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A man comes home to find his girl Masturbating, what can he do, but lend her a hand?

Submitted:Aug 10, 2010    Reads: 3,742    Comments: 2    Likes: 7   

So one day I come home late and the house is in darkness. It is almost silent too except for the low music I hear upstairs. I shake off my coat and shoes quickly before making my way up to investigate. From the landing I can see a shimmering glow through the open door of my bedroom.
I edge closer, the glow getting brighter and the soft music becoming more distinctive. As I peer around the door frame, there she is, bathed in candle light. Laying back on top of the covers, sprawled on the bed in her loose, black negligee. The flames from the candles cast shadows that dance on the delicate contours of her beautiful body.
Her eyes are closed, her long black lashes clasped together as one of her hands cups her left breast through the silk. I see a her lips part, curling into a pleasurable smile as the finger tips of her other hand graze her inner thigh. I hear her sigh gently as her hand reaches her opening, and teases the lips. I watch as her fingers move gently and slowly between her legs. Her body twitches as the sensation runs through her gorgeous, trim form.
She is extremely aroused now, grasping her breast tightly, squeezing it in her hand in quick, intense grasps. I see that the nipple of her right breast is erect, pointing upwards just inside her negligee.
I want a closer look. I slip gently into the room and move up to the foot of the bed. Standing behind her head, looking down at her long, dark, hair spilling out beneath her, it takes my breath away. I kneel down quietly and watch her pleasuring herself. Seeing her hand speed up as two fingers enter her I she is well and truly turned on. The hem of her nightie has risen up and I can clearly see the beauty that lays beneath. That neatly cast, tight opening; glistening in the candle light, her delicate hands working her pussy and just above, I see the small, neatly trimmed mound of hair, jet black and deliciously inviting.
I lean forward and whisper gently in her ear, I tell her how beautiful she looks as she masturbates. She knew I had been there all along; when I spoke she didn't jump or stop her activity for a second. She just opened her eyes and a full smile broke across her pretty face. Her brown eyes sparkled as her fingers started to circle the hardened nub of her clit, building herself up to a climax. I kiss her on the cheek slowly, but deliberately. Her tongue flicks from her lips and I lay mine upon hers, kissing her slowly, our lips meeting only briefly before they meet again and again.
As we kiss my hand moves to help pleasure her neglected breast, I slide my palm beneath the silk and let the nipple glide between my fingers. I squeeze gently and pinch the nipple as her fingers delve deeper in to her pussy. I look up to watch, I see her juices on her hand as her breathing increases. As she climaxes I place my lips back on to her mouth, engulfing the cries of her orgasm with a deep kiss. Her body writhes in pleasure and her hand is pressed tightly against her swollen clit as it throbs intently.
As sudden as her orgasm had taken hold, it subsides. Leaving her happy, tired but satisfied. She catches her breath, the music ends and the candles burn out gently as she falls asleep, that pretty smile still on her sweet, luscious lips.


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