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permission granted

Short story By: lyblack

wife's young lover gets permission from the husband to do what he wishes with her, once granted they get to work and spend long nights together

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There are something's in life, which you cannot prepare yourself for and this was to be one of them. I was quickly at ease with my wife returning home in the early hours after spending the evening with her young lover, but her request was a bit of a strange one. She said her lover was feeling guilty at their illicit affair, he was only 19 and she was 30. Despite her protestations that her husband was OK with it, he had his doubts, so she asked me to meet him and put his mind at rest. That evening my mind was all over the place and when she brought him back to our house he sat down and my wife sat on the arm of his chair, her thigh rubbing against his arm. I sat opposite looking at my wife with this young man, she was certainly blooming with his attentions, and she looked much younger than her 30 years. I had tried to plan what to say but in the end it was a matter of my wife introducing him and saying that I didn't mind them having sex. With hindsight I should have taken the opportunity to ask them to kiss, but I immediately offered him the use of her bed if he wanted to have sex with my wife straight away, not surprisingly he was still a bit taken aback and didn't take up my offer. I did say that I could leave the house to them and come back hours later, but I think he had been freaked out by then. Later on my wife told me how much she had hoped that he would have take the opportunity as she wanted to have sex with him in front of me and maybe have me join in. While I really wanted to watch him have her, I was not sure how it would have felt to share her, but I would have liked to take that chance.

Once I had made it clear that I really didn't mind him being with my wife they left the house together, I watched my wife smile at him as they got into the car and drove off. She returned home many hours later and their relationship had moved onto a new level. He had my "permission" to have sex with my wife and his manager at work, I guess most young men would take that as a licence to enjoy himself.

The next day I was away from home, and with a free bed they did not need a second invitation, she picked him up at 23:30 and without any concern at what the neighbours might think she took him into our marital bed. They enjoyed four hours of sex before finally falling to sleep in each other's arms. When I returned home she broke it to me gently that he had enjoyed her in our bed, she wasn't sure if I would be OK with that but I found myself imagining the sight and wondering if it had made it even more of a thrill for him. She also mentioned that she had shown him my collection of photos which I used for my lonely nights, photos of her posing in bikinis, see through tops and naked and photos which I had of her mother looking good. She admitted that it was embarrassing having him look at those photos and I was concerned that she had shared my photos, however it did mean that she made it up to me by teasing me about my desires for her mother. In fact while she was indulging in her real life affair she described to me how it would be for me to be in bed with her mother and her. It was only a fantasy but to have my slut wife describe in graphic detail what she would do with her mother and how she encouraged me to take her and go deep into her, it was an incredible night having my wife telling me to make her mother groan. It may have only been a fantasy but my wife's affair and her explicit language made it a night to remember as I was instructed to give her mother everything.

Not surprisingly she was also making sure I would be happy with her next plans, she wanted to spend the weekend away with him. With my mind still full of her mother's orgasm and now the thought of my wife spending a weekend with her young man, I agreed willingly. She told me she really wanted to spend another night with him and looked forward to another long night of sex. She agreed that she would also write the events down to let me share their hotel experience. When she came back from her weekend it was obvious that she had a great time, although they barely left the room, it had been as she had hoped and they had spent the time in glorious sex.

Her account described….

The action did not start until 23:00 despite her making a few efforts prior to this - kissing him but the boy was not to be rushed. He finally opened the play with a pillow fight, which was not her idea of sensual foreplay, but as it led to a wrestling match on the bed things became hotter and it resulted in the loss of his trousers, perhaps it could be counted a success for her. She had removed her shorts earlier and had only a brief pair of silky panties and a t-shirt, so it was obviously time they got on equal terms.

In fact he was not slow once started, and her t-shirt didn't last long, and then his t-shirt soon followed. He pulled her down on top of him and kissed her, probing inside her mouth with his tongue. She retaliated by licking his neck and tickling his ear with her tongue, which left him gasping! She could feel his penis pressing hard against her thigh and when he turned her onto her back she lay completely relaxed and submissive as he ran his hands up and down her aroused body. She could feel her nipples harden as he touched them and she gasped with excitement as his fingers probed inside her damp panties and he slid his fingers inside her, constantly kissing her lips, neck and ears. After a few minutes of stroking her he pulled off her sexy panties, and she kicked them to the floor. Then she rolled over on top of him again, and swiftly divested him of his underwear, which had been under strain from his erection, so they were both naked in their hotel hideaway.

She then began to kiss him, starting with his ears, which he seemed to like so much, running her tongue down his neck, round his nipples, then on down his stomach to his balls. When his back arched a bit she knew she was on the right track and took his penis into her mouth to suck. He ran his hands down her back as she knelt over him and his fingers stroked between her legs. After a while she gave in and lay back again as he did the same for her - licking first her nipples while he stroked between her legs, then he moved down her body and his tongue found her clitoris. It felt wonderful, so sensual and exciting, and then he ran his tongue down to push inside her, alternating between that and the clitoris while she gasped in excitement. Several times he brought her so close to a climax that she felt desperate for him. They spent the next hour stroking and licking each other passionately, and then he laid on top of her again his penis pressing into her stomach, his hand between her legs. She moved a hand down to grasp his penis and stroked it while he continued to stroke inside her, her other hand grasping his tight buttocks. To her delight he stopped teasing her and finally entered her, and after much thrusting he finally orgasmed inside leaving her overjoyed from the experience.

Now they had enjoyed many hours of sex they took every opportunity, as I was back home they had their next evening at their office. Once the cleaners had gone home, they took advantage of the opportunity that the office provided, they tore off their clothes and their naked bodies were soon on the floor. She only provided the briefest of reports from this encounter, as she seemed very pleased with herself that as they wrapped around each other in a 69 of mutual kissing and sucking she was able to make him come first. I wondered if he was enjoying the thrill of having his named manager sucking him on the floor in the middle of the office, certainly my wife seemed to enjoy this extra danger that they could be caught if anyone else came into the office.

Their relationship was not established, they were enjoying frequent evenings and nights together and I was able to enjoy her exhausted body when she finally came home. All three of us were often missing our night's sleep but the adrenaline kept us all going as their affair progressed.


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