randy wife ravishes her young lover

By: lyblack

Page 1, As their long term relationship comes to a close, my wife has to compete with his young girlfriends and uses all her wiles to seduce and ravish her young lover

After a very active two years, my wife’s relationship with her young work colleague was still going strong, she had almost lost him to a much younger woman but the fact he had easy access to a willing woman with no strings probably led to him coming back for more. I did find a note she had written to him which declared how much she wanted to be with him and offering him more nights of passion with an older woman. Reading the note over and over I felt jealousy that she was clearly very involved with him, but also a sense of arousal that my wife was being so overtly sexual. She knew that he had returned to seeing his young girlfriend again, but whenever the opportunity arose I watched my wife get dressed up in see through tops and tight jeans or short dresses to go out and meet up with him. I guess being so young he was able to handle the demands of two women, I would have loved to know how my wife compared with the much younger girl, but never had to chance to ask that question of him.  Some nights she would arrive home disappointed that he had not been that interested, other nights she was overjoyed that she had fulfilled his young firm body. On such nights I was able to listen to her praising him and reminding me how good he was.  One of the episodes I wrote down her praise to remind me of how turned on she was, and how I had to listen and just masturbate myself before her. iI turned out he had been resisting my wife and not getting what he wanted from my wife’s young rival for his attentions, no wonder he was unable to resist when forced.


He put his arm around her as they stood in the office. Her pussy grew damp as she noticed his erection prominent in his tracksuit, and soon she was fingering his erection and kissing him with deep open mouthed kisses, she grew confident in her power to seduce him. She removed her black leggings and tee shirt and then peeling off her panties she stood naked before him. On the floor she knelt over him and licked his erect penis. Then pulling his shirt off and his tracksuit bottoms down, she lowered herself onto his immaculate erection, gasping as he entered her. He then laid her onto her back and she enjoyed the long firm strokes of his penis as he moved in and out of her damp body. As he pulled out she wrapped her legs around him to let him go even deeper inside her. After then having him take her from the side he then returned to the dominant position and fucked her so hard before finally coming deep inside her.

            As she relived the experiences with me she would not let me touch her.  He had not had another woman for some time and had been desperate to fuck his wanton woman, my wife, and as she returned home late her groin soaked and panties wet with their juices she was totally exhausted and sore from his attention.


It was clear that he was no longer chasing my wife, he had enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship and now with other options and having grown up I guessed the thrill of  intercourse with the boss was not so great. However, she was still enjoying each opportunity and while I knew it was heading towards closure, it was a shock to me when she returned home and admitted to almost raping him when they went away on a training course together. This was recounted to me on her return, and I recorded it in my diary


            She was still desperate to feel her lover penetrate her and give her sex like only he can, she laid in bed waiting for his return. She hoped he would return soon to satiate her damp groin, her fingers were already stroking herself in anticipation. At last a knock at the door, she opens it and her tiny breasts heave beneath the t shirt as he enters. Her naked thighs draw his attention, but he relaxes on the bed letting her make all the running. She pushes him back onto the bed as she fumbles for his penis. Pretending not to notice he lets her strip him, and as each garment is removed she kisses the bare flesh. Her t shirt is almost off her shoulder, as she slips her tongue into his ear, and kisses his chest before finally smothering his naked body with kisses. His hands stroke her back as she takes his erection into her mouth, her lips sucking at its tip as she tries to arouse him but he seems to resist her attentions. As frustration creeps in she pulls off her own t shirt and slips off her damp panties, she thrusts her breasts into his face and lowers herself onto his erection. She gasps with delight as he fills her, and moves herself up and down until he begins to respond. He begins to let out small groans, and eventually he gives in to his demanding woman and takes over and he rises into her, the sweat runs down her body as she kisses him and grips him inside her. Finally she brings him off with an orgasm, he comes inside her and she shudders with delight once again. She slips down beside him in bed and kisses his neck, whispering how much she loves him.


      She came home and told me in graphic detail how she had seduced and ravished him, she was immune to the fact that he had tried to resist her. I knew that perhaps their relationship was over, but even so there remained a flicker of hope for her. He now had a new girlfriend but told my wife he wanted to keep seeing her. It made little difference to the relationship in a way, but it now meant he was deceiving his new girlfriend. I watched my wife still making herself available at every opportunity, but was aware that things had changed. I found myself checking my wife’s panties to see how damp she had made them. When she announced with delight that he had split with his new girlfriend my wife dressed herself in short low cut dresses and obviously braless. The nights when she was back in his arms I lay in bed thinking of what he would be doing with her. She became more secretive, which I discovered afterwards was at his request, but all the signs that she was enjoying him again were clear. Finally after wonderful three years the relationship finally stopped as he changed jobs and moved away, I never knew if this was a career move or if their relationship caused him to move on.

  Immediately afterwards she was obviously in despair at having lost him, unlike her first lover which had run its course after a relatively few meetings, this young man had entranced her and given her a new burst of confidence that at her age she could still provide him with everything. Over time any pain moved away and I just had to mention his name for my wife to become aroused and ready for action, I knew that as we had sex she was fantasising it was him, but that didn’t bother me. For me having my wife call out his name during sex was just an added element of enjoyment along hearing her tell me how much she enjoyed having him. For her part she also allowed me to indulge in my fantasises and while mine never became a physical reality, having my wife describe what we would do with female friends was an additional bonus.



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