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the first time for a new wife

Short story By: lyblack

the emotions of the first day my wife spent with another man

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Even before we married she knew that I enjoyed the thought of sharing her with other men, our fantasies included the idea of what she would to do with them and featured people we knew who liked her. When we were out she used to tease me by saying how other men were looking at her and I used to love the sight of men staring at her body. We even arranged for her to have a full body massage from a young man, it was a clothed massage, but she wore just panties and a lycra catsuit. That massage proved to me how much I liked the idea, as his hands ran over her breasts and came very close to her groin. In bed that night she admitted to being very aroused especially as his hand ran so close to her damp pussy. However ,I never really thought that it would develop any further and to be anything more than our fantasy. Until one day she came home from work and mentioned a work colleague had been flirting with her, telling her how sexy she was. That night in bed it was clear that when I asked questions about her day that she was turned on and he featured in the fantasy that night and her orgasm was much more intense than usual.

Unfortunately she only met with him every month or so, but when she knew their next meeting was due she asked me what she should wear for her day of site visits with him. When the day came she dressed in black tights, black leather boots, a grey knitted dress and black silky panties. The dress was very short and slit up the sides to reveal all of her thigh. It was not her usual work wear, but it was blatantly very sexy. I walked with her to the train station to wave her off on the train, unsure of what to think or feel.

For the rest of the day I was on tenterhooks, I knew she looked very sexy and her outfit made her body very available, but I knew nothing about him or if her fantasies were exaggerated. Those hours of waiting felt much longer than they were, every time I thought of her my mind was full of images of him touching her body.

When her train finally got back into the station that evening she seemed happy but I was not sure what to think and didn't know how to raise the subject. As we walked home she was very affectionate and she was teasing me more than usual, but I was still not sure. She said she had enjoyed a great day with him, but nothing more, she said I would hear more later on. I was left like a kid on Christmas eve, so excited but unlike being a child I was now feeling jealousy, arousal and a bit of fear. I had no idea how things had gone, if he had been interested, how far had things progressed if at all.

The next few hours passed slowly but finally when we got to bed, I asked the question how did it go. She smiled and curled up close to me, she told me how he had been very impressed by her show of thigh and her boots, but that nothing happened until after they had eaten. He then suggested they go for a walk in their lunchtime. I could feel my erection rising as she described how he put his arm around her and told her how sexy she was. I was already aroused but unsure if there was anything more to her day. She asked if I minded him touching her, I said no it was fine by me. Then she said that they had returned to his car after lunch and he had asked her to kiss him, she didn't tell me straight away how she responded as she kept on asking how I felt. My stomach was turning over and I was feeling all manner of emotions as she told me that she had kissed him, then that he had started to kiss her letting his tongue slip inside her mouth, each time she halted to check my reaction she felt down to my erection, I was still very aroused and she continued on with her account. She described in detail how he asked her to lay across the front seats and allow him to stroke over her body. He avoided touching her breasts but ran his hand up and down her thighs and over her short dress. He told her how he wanted to find her erogenous zones, as his hand eventually stroked over her breast, her nipples grew hard beneath his touch. She described how her small erect nipples were pointing through the weave of the woollen dress.

She asked if I minded that she had let him go this far with her, she told me that she loved me and that it was very exciting but that if I minded she would stop seeing him. I told her I loved her very much and felt some very mixed emotions of jealousy and absolute lust for her. I wasn't sure if there was any more to the story of her day, she said that they had to get back to work, but I asked if she had wanted him to go any further.

By now we were both very aroused and she was telling me the story between gasps as my fingers were stroking her very damp groin. She admitted that he had then turned his attention back to her thighs, running his hand up her thigh and then lifting the hem of her short dress to expose her groin. By now I was at bursting point as I begged her to tell me more, she admitted to spreading her thighs and allowing him to get his fingers into her panties where he stroked her dampness. I asked her if she had been gasping at this point, she said she felt so aroused and was gasping in between their deep kisses. She said that was as far as they had got, his fingers stroking inside her, but then they had to get tidied up so she could get back to the station. I was so aroused now, she asked again if I minded her making our fantasy come true, she felt my erection, and said she guessed that was the answer. She then asked me if it would be OK for next time if she had sex with him, I told her that it would be great for my new wife to have sex with another man. She said she was relieved and couldn't wait for her next opportunity to be alone with him and to give him what he wanted. We ended with a great night of sex and the start of an exciting adventure.

I woke up next morning still a bit confused but so very aroused by my sexy wife and what lay in store for us both.


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