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getting to enjoy him some more

Short story By: lyblack

she continues to enjoy his attention and shows her aggresive side, they get to enjoy more time together, she dresses in her sexiest silk top to offer herself, he takes full advantage

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In a way it was fortunate that her new man lived a distance away as this ensured each episode was enjoyed to its full potential. After the initial retelling of how their day had gone, we were able to discuss the feelings we had about it, it became clear that we both enjoyed her days out, although I felt it important that she did her best to tell me how it felt.

Their next time was back in his sports car, where he made the first advance kissing and fondling her, but she soon took the initiative and removed her skirt, tights and panties to make sure they could have sex. She kept her silky blouse on, but unbuttoned so that he could see and touch her all over. I was surprised that she was quite so aggressive, but she described pulling his trousers and underwear off and lowering herself onto his impressive erection. They enjoyed their intercourse until another car parked nearby, I expected this to have brought the events to a close, but she described how this made it even more exciting and he climaxed inside her. When they finally rested and dressed they went for a walk, the thought of him walking hand in hand and kissing her did make me feel jealous, which was interesting considering he had just had sex with her.

Despite the reservations their next rendezvous, turned out to be frustrating as they were unable to do anymore than kiss and fondle in the office. Which meant the following month was eagerly awaited and to make sure they could enjoy sex this time, they both took a days leave to be together. She chose to wear tight black leggings, boots and loose black silky top [which she allowed to slip from her shoulder and reveal the curve of her beautiful small breast]. She knew she looked good as this was one of my favourite outfits, although she didn't wear that top out in public as it was too revealing. She admitted afterwards that as she waited for him she was already damp with anticipation. He had been delayed by traffic, but once he arrived they immediately kissed and set off for his house. Once in the bedroom she removed her boots and he began to grope over and under her silky top. Her taut nipples responded, and she met his kisses passionately. She opened his shirt while he pulled off her leggings and panties in one move, a fact she made sure I noted, so I knew how eager he was. Wearing just her silky top his hands fondled her even more fully than before, feeling over her naked body, and at her suggestion he removed his trousers and after her brief caress his blue silk underwear damp with pre-cum. She was soon naked as the top came off, and his kisses and praise for her "beautiful...damp" body demonstrated his desire for her. Even though nerves initially reduced his erection, he kissed her nipples, breasts and groin as she laid back and gasped at the touch of his tongue. Then moving on top she rubbed her body against his and encouraged his penis to fully rise, and then enter her. She began to grind, her lips pouting, eyes half closed, she hadn't had sex for some time as she had been saving herself for him. She described with delight how powerful he was and how he alternated between kissing her nipples and watching himself thrusting inside her. He seemed to enjoy looking at her being penetrated and encouraged her to look at his erection going deep inside her, asking her if she was enjoying it. After 90 minutes of continuous lovemaking she begged him to release himself and to come hard inside her, at this point he climaxed inside her, much to her delight.

Afterwards as she crawled away keeping her naked body beneath the window level, he watched her naked buttocks with interest and commented on how good she looked. Later in the afternoon the kissing continued, and he walked with her in his arms. They kissed and groped, and his fingers reached down inside her knickers trying to take her again, as he still wanted to give her that orgasm, but she was satiated and exhausted leaving him to just kiss and stroke her but go no further.

By the time she arrived home she was only just recovering from their session. She seemed very happy that he had enjoyed her body so much and appreciated her outfit. While she was very tired she did allow me to caress her and gentle bring her to a climax as she recalled how he had been powerfully thrusting inside her for those 90 minutes.


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