as she speeded up the actions of her hips. Her cheek against his, her mouth on his shoulder, Katie biting on his straining shoulders as his hands hung useless from the metal frame. With increasing intensity Katie ground hard into Mike as his penis began to pulse inside her.

Mike jumped from a hard nip on his chest as Katie cried out, her pussy grasping at him, her body started to shake. Her arms reached far over his shoulders, her nail grazing his back, digging into his flesh as her orgasm took hold. Mike was bucking back, doing his best to thrust deeper into her as she came. Sweat from pouring down her cleavage as her breasts rubbed against him, her skin burning with passion. Mike's was building too as her aroma took hold, it was intoxicating and he knew that he was getting close to letting loose inside his girl.

Katie rested her head on Mike's body, gasping for breath, hips still moving in a slow sway that only helped to bring Mike closer to the inevitable. Then it stopped altogether.

"You want to cum baby?" Katie crooned, sitting still, still clinging to his body with her arms and thighs, Mike's shaft still stuffed inside her.

"Oh yes baby, fuck yesssss..."

"mmm, ok sweetie."

Mike smiled and started to thrust forward again, but Katie stood up, wobbling slightly as her legs almost failed to support her. Mike was speechless with disappointment as his cock slumped out of the wet, warm hole. His face fell, but he manhood remained in the game.

Katie stood and stared down at Mike, shaking her head. "But not yet, I'm not done with you."

"Wha..." Mike gasped, his cock hovering, slick with pre cum and the fluid from Katie's orgasm.

"Hush" She ordered him. "Remember, I'm in charge."

Without warning Mike eyes were covered again and a strange, hard object was being caressed over his cheeks and lips, down his chest and around his cock. He felt Katie shift back around behind him and the object followed. Around his neck, down his spine and between the cheeks of his arse.

"I saw you in your bedroom, how you teased your ass. You like that don't you, you dirty boy?" she whispered in his ear.

"Um, well..."

"Answer me."

"Yes" Mike blurted out. "Sometimes."

"mmm, you made such a filthy mess..."

Katie held the large dildo before her as she ran the tip over the exposed ring of Mikes arse. The small strap she had clipped around her waist hung down over her smooth pubic hair.

"Then you'll love this" She whispered. "My turn now..."

The dildo slipped easily into the straps, the flat pressed against her slit, protruding out in front of her as she knelt behind her lover. One hand massaging his back, the other teased the tip over Mike opening once more, this time with added pressure. The dildo broke the surface and entered slowly, with a cool, hard, fulfilling sensation that made his entire body tremble uncontrollably. Mike cried out in surprise; helpless and hanging by his wrists. The curved, rubber shaft moved in deeper, sliding in and out, just as his own had moved freely inside Katie's pussy.

Katie's arms wrapped around Mikes waist as she started to fuck him gently with the strap on, in smooth deep penetrations. Pumping deep into Mike as he cried out in pleasure and pain. His cock was ridged and unmoving as Katie's hand explored his chest, pulling on the remaining clamp and then reaching down to take his member in both hands.

It took both of them to too support the length and weight. As she pumped his arse, she pumped on his member too, sliding both hands up and down the burning rod, still soaked in her own juices and leaking profusely. Her fist only just clasped the girth of the monster, but she finally took a firm hold in the centre of it and used her free hand to grab a hold of his balls.

They hung softly in her palm and she grasped them tighter, her hand never ceasing as it jerked frantically at the throbbing penis. Her dildo, ran smoothly in and out of his anus as it clasped around the rubber cock, just as his had been clasped by Katie.

"Cum for me my sweet" she crooned. "Let me watch you make that mess all over again. There's nothing better than watching a gorgeous dick like yours spurt all over the place."

Her tits grazing the skin of his back, Katie thrust harder and harder, pumping his cock faster as it convulsed suddenly without warning.

"Oh good boy" Katie screamed in delight as a long jet of thick white fired out in front of them, her head hanging over his shoulder, her mouth open as she strained to watch more and more pearly fluid splatter the floor in front them of in thick, long pools.

Mike's eyes rolled under the blindfold, crying out loud as his penis erupted, ejaculating again and again, only vaguely aware that the phallus in his backside had stopped moving and was fully inserted inside him. The pressure on his prostate only help to increase the cum that was now dribbling on to Katie's hand. When it was finally withdrawn he heaved a sigh of contented relief, slumping low in his bonds as his cock drooped horizontal, still dribbling the remanence of his load.

The pale red light was surprisingly bright as the blindfold was removed once again. Mike's hands fell lifelessly to his sides as they too were released. He looked up at Katie and smiled a weary grin of satisfaction.

Katie smiled back, her eyes twinkling, she fell to her knees in front of him, kissing him gently and stroking his head as she took her in his arms.

"I love you!" He said as he held her close, his spent naked body pressed against hers. Katie smiled again as she looked around at the riding crop.


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