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Beneath the Starry Sky

Short story By: M A Nogard

A couple late one night see a another couple having sex in the street. They decide to try it themselves.

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They stumbled out of the club late one night, close together, her head on his shoulder, his arm around her waist. They had been drinking, but were not drunk. Just happy and content in each others company as they walked slowly together in the darkness without speaking. It was a clear, warm night and the stars burned passionately in the aqua sky, the half-moon glaring down a silver blanket to illuminate their path.

It was the early hours of the morning, and the streets were almost empty. They blinked slightly as they passed a rare lighted building. As they approached the end of the street voice could be heard, followed by a muffled giggle. They looked across the road and there they saw a woman sitting on a low wall. Her legs were wide a part to encase the large form of a man that was standing, leaning in towards her. They could see the couple kissing and groping each other beneath the orange haze of a street lamp, half their forms incased in shadow. Their hands were fumbling all over to find those special places that spark erotic electricity. The woman giggled again, and they could see her reach between her legs to open the fly of her mans trousers.

Feeling a little turned on by the scene, his arm moved from around her waist and fell to gently caress her lower back and buttocks. Her own hand fell too, passing down in front of him to where a slight swelling in his trousers developed beneath her palm. As his hand gasped her backside between her legs, he felt her cup his balls. She teased her hand and fingers up and down his groin, his dick standing up past the waistband of his boxers beneath. They continued on down the street in this embrace, his hand on her ass, his fingers reaching under the hem of her miniskirt, teasing the tops of the backs of her thighs.

The couple across the street were lost in their passion now, as the mans trousers fells to his ankles and his hairy buttocks, shining in the orange glow worked in and out to pleasure the woman, who's hands were rubbing his back and her teeth biting his shoulder as she muffled her cries.

The two came to a corner, still touching one another, never letting go, they turned to watch the couple. The woman had jumped off the wall by now and was leaning over it as the man went to town, impaling her on his long hard shaft. She was screaming loudly, not bothering to stifle her moans now. At some point her top had been raised and two plump, rounded breasts were swinging out in front of her over the wall. The man held her hips as he worked, grunting with every thrust, biting his lips to stop himself from crying out too.

A noise like a gunshot carried across the road to where they stood watching, her hands now inside his boxers, his fingers beneath the cotton lining of her panties. She was oozing juice and his cock was rock solid.

The sound came again as they witnessed the man slapping his hands over the woman's hips and ass, never stopping his horny rampage. Suddenly both went rigid, the woman groan loudly as she arched her back, the man grunted as if in spasm and yelled as his manhood expelled inside her. Neither moved for about a minute as the man emptied the contents of his balls deep into the woman.

They watched the man pulled out his spent cock. They watched as the woman turned and got to her knees. They watched as her finger gently rubbed between her legs and her mouth sucked on the end of her mans dick.

They didn't see what happened next as they come close together and kissed. They wanted each other, their lips touching in lust, their tongues meeting. Without warning she grabbed his shirt lapel and pulled him around the corner. She pushed him roughly back up against a cold, hard, brick wall and fell back on to his lips in a wild fury.

Working the top buttons of her top open, she let her gorgeous breasts fall out over the top. His was mouth on them before they settled, and he started to suck and bite on the hard nipples, his hands squeeze the mounds together as he licked and suckled. He groaned in ecstasy, loving the taste and feel of her hot breasts against his face, the sound of her beating heart racing, and the groans of pleasure as she exhaled.

Her hand moved quickly to undo his belt and snap open the button. She pulled down the zipper and both hands were inside his boxers again as she stroked and massaged his smooth cock and balls. He felt her pulling on his shaft, her cold hands warming up as the blood rushed to make it harder than ever. She started to kneel down, lifting the bottom of his T-shirt so she could kiss his abs and run her tongue across his skin. Down; all the way down as her hands explored.

He leaned back on to the wall; his head against the rough brickwork as she pulled on his trousers, they fell down below his ass, taking his boxers with them. His cock bounced out, brushing her cheek, pre cum threatening to drip into the street.

He was in seventh heaven as her tongue extended to lick the entire length of his manhood, from beneath his steaming balls, up the long shaft, to the pulsing swollen end that was leaking more fluid the more she teased it.

Her tongue worked like magic as it flicked around the end and over it, then came the warm delight of her lips as she began to suck it into her mouth. It felt so good as her mouth slid down his cock shaft and back up again. One of her hands taking a hold of his balls as the other massaged her won breasts and pulled down on her nipples hard in excitement. His hands were in her chestnut hair, stroking her head and pulling her closer in.

Her grip on his balls tightened and he moaned softly as the sucking got harder, faster and more intense. Her other hand slipping lower to beneath her skirt, it delved into her panties and gently caressed her tight slit. He whispers softly, finding is hard to breath "are you wet?" But she was too engrossed in sucking the huge, throbbing cock to answer him, but her fingers slipped easily between her folds.

He leaned back further on to the wall and pushed his hips out. Her hands were back on his balls, but not for long as they moved up his thighs and beneath his T-shirt so that she could caress his toned tum and chest. He was breathing hard now, feeling the heat building, knowing that his cock couldn't take much more attention. He whispered to her that he wants her to let him cum.

Her mouth dropped his member and she stood up. It didn't fall far as it continues to point to the starry sky. She turned around and leaned back gently into him. His dick made wet patches on the ass of her tight skirt. Her hand reached between her legs and grabbed his dick again. Jerking it hard he heard her giggle. She pulled her panties aside, gently rubbing her opening with the end of his shaft, before pushing it between her thighs and directly into her pussy.

He grabbed her hips, like the man did earlier across the road, ready to fuck her as hard as he could. But she slapped them away, reaching behind to grab his waist instead. Her ass fell back into his groin as she took his entire length. As she grasped at him, she pushed herself on and off, over his shaft, fucking her pussy with his warm throbbing stick. Her breasts hung down, swaying in front of her in the open air, the nipples hard enough to cut glass.

His balls slammed against her ass as she moved up and down against him, her pussy running with juice and his dick continuing to hammer her hole as she fucked backwards into him. He felt her finger tips touch his cock and he knew she was circling her swollen clitoris as pleasured herself with his dick. He hadn't realised that she was so wet and horny, and it didn't take long before she started breathing heavy too, her pussy lips clamping his shaft and when she came, she pushed her thighs together, holding him deep inside her as she screamed into the night.

Sometime during her orgasm his hands had come around to hold her bouncing tits, her body shaking against him, as she slid his penis out of her, he let them go again: Dropping them back over her top.

On her knees once more, she took a firm two handed grip. Her wet tongue flicked the end, and it finally became too much to bare. He let loose a torrent of cum that shot into her open mouth, and splashed her cheeks and chin. It covered most of her pretty face, and ran down over and between her naked breasts.

Sucking on the end again, she drew out stream after stream of creamy cum, swallowing every delicious drop. Satisfied at last, she dried the tip on her sticky cleavage, circling the head around her areolas and finally letting go with a cheeky, seductive grin.

As he settled himself back into his trousers, he watched her put her soaked breasts away, cum and all. She straightened her skirt, and he saw that she had cum in her hair, and she hadn't even tried to clean her face. She licked your lips coyly, smiled slyly again, and took his hand to lead him home; wet splodges of cum shining in the bright moonlight.


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