the second time in his sports car

By: lyblack

Page 1, wife sharing and the second time he gets to have his hands on her

We had talked about that day she had enjoyed with him, our bedtime fantasies had grown all too real and we were both enjoying it, although we were both aware that it could pose problems. To my surprise she even went out and bought herself a silky negligee, as he planned  to be in town and she wanted to invite him back to our bed. I was allowed to see her model the black sexy negligee but not to touch her in it, it was reserved for his enjoyment. Unfortunately the visit didn’t take place so it was another site visit they renewed their activities.

When the day came she dressed in a silky shirt, short skirt and tights, she looked good, and as usual her small breasts were moving nicely under the blouse. She came home after her day with him it was clear that she had enjoyed a good day with her lover, but as before she waited until bedtime to reveal the extent of their day.

The morning with him was quiet and businesslike, but  in the bar at lunchtime she decided to see if he was still as interested as she hoped. She opened another button on her blouse to make it obvious she was still eager and willing, and let him enjoy a good view of her small breasts. Their lunchtime break ended as soon as he noticed her breasts on view and once back in the car he drove them to a secluded spot, making it obvious what he had in mind.

As the car drew to a halt his hands went straight for her breasts, her button trick had obviously made it clear that she wanted his attention. He quickly opened the remaining button on her blouse and pulled it apart to reveal her naked breasts to his view, his hands fondled her breasts and pinched at her nipples as they grew hard for him. He kissed, licked and nibbled her naked breasts, giving her a pleasure she had not expected, as he promised last time he had found a new erogenous zone. This time he wasted no time on getting to her groin. His hands ran up and down her thighs under her short skirt and they kissed passionately, she described to me how she was lusting after him and desperate for his kisses and touch, which made me feel all manner of emotions, including lust in her passion for him. She had clearly decided I wanted her to do whatever she wanted and this time there was little time to consider my feelings. She laid herself out across him giving him access to her whole body. He eagerly pulled down her tights and she lifted her buttocks to help his efforts to expose her. She helped him by wriggling out of her tights. With her tights down but before he even laid a finger on her groin she described that her panties were drenched. As she described the events I was in a state of great arousal but as I kissed her and stroked her it was obvious that she was back in the car reliving the events in every details. His fingers ran over the sodden silk of her panties before he eased them down. Her skirt was around her waist, the blouse wide open and she laid out across the seats of his car just waiting for his attention. Her description was vivid and she was clearly enjoy the feeling of being such a slut for him. He began fingering her and she described how many times he brought her to the edge of orgasm. She wanted to prolong the state she found herself in on the brink of orgasm. She was so impressed that he had used his thumb in her a new experience which she raved about. I asked her how long she had been naked and been fingered she smiled and said she wasn’t sure but it was certainly over an hour. I imagined the scene, with my wife laid out for their mutual pleasure, I knew how beautiful she looked in that state with her eyes closed and her lips parted as she groaned quietly each time he hit the right spot.

Eventually she decided she should provide him with a more direct response and she turned to him and opened his shirt and stroked his hairy chest, before opening his trousers up to reveal his erection held in his very taut and sexy underwear. She was very pleased that he was so aroused and she made comment of how he was leaking pre-cum. She was keen to tell me how much she wanted to enjoy his excellent erection, but he retained control despite her stroking his erection. He turned his attention back to her body and started  licking her breasts and then ventured to her groin, kissing and licking as she once again was once again on the brink of orgasm. After hours of their intimate activities they were both sweaty and aroused, but finally they had to stop and she was able to dress her damp and aroused body. He kissed her passionately and told her that he would do much more with her next time when they had more time and he would get her into bed.

As she completed her tale of the day, I was not sure if he had gone further or not, from what she had said he had decided not to attempt intercourse in the car, but he had promised her that next time it would be different. She certainly admitted to having enjoyed a great day with him and as she came beneath me, I knew that it was not my orgasm but his that I was witnessing.

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