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In The Library

Short story By: M A Nogard

An erotic point of view encounter in a public library between two passionate lovers.

Submitted:Aug 28, 2012    Reads: 4,341    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

It's late on a dreary Tuesday night, outside torrential rain is punishing the streets, and a cold wind draws me into the university library. I step into the huge, high ceilinged building that stretches a quarter of the way across one side of the campus. The light inside is soft, just right for reading, and the room is quiet and empty, except for the young librarian behind the counter, she barely glances up as I walk in, and carries on listening to her IPod, her eyes closed as she sways gently to the music.
I shake the water from my coat and arrange it over the back of a padded chair. The library, although large is warm and calm; a world away from the blustering weather of the outside.
I look around, you are sitting reading at the back of the room, you have been studying hard from a huge, heavy book, and I notice you immediately as I sit down with a volume of my own. You are wearing a tight black blouse, buttoned high, but bursting at the seams. I can just make out a knee length, black skirt, and black high heels with straps that show off your delicate feet and painted toenails. Your dark brown hair is up, bunched up at the back, showing off the nape of your neck. You sit with your legs cross, showing off a glimpse your smooth, creamy thighs that are erotically encased in black stockings. I can't take my eyes off of you as I pretend to read from the next table. I have the large volume in my hand; broad and stiff, and although I open the book I am unable to read as I am captivated by you.
I sense you have not noticed me, as you are engrossed in your work. Your bright green eyes flicker over the pages, your long lashes fluttering in concentration. You pause, placing the book down and you appear to be thinking deeply. I watch as you rise, and walk out of sight behind a huge shelf of books, your hips swaying. Naturally I follow you, peeking around the stacks to watch you reach for another book, only then do I see your eyes flicker again, this time towards me for a brief second. Just enough to give away that I have your attention.
I stop toward the end of the aisle, just where the shadow starts, slowly I reach up to the top shelf and as I do my shirt escapes from the band of my skirt, showing a glimpse of my hip, tummy and the curve of my breast as I stretch upwards. Smiling to myself as I slowly draw out the book I have chosen, I know you've noticed, I look up, meeting your stare and wink. You look away quickly, was that a blush? Then unable to stop yourself you look up again. I know your deep blue eyes are on me I feel them, coveting me. I turn away taking a few steps, then look back over my shoulder at you, and crook my finger. I keep walking slowly to the end of the aisle, making sure you see my ass moving gently, stopping only to wait as I hear your quickening steps behind me. I turn into a small darkened passage, and move to sit facing you on a small table. I undo the top button of my shirt and cross my legs, causing my skirt to ride up, and show the top of my stockings again. You round the corner and stop suddenly both to adjust your eyes to the dimness, and to focus on the invitation before you....
You move slowly toward me as I continue to undo the buttons revealing a heaving cleavage, and a red silk demi bra; you think you can just see the outer rim of my nipples peeking over the top of the lace. You attempt to speak, but I raise a finger to my lips and give a slight shake of the head. You instinctively know that you are not to speak at all: Silence in the library at all times. This along with the view of my breasts has your blood rushing, and your head spinning.
As you reach me I have my shirt open, and you can now just see the dark nipples peeking over the bra, and your own chest heaves. I reach to grab a hand full of your shirt and shove you down. You fall to your knees not wanting to displease me. With you kneeling before me I slide my shiny black stilettos on to your shoulders, a small smile escapes my lips as the heels dig into you. I have you now. I know this as you look up with need in your eyes; pleading to touch me. I open my legs spreading my knees wide revealing my suspenders and no knickers. I feel rather than hear the low growl from within your throat, in the dim light you see the smooth, soft, pink lips of my pussy and smell that first fragrant waft of feminine lust. You are hesitant, and I smile grabbing at your sandy hair, and pulling your face toward my waiting heat.
My cheeks burn and my heart races as I kneel there on the cold, stone floor. I hardly feel the chill as your stilettos perch upon my shoulders, the aroma of your womanhood intoxicating as you open your legs to reveal the folds of your elegant pussy. As I feel your hand rummaging in my hair, I reach up to stroke the contours of your legs; caressing my hands over your sexy stockings to the point where they cover your knees, and then up to where the edges meet the silky flesh of your thighs; dark in the dim light.
Your luscious thighs, cool on the outside, but as I grasp them my fingertips feel just how hot they are further in. As you pull my head towards you, I kiss them gently, pecking and brushing my lips over your skin. I feel like I am in a dream as you massage my hair, and I nibble at your inner-thighs, licking gently with my tongue. Your pussy is so close now I can taste it already. When I finally reach it I let my mouth slowly trail the centre of your opening, teasing the slit with the very tip of my tongue, then I feel you tense slightly as I flick the swollen, hidden nub that is your clit.
Still running my hands up and down your legs I push forward, you grasp tighter on my head as my lips press on to your opening. I kiss, I lick, I suck; gently at first, wanting to tease you, then harder as I want to taste your nectar. The more I tease, the wetter your get. Pushing my tongue between your pussy lips I delve inside, feeling you raise your legs up as I do so, so that your thigh are against my cheeks. I like that, feeling them burning with desire as I work between your legs.
My hands travel over your hips, and down to take a hold of the sides of your arse cheeks, I squeeze them tightly as I nibble and suck the succulent flesh, deep in the depths of your womanhood. We are both breathing heavy now as I lick; you reach up to pull on those gorgeous nipples that have slipped further over the covering of your bra; hard and erect. After several minutes I feel you moving, writhing under me as your pussy gets wetter than ever. As you push my head in as far as you can, you push your hips up towards me; bucking against my tongue as it fucks your wet hole. My hands move over you, causing you to shake in excitement as I rest my palms on your tummy. Your pussy is throbbing now; pulsing, and my thumb travels down to press on your clit as I lap at you harder than ever, curling my tongue up inside you. Up and turning it around in all directions, driving you wild. You're cumming by then, and I feel it. I build in speed, and intensity until you start to moan loud, gasping for breath. I smile as you convulse and taste your juices, expelled on to my lips. I smile and continue lap at you, as more of your juices begin to cover my cheeks...
I push your face into my quivering pussy, I shake and moan, cumming loudly as my fingers curl around your hair. My body shaking uncontrollably from your touch of your mouth, and the incessant lapping of your tongue. My body goes ridge, my head rolls back, my back arches and I howl a silent wail of pleasure as I cum hard.
As my orgasm takes hold the library vanishes. All that there is, is you and your magic tongue; exploring deep within me as my body vibrates from the pleasure. I am finding it hard to catch my breath as you continue to work my pussy with your mouth.
I lay panting, my heart racing, my breathing erratic, enjoying the memory of my pulsing clit. I look down at your nectar smeared face, shining over your sexy smile, despite the low light. I grab your shirt again and drag you up towards me. I attack your mouth with lust, tasting my own sweet juices as I suck on your lips, my tongue flicking yours as we both burn with passion. I slide off the table to stand in front of you. Before you are able to grab me. I turn you around, and force you to sit on the table. Pushing you back, I unzip you trousers before you know what's happening. I bite my lip as you look on, powerless as my hand reaches into your underwear, and starts extracting your stiffened shaft. It has been hard for a while and is a little slick at the end. I hold it tight in my fist, feeling the warmth of your dick as the blood begins to flow faster, hardening your further. I give it a forceful flick with the back of my hand, smiling at your grimace as your cock slaps against your flat stomach.
I grab it again, and slap it on and off of your tummy, thumping the end that reaches almost to your belly button: It's long, it's thick and very heavy. Just like your balls. My other hand slides into your underwear beneath your cock. Big and heavy, the way I like them. You flinch slightly as I squeeze them and continue to beat your tummy with your own cock. A sliver of pre cum marks your skin and I lean in to run my tongue over the leakage. This is too much for you and you lay back awkwardly with a tense sigh, your head against the wall as I taste you for the first time.
Your cock and balls are smooth as silk topped with a manly bush of thick hair. It's uncut and my fist pulls your foreskin back revealing a beautifully rounded, pink head, so enticing that it just begs to be played with.
I climb onto the table and sit astride you with the tip of your cock caressing the lips of my pussy; your hands wander to my full, hanging breasts, cupping them, squeezing them like I did your balls. My taut nipples graze your palms, and I groan deeply as you roll them between your thumb and forefinger. You twist them just enough to take my breath away once more. I raise myself above you, and see the fierce lust in your eyes as I slip your engorged head just past my lips and into my waiting wetness. As I grasp at your shoulders I plunge onto your stiffness with a loud satisfying cry, pulling out immediately to slam myself back on to you over and over again. With one arm now at the back of my head you push your tongue into my mouth in what is a vain effort to keep us from being found. My capture of your hips and my constant assault on them has your cock thickening further inside me as your lips suckle my neck.
As you use my manhood for your own wicked pleasure, I kiss your neck, and take your earlobe into my mouth. I am thrust my cock up inside you as you slam back down on to me. My balls bounce up to smack your bare buttocks as your hips push down to meet mine. You straighten up, pushing me flat on to the table with your hands. As my cock becomes evermore ridged you open my shirt with deft fingers. You run your hands over my bare chest, scratching me lightly with your nails, then leaning forward as you ride me, your erect nipples caressing me. I have stopped thrusting now, and you're sitting flat on my hips, my hard shaft all the way up in your warm pussy where you are grinding it against your gspot. You wiggle your hips and grind your arse into me as you slow the pace down. My hands slide over your thighs again, down to the tops of your stockings, and then up to your firm buttocks. I spank them softly as your grinding increases pace. You reach down, and circle the base of my cock with your thumb and forefinger, holding it tight, feeling them bush against your clit as you move. We are both breathing noisily, and I am delirious with excitement. As you cum again I watch the expression on your face, one of intense pleasure and emotion as your eyes light up. You bite your lip, your legs clamping my body tight, your juices running down my shaft, and I feel that my cock wants to erupt inside you.
As your orgasm subsides once more, you slow down again allowing my cock the fiction it has been enjoying, but not enough to fire off my load. You lay down on top of me, you mouth working my neck this time, and pecking at my chest as you crush your breasts up against me. Your arms are around my neck, I stare up at the old ceiling; my eyes are rolling as you rock back and forth against my body, biting my shoulder. I let my hands glide up your back to the bra strap, finally releasing it so that your breasts are completely free. Then down, down to your arse where I tease a finger between your cheeks, and grasp the mounds of flesh as my cock continues to work your pussy.
The feeling of your hard body beneath me is bliss as my orgasm ignites a calm within me. I don't want this to end. The burning heat of your chest is exhilarating against my cheek as your manhood continues to glide in and out of me. I know you want to cum, I know you want release. I want you to as well, but I can't bring myself to allow your cock free while my pussy feels so at home with you inside me.
Your hands on my bare back, then caressing my ass is heaven, especially when I feel the tips of your fingers between my legs, stroking that small, smooth, sensitive place between my holes.
My hands on your chest I rise up once more and start to buck into you again, but this time with hard, sudden movements that make you grit your teeth. The end of your dick reaches in as deep as it will go with every thrust, and I feel the shaft starting to throb. I know you don't have very long.
I climb off of you, it's my turn to sink to my knees on to the hard floor, my mouth level with your balls. Your trousers have long slipped away, and they are just hanging there, inviting me.
Mmm, they are warm and hard too as I suck first one then the other between my lips, the same way I would suck a piece of fruit. My hand grabs your cock, neglected at first, standing up straight, waiting for more attention. It is soaked in my juices, and I run my palm up and down your shaft, gently rubbing the sweet lotion into your skin as I notice your tense knuckles, white from the grip you have on the edge of the table.
After one last long pull on your balls with my mouth, I look up. There is a look of intense need in your eyes. I take pity, raising up on my knees just enough to wrap the hang mounds of my breasts around your erection.
Your mouth on my testicles feel amazing, the tease of your tongue electric against my skin. Your hand holds me gently but firmly as you proceed to massage your juices into my cock. The end is rapidly leaking fluid, dripping down the side, mixing with your own as your hand works me. My body is starting to shake, my hands are hurting as I grip the desk, the wood unforgiving against my palms.
I feel you shift upwards and I edge forward, almost falling off of the desk as you slide my dick up your cleavage. Your beautiful tits pressed tight around my throbbing man hood I know that this is it. My vision is blurring, all sounds are gone except for the soft slap of skin against skin, and finally the pleasure pays off.
You go ridged, much like I did a few moments ago when your tongue was inside me, you start to thrust hard into my tits, the swollen end poking through the top . I pull them even tighter around you, wanting you to feel everything. My nipples, hard, swollen too, and almost painful from my arousal, I hold between my fingers, letting them pull every time you buck into me.
My hand slips down to my dripping pussy as your balls smack against me, and as my tongue flicks out to meet your thrust, your penis pulses hard and sudden.
Like the shaft of a volcano erupting on the rocks. Spewing out and cascading down the steep precipice of your tits, and dripping from the peeks of your nipples. Your head falls back as the thick, warm fluid splatters your neck and cleavage, sighing loud as you bite your lip. Then they are there again, your luscious lips, folding around the end of my tingling cock, as you draw more cum from my shaft, this time into your mouth as you milk me with your fist.
Your other hand is between your legs, doing goodness knows what to yourself as you suck.
As cum spurts from the end of your engorged cock, I close my eyes, relishing the warm sprinkles as they gently cover my skin in a thin, layer of wet, white, salty fluid. I can still feel the burning shaft of your penis clamped between my breasts, its pulsing hard, throbbing as it expels more and more of your creamy goodness. I catch my breath and lean forward so that it starts to bubble out into my mouth. Gently I tease the remainder by sliding my lips down your shaft. I grip it tight, trying to wring it out dry as I slow pace.
My other hand is lightly rubbing my clit, with memories of you inside me flooding my head.
I stand, shirt still open revealing my reddened chest as I fumble with the belt on my trousers, my spent penis tucked away, still quivering after your passionate rampage. I'm tired as I look over at you, drained by our sexual desires, but inside I am glowing, my heart still racing. You look as beautiful as ever as I watch those gorgeous nipples disappear behind the cups of your bra. You straighten your skirt, and flash me a luscious grin as you turn away. I watch as your hips sway, your Ass moving sexily as head back to the main library.
I leave, spent and satisfied, happy in the knowledge that we can add another chapter to our tale next week, as we have so many times before.


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