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Dog Day Afternoon

Short story By: M A Nogard

A young man finds out what animalistic sex is all about as he embarks on an adventure with a coworker.

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She had been flirting with me since the day we met. Our eyes meeting across the length of the boardroom table as the boss laid out the quarterly figures and pointed at the graphs with a laser pen.
Her name was Lucy and even though she was only third in charge at the firm, she liked to act as if she owned the company, its furniture and its employees. She moistened her lips as her eyelids fluttered at me, the long curls of her black lashes sweeping down low every time I glanced over. A faint hint of a smile would curve her thin, yet desirable lips, then vanish in an instant.
This went on for weeks. Until the day she sat opposite me. That morning she was in a brand new, designer executive suit. Grey with a black trim. The latest release that boasted a wide lapel, low cut to reveal a modest cleavage, and a matching knee length skirt that was a size too small, that encased her backside, melding to her curves. Below this I could see she was wearing thin stockings that disappeared up to goodness knows where, and black, high heels on her feet; one of which dangled from her toes when she deliberately raised her knee to cross her legs as she set her gaze on the man at the front, her eyes gleaming mischievously.
As she passed around the papers for the meeting, she leaned forward with each pass, lingering too long in front of me so that I could see that she wasn't wearing any support under the top beneath her suit. Her breasts were not overly large, but full and gleaming from the sun that poured in through the floor to ceiling windows behind me. As quickly as I had glimpsed their alluring contours, they were gone, and all I saw were her hips and arse in the tight skirt as she turned to another person in the room.
It was a long, heavy and weary meeting. In to the second hour, everyone was filling their cups for the umpteenth time, relying on the caffeine to keep them awake. I too had a large cappuccino in front of me, but I didn't need it. The toe that was caressing my foot, and the foot that was exploring my inner thigh did more than enough to keep my attention tuned and alert. Lucy didn't look at me once, not even when her toes curled around my crotch and began to massage my manhood.
My penis responded in kind, stiffening gradually as her well practiced toes tugged and rubbed against me. My legs opening wide so that she could move up and over my entire length. Now and then her toes would grip the roll that was my hardening penis and squeeze it roughly.
The room was cool, air conditioned, but I was starting to sweat, my boss at the front, glanced at me once or twice with concern as I felt the pleasure increase with every teasing touch of the woman's foot. She had caught my eye again, smiled, licked her lips and stood up in front of me. I was a little taken aback, not to mention disappointed as the pleasure was taken away. I looked at her questioningly. It was then that I realised that I had been so lost in the moment, that not only had I not heard a word of the last few minutes of the meeting, but had failed to comprehend that it was over.
I took a deep breath and stood up, the pyramid in the front of my own suit a little too obvious.I buttoned my jacket. My boss stopped me briefly to say I didn't look well and may benefit from the afternoon off. I smiled and assured him I was fine.
I was far from fine. I was horny. Plain and simple, I was rock hard, uncomfortable in my trousers, and could feel a damp patch against my skin. My legs were wobbling as I walked, and I was hot and sweating all over. Lucy was nowhere to be seen.
"Well that was a fun meeting" my friend commented to me we as walked out of the room. I nodded in agreement, still a little conscious of the slowly fading bulge in my trousers. I had to keep my hands in my pocket all the way down the corridor.
My friend grinned and entered his own office, as his door closed I felt a wisp of breath on my ear, followed by a silky voice.
"If you want another fun meeting, take the bosses advice."
I felt a strong, firm press on my backside as her hand slipped in to my back trouser pocket.
"2pm. Don't be late."
She mock growled and pretended to bite my ear. Then she was gone again, her hips swaying provocatively for my benefit. My hand retraced her touch and I found a card in my back pocket. It had her name and her home address. On the back she had drawn a large heart in red lipstick, with an X inside.
I was way passed logical reasoning, even as my erection settled down, my blood was racing. I wanted her, I wanted her with every fiber of my being. I went to my boss and graciously accepted his offer.
"You're a good worker" he said. "Take the afternoon for yourself and I'll see you back here on Monday. Bright and early."
I thanked him and left.
It was 13:57 when I rolled up to the large country house in my small, rattling, ten year old ford. It seemed a little out of place in such a small, yet posh, upmarket neighbourhood.
I didn't even have to knock, Lucy opened the door before I could even get to it and there she stood, still in her executive suit.
She beckoned me in.
"I'm glad you came." She said motioning me into the living room and pointing at the sofa. "Want a drink?"
"Sure" I stammered. The place was amazing, sparse, but luxurious and everything oozed money.
"Here" Lucy pushed a glass of whiskey over crushed ice in to my hand. "I'll be right back."
I sipped the drink, watching her walk away as I have done so many times before, following the seam of her stockings up the back of her longs legs with my eyes, until they vanished out of the door.
She was gone for several minutes. Long minutes where I sat, not moving, not drinking, just waiting in anticipation for her to return. I was in like a trance when finally the door swung inwards.
I gasped. My mouth dropped open. My eyes widened. I bit my lip, I shifted in my seat. And I took in everything.
She was naked. Standing in the doorway in just her high heels and a tight, thick, black necklace around her throat.
She was about 5'6" tall, with long flowing, wavy brown hair that hung freely behind her. Her breasts were as full and perfect as I had concluded earlier, with small pink yet long nipples that were so hard, they could have cut glass. She had a slim tummy and a mound of thick hair between her legs which were pressed together where she stood. As I have already said, those legs seemed to go down forever.
Her beautiful, grey eyes were fixed on me as they had so many times in that boardroom.
"I want some animal action" she said, holding up an long, thin, dangling object in front of her.
Slowly she moved forward, almost floating over the carpet towards me.
Reaching out her hand she offered me the object, it was a dog lead.
I took it with a questioning look at her, still taken aback by the naked beauty.
"Be my master, treat me like a dog."
She straightened up and stood in front of me. Her tummy level with my eyes. I looked up to her breasts and as she kicked off the high heels instinct took over. I leaned in and kissed her flesh.
"Get on your knees then, like a good dog." I told her gruffly. She obeyed without question and knelt on all fours in front of me. She leaned into me this time, her breasts falling forward as she ran her tongue gently over my cheek. I could now see that the necklace was a dog collar, and as she sucked and playfully bit my neck I attached the lead on to the ring at the side.
I admit I hesitated then for just a moment, then I felt her lips on mine, her hands on my knee, rubbing my thighs through my trousers.
"Tell me what to do" she whispered between pecks.
"Turn around, get on all fours."
"mm mm mm."
She turned and dropped on to her hands with her backside in the air, her legs together as she arched her back seductively. I watched her crawl a few paces away from me as she looked back with sultry eyes, padding across the room, her pussy lips clearly swollen and bulging out beneath her like a ripe peach as her legs squeezed them together.
I was on my knees too, running my tongue up the back of her thighs, kissing her buttocks and running my hands, slightly cold from the glass, over her bare back. Her skin was soft and smooth, her body hard and toned, and the scent of her excitement only spurred me on as I ran my tongue up between her legs.
She tasted even better then she smelt and I was like a wild animal myself as I kiss her arse again and grabbed her buttocks, massaging them with my hands, squeezing them tight, then spanking her quickly. She yelped in delight and her legs parts slightly. I spanked her again, sharply this time and they opened wider. Wide enough to slide my hand in between to cup her. I rubbed her gently, enjoying my fingers entangled in her pubic hair as my finger fell between her labia. She was wet already, her juices lubricating my fingers as I rubbed her, my other hand stroked her back, and up between her shoulders as she sighed contentedly.
My hand worked her womanhood, rubbing my palm against it and letting my fingers tease her hidden clit. She was moaning gently with every touch and when two of my fingers entered her, she groaned louder in satisfaction. I was sliding my fingers in and out of her now, just so I could hear her sounds of pleasure, finger-fucking her as fast as I could, her pussy getting wetter with every thrust. All the time I was kissing and suckling on the flesh of her legs and ass and running my tongue over her.
"Mount me like I'm your bitch. Fuck me like an animal." She groaned at me with such conviction that I didn't need telling twice.
I don't remember freeing my manhood, but I was suddenly aware of the self abuse I was subjecting myself to as I prodded this woman with my fingers. I was stroking and pulling hard on my erect penis, fluid covering my shaft and hand as my balls hung low; I was beyond excited.
I clamped her hips between my thighs, crouching on unsteady legs, and I held it up to her opening, parted the ways with the dripping head, and plunged it in deep without warning, all the way in as she gasped and screamed. Ripping off my shirt, I lent over her. My naked chest on her equally naked back, laying on top of her as she supported my weight.
Licking the nape of her neck I start to buck hard in to her, harder than I had ever pleasured a women in my life. Thrusting in sharp, sudden stabs that sped up. I was like an dog on heat and I was panting even before Lucy started to scream with every movement. My cock pounded into her as I held the breasts that hung beneath her. I found her nipples, longer than ever and rock solid. I pulled them down further, causing her to buck her body back into me as we fucked. I twisted them and pinched them, all the time kissing her neck and sucking ear as I panted warmth breath against her reddening cheek.
Lucy was lost a state of ecstasy as she egged me on, begging me to fuck her harder and bite her shoulder. I responded in kind, taking her skin between my teeth and leaving various shaped marks after every attack. The two off us were one as I lay there mounted on her back, slamming my ravenous cock into her wet, hot, slippery hole.
I felt like I wanted to explode as she barked an order. An order I couldn't ignore. I withdrew my manhood, letting it slip pulsing out of her wet hole. I could feel the weight of it as it protruded out in front of me. I slid it between her shapely buttocks, her juices mixed with my pre cum, leaving a trail of wet on her skin as I rubbed it against her. On command I eased the end towards her forbidden hole, pressing against the star of her ass. I pressed harder until it gave away and my cock was drawn partially in to her anus. She took a deep breath as if it had been knocked out of her, letting out a small cry as I pushed again, her ass taking half my length. It was so tight and warm in there, my shaft could barely move, but that didn't stop her from rocking back 'n' forth impaling herself on me.
Speeding up I let almost my entire length fill her ass as I felt her hands between her legs teasing her clit and finger-fucking her pussy as I had done only moments ago. I was in ecstasy too now, the pleasure of her ass around my cock was paradise.
Kneeling behind her I pushed and pulled her on and off me, running my hands up her back and my nails back down. I took a hold of the lead and pull her head round. I looked in to her eyes, deeper with ever thrust of my dick. Her tongue was hanging out, sweat was pouring down her face and her eyes were nothing short of seductive.
"Fuck, fuck, fuuuck" she panted. "Pull my hair, pull my fucking hair as you fuck my ass."
I tangled it in my fist, rolling it into a ball as my assault on her ass increased in intensity, yanking her head back. Her hand was going ten to the dozen as she fingered herself and then it happened. She let out the loudest scream yet, howling up to the ceiling as my cock got trapped inside her, unable to move. I looked down to see a sudden torrent of juices pour out on to the carpet, the flow interrupted only by the movement of her hand. As she came her entire body shook, I pulled her hair harder, my cock felt pressure like never before and all of a sudden she collapsed face first on to the floor as her arms gave way.
I held her ass up by her hips, my cock now free to move. Lucy was panting into the floor, saliva running out of her mouth, her eyes glued shut and then I knew it was my turn. I gave her a few more hard thrusts, my sack smacking against her, and then pulled out quickly.
I fucked her buttocks hard, sliding between them, using our juices as lube until I ejaculated up the length of her back. I shot stream after stream, splattering her body and covering her tangled hair as she squealed in delight at the sudden warm shower. More cum flowed out, white pearly fluid that collected in her ass crack and ran down to fill her anus and dripping down further to the crack of her pussy, mingling with her own.
Letting her go I fell back exhausted, watching the wet streams running down her. She curled herself up, her eyes on me; still panting. She was smiling, her eyes gleaming as she recovered.
"Mm mm, you're quite an animal." She said as she got up and walked away rather unsteadily. "A little bit more fun than the real thing."
I looked at her with a satisfied, yet quizzical look, suddenly aware of my drooping penis, still dripping cum on to the carpet.
"Who do you think this belongs too?" Lucy said, holding up the lead that was still dangling from her throat. "Here boy!"
As if on cue I heard a loud, gruff bark from the next room and a giggle from Lucy.


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