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mother knows the truth about slut daughter

Short story By: lyblack

Wife gets to get into bed with her young work colleague and doesn't care who knows about it.

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Following their initial weeks of lust, they continued to flirt, kiss and fondle both in secret at work and in their evenings together. Those evenings left me jealous and confused at the amount of a turn on it was to have my wife dressing up to go out with him. She dressed sexily for him with see through or loose tops and short skirts of shorts, giving him easy access to her fine body. Most of their evenings were spent together on a nearby sports field kissing and making out in the grass. One of those evenings she told me the story in all its detail as he eased her stop off her shoulder and played with her exposed naked small breast and her firm nipple. She revelled in his touch and recounted how it felt to have him kiss her nipples. Each night I watched her dress in tight jeans or mini skirt and a variety of see through tops, and waited for her to return home in the early hours after they had played passionately with each others bodies. I waited up for her return to hear what they had done and to feel how damp her panties were. By the time she arrived home she was tired and also very randy, giving me the chance to finish her orgasm for the night before sleep. One of her friends even told me that she thought they were having an affair, which left me concerned that others knew but still aroused by the excitement of her uninhibited lust.

After aother social evening out with work colleagues and her mother who was visiting us, she brought her mother home after the night and popped off to give him a lift home. From 22:30 to 02:00 she was all his in his empty house as his mother was away. Once in the house she laid herself down on the floor of the living room and he moved on top of her. After deep kisses and his fingers stroking her breasts he was keen to take things further and opened her shorts, he offered her the chance to go up to his bedroom, an opportunity that she jumped at. Hours later when recounting the tale she gasped at each description of the action. In the bedroom he removed her t shirt and pulled off his own. Her nipples rubbed against his chest as she wriggled free from her white shorts and he pulled off his jeans. On the bed she lay beneath him as his fingers pushed inside her, and then he slipped off her panties leaving her naked and surprisingly submissive beneath him. He still wore his underwear with his erection pushed hard onto her soaking groin. She briefly moved on top kissing and fondling his young body, pulling at his erection (which lasted the full 2 hours) he groaned and then pushed her onto her back. He kissed her ears, neck, both breasts, nipples, stomach, inner thigh and finally her clitoris with long slow licks, until she was so near to orgasm. She remains in a state of ecstasy, gasping and begging him to come, he finally strips himself naked and gives her what she was begging for. From what she told me he was young, fit and exciting, but despite his tender years he was no novice and provided her with a great night of sex. She returns home soaked, drained and scratched by his passion. Back in our bed she admited that she had fantasised about having sex with him and now it had happened the fact was better than the fantasy and a truly erotic experience. Unlike her sessions with her older lover, this time she had become emotionally involved and was also fixated by the young and very virile boy. He was able to keep his erection for hours and she was all to keen to make use of his talents for their mutual pleasure. I had the advantage of a wife in a state of high arousal and her body scratched by his passion.

Next morning she was still luxuriating in his splendour, she smiled at the very thought of their night. Her mother who had stayed in our spare room asked a number of questions about the night, she had heard my wife come home in the early hours and asked why it had taken so long to drive him home. My wife tried to cover but it was obvious that my mother-in-law had her suspiscions and I was almost beside myself, my wife was having an affair with a much younger man and now she didn't care if her mother knew what she was doing. I mentioned this to my wife and we ended up having great sex, both of us enjoying the facts of the matter, a randy wife with a very eager boy, a mother knowing her daughter was a slut. I only had to mention his name and my wife was damp and within minutes she was describing how good he was and what she wanted to do with him next, her passion was intense and the knowledge of how she gave her naked body to him was such a turn on for us both.

Things were clearly going to continue and my thoughts about the gamble we were engaging in, were overrun by the lust that the circumstances created. I remained concerned at her evenings away with him, but each time she went out I was left to imagine his reaction to her and how he would be removing her clothing. I wondered if I should try and catch a sight of them together, I imagined how I would feel to see their lips kissing and their bodies in close contact, his hands running over her small sexy body. I was not sure how I would react if I was to witness his erection entering my willing wife, but each night my mind visualised the sight and I too became fixated by their sex life.


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