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my wife indulges me and herself

Short story By: lyblack

a fantasy provided by my wife, capturing her desires for multiple partners and my desire to watch her wrestle my sister, not to everyone's taste so only read if you are OK with the subject matter

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Marie invited me to come and watch her at the gym, but didn't say what was going on. I was keen to watch my wife in lycra whatever the occasion so I willingly agreed, but when I got there I was surprised to be invited into a small annexe to the gym, with just 5 other men. Marie popped into the room in a tracksuit and smiled across at me, before walking over to whisper "I hope you are going to appreciate this, I've gone to a lot of trouble", she then walked over to another younger man and gave him a kiss and a hug before she left the room. There was a buzz of conversation, and the other men largely ignored me as I stayed at the back of the room awaiting the surprise. Marie returned only this time in her black lycra leggings and black lycra crop top. She smiled as the small crowd whistled their appreciation, she arranged the mats on the floor each time she bent over she displayed her taut little buttocks or her cleavage, and she then returned to the door and opened it to admit a taller slender woman dressed in a maroon lycra outfit similar to Marie's. As the two women walked into the centre of the room I recognised the other woman as my ex, she had lost a lot of weight since her teenage years when we were very close, and her breasts were much smaller than when she used to flirt with me but she looked fit and her outfit was very sexy. By now the audience was silent and I was very excited at the scene in front of me. The two half naked women paraded before the men, Marie's hands continually stroking her own black lycra buttocks, while Ursula looked a bit nervous but seeming to enjoy the attention of the men. As I watched it unfold before me I saw Marie and Ursula wrestle on the mats, first one then the other gaining dominance. The men moved closer and urged the women on, and with Ursula beneath Marie, Marie held her down with her bigger breasts in Ursula's face. One of the men reached out and touched Marie's taut buttocks and then moved his hand between Ursula's thighs. Ursula became annoyed thinking it was Marie's touch, and called out "that's not allowed, we agreed", the male hand went back for more and stroked Ursula's groin. Now annoyed Ursula bucked hard to dislodge Marie, Marie lost balance and fell sideways allowing Ursula to get back on top again. Ursula's hand went straight for Marie's groin, rubbing hard against it. Ursula was red in the face and her nipples stood out from her small breasts, "I remember when you were jealous of my big breasts, and how he used to love to touch them"…"did he tell you how we used to play with each other?". Ursula's hands were pushing up Marie's crop top to reveal her breasts, "let's get your breasts out for the boys to take a good look". Marie's arms were forced up and the top pulled off to show her naked breasts. Meanwhile the men were getting closer to the wrestling women, a hand stroked over Ursula's buttocks, she turned "leave them alone, they are too good for you…if you want to have a tart feel her", she pulled back from the prone Marie and hands fondled her breasts, and her groin. Ursula spread her long legs to hold Marie's body down, and lowered herself down close to her face. "Did he tell you what we used to get up to? , he loved my body and I bet I'm better than you". Marie struggled and squirmed beneath, but she was pinned down, "I knew about you and him, why do you think I organised this, he is watching now". Ursula looked up and caught my eye "hope you and enjoying this, I've wanted to do this to your wife for a long while". Ursula lowered her hand to Marie's groin and pushed against the tight black lycra "God she is so damp already, do you want to feel". I moved forward and Ursula's hand took mine and guided it to Marie's groin, I touched her and other hands joined mine in having a good feel. Ursula then pulled my hand to her own buttocks, "do you still like to feel me like when we were younger?", I nodded "tell Marie not me" I bent forward and kissed Marie's sweaty face, Ursula called out "tell her you want me and I'll let her go", I lent forward "Marie smiled up at me, "yes I know she's won, this didn't go as I'd planned, have a good feel of her, because I am going to let anyone who wants to have me, I feel so hot with all this action". Ursula lifted her body from Marie, and standing over Marie she kissed me and put her hands down my shorts to feel my erection. Marie slowly got to her knees and offered her lycra clad buttocks to the men. "Let him have her, who wants me, the loser?", I continued to feel Ursula's sexy buttocks and breasts but my eyes were on my randy wife. Three men competed to ease off her lycra leggings and then much to their amusement they tossed them across to me; Ursula was annoyed that having defeated her, it was Marie who now held all the attention. Marie's body became a plaything as each man took his turn between her thighs; one turned her onto all fours and fondled her breasts as he ejaculated inside her. She sucked another while she was being fucked and after a wonderful performance she was on her back with men licking and probing her all over, finally one of the bigger men lifted her damp naked body off the floor and impaled her on his huge erection, he held her tight and as she looked over his shoulder at me she smiled knowingly. She shouted so that I could hear her "that's beautiful, oh God you're in so deep". Marie then looked at Ursula and said "have you still got your hands down his shorts, is he erect watching me or feeling you?". Marie then closed her eyes and let out a loud gasp, I was barely able to hold back any longer as I watched my wife surrounded by a group of naked men. Ursula whispered to me "well do you want me, while that tart wife of yours is having her fun". I nodded and after all those years I watched as Ursula removed her top, I touched her nipples and she gasped almost as loudly as Marie. Then Marie finally came, almost screaming as she was lifted up and down on the big man. The men had all had their turn, but were still ready for more however my naked and flushed wife stood up and walked across to me and Ursula. "for God's sake get on with it", and ripped Ursula's lycra leggings down, and lowered her onto the ground. I finally got to indulge myself and slipped inside Ursula. Marie kissed me as I thrust inside Ursula. "is she as good as you hoped after all these years?", "you can have her then watch me as I want them these boys again, maybe I will have your ex too, you better not forget that you owe me for this". As I finally started to cum inside Ursula, Marie laid herself out beside us and spread her legs, the men rejoined her on the floor and as I came I watched the face of the two women orgasm as they laid side by side. I just hoped someone was capturing this on video as I felt sure we would want to watch this all over again as soon as we had made our farewells and got back home.


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