imagining my wife in action

By: lyblack

Page 1, one of our fantasies when my wife dreams of her young man and I get to watch them in action

"You wouldn't mind would you?" she said smiling sexily and crossing her legs to reveal her thighs. She ran her hand up her legs and said "and of course you certainly would not be left out, I will probably be very keen to share my experiences with you". I smiled and leant forward to kiss her, my hand stroked her thigh and she moved my hand under her skirt. She stood up and walked across to Dan and started chatting, I sat around and watched the groups and the array of young bodies. I noticed Marie leaving the room with Dan and saw his hand in hers. I sat still not wanting to interrupt anything. I returned to watching the crowd in the room, but my mind was elsewhere. Eventually I slowly got up and walked from the room and went into the kitchen. I stared through the window and could just catch sight of some movement down the bottom of the garden. An hour later Marie returned to the party and walked straight across to me, "He can still do it to me I'm happy to say...I hope you don't mind?", I smiled a bit apprehensively but I could feel my erection grow. "He's only kissed me so far" she whispered, and then added "well, he did get to stroke my nipples too".


She spent a few minutes having a drink and then Dan reappeared, he smiled towards us and Marie glanced at me and walked across to him, her hand stroking across her bum. She looked furtively around and seeing no one else was about she kissed him quickly on the lips. They talked briefly and then she waved me over to them, "you wouldn't mind if Dan stayed the night round ours would you?", I nodded in agreement and said that he may be able to pay in kind. After a few more drinks we were on our way. Marie had taken some Dutch courage so I had to drive while they sat in the back of the car. I noticed Marie was kissing him, and her hand inside his jeans. By the time we got home we were all excited and very ready.


As soon as they were inside the house Marie began kissing him passionately, and her hands held him close to her. Dan responded slowly at first, but then he asked if he could pop upstairs. As he left the room Marie  looked at me, her hair was wild and her nipples pierced the front of her top "I've just got to have him fuck me" she said and she walked across and kissed me her tongue probing inside my mouth and her hands clutching at me. I pulled her away and led her to the stairs, she smiled at me and walked up the flight "will you get me ready for him?" she requested. I took her to the bed room, and as Dan came out of the bathroom I gestured to him to come into the bedroom. I pulled her skirt off, and then lifted her top from her naked breasts, I placed my hand between her thighs and felt her sodden panties "I leave them for you" and I backed away. Dan stood there and Marie laid herself on the bed submissively. "Dan, I want you to fuck me like before". He moved towards her and Marie lent across the bed and pulled him down and removed his t shirt and then pulled his jeans off. His erection was very evident and she pulled his panties down and kissed his erection. Slowly she opened her lips and filled her mouth with his erection and gradually began to bob her head up and down over his groin. I watched his face as he enjoyed her attention, and his hands held her head, his fingers stroking her hair, Dan began to groan as she pumped him harder until he pulled her head away. His damp penis stood firm beneath her lips and she licked at it before letting him turn her over and I heard her beg "throw him my panties then you can have me sexy boy". He slid her panties off and threw the sodden silk towards me; I picked them up amazed at the sight as he entered Marie. She groaned loudly and he moved his hips back and forth, she was soon close to orgasm when he slowed and stopped. Her eyes opened and he began to lick her firm small nipples making her react again. I could see him ready to enter her again, when suddenly she moved herself from under him and onto all fours. Dan reacted at once and was almost immediately penetrating Marie again, this time his groin bumped against her rounded buttocks. His hands fondled her breasts and clitoris and I could hear both of them gasping and occasionally calling out. From beneath him Marie turned her head and smiled at me, and then suddenly she exclaimed "oh yes that's beautiful, so beautiful", he continued to push inside her until she let out a loud gasp of orgasm "Dan, please take me", and then he too joined in and they climaxed together.       


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