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fulfillment in the woods

Short story By: lyblack

experienced work colleague gives her a treat, they enjoy their day in the the woods as he teaches her some new moves

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Walking her back from the rail station it was easy to tell that she was randy, her tight blue ski pants and skimpy flowery top displayed her body well, and at her insistence I fondled her breasts in public she was only to happy to share her state of arousal with me. This time she was keen to recount her activities with her lover as soon as we arrived home
They had crept into a secluded wood to fulfil their passion, and her long work skirt had already been unbuttoned to the waist. She laid on her back and he proceded to kiss her and fondle her breasts and nipples. She responded by stripping off his shirt and kissing his nipples, she clearly enjoyed the open air activity with him. His tongue licked at her and probe inside her mouth, and she felt her legs quiver at he excitement of the imminent sex with him in the open air. He soon had her flimsy top off exposing her breasts, and he aroused her further by kissing her nipples, one of those erogenous zones he had discovered and exploited. He then masterfully told her to take her panties off, his physical power excited her and she duly obeyed, tearing down her already damp tiny white silky panties. With her legs spread wide and her skirt splayed about her on the ground he had her ready and willing beneath him. Lowering his trousers and underwear his erection excited her, he certainly was not nervous now! As he thrust inside her she gripped his buttocks and her beautiful sub-orgasmic face reflected the passion that only he could arouse. "Oh God you're beautiful.." he whispered as he pulled out and pushed back inside again, each thrust bringing a gasp from her .
After what seemed a beautiful eternity (as she described it) of intercourse, he pulled out and whispered "Darling. lets try something else", he then turned her onto her knees and pushed her forward, she yearned to feel him inside her again, and waited as he admired the view. She begged him to take her again and groaned as he then he penetrated her again. On her hands and knees she felt his erection enter her and then go deeper than anyone had done before, his fingers stroked between her legs, skillfullly touching her clitoris and she felt she was finally going to orgasm for her lover. As he rode her she reached new heights of sensuality, and wanted to orgasm for him desperately, but wanted the intercourse to continue as he fondled her breasts and clitoris.. At last after being so near her own climax, she felt him come deep inside her, his movements were strong and fierce, and she gasped out loud. The way he dominated her and his masculine power excited her more than ever before.She came home so thrilled at her day and told me that she had enjoyed her best ever sex, she had never been held at the brink of orgasm for so long and she was keen to get back with him as soon as possible.
It was something else to hear my wife describe their day, once again she had dressed for him with the intention of being available for sex. The fact that they had both been so eager that they had made love in a public open space, with the risks that entailed, was also a fact in her arousal and my enjoyment of the story. She made a point of telling me how aroused she was by the fact that he told her to take her panties off and then took her doggy style. It was a surprise how willing she had been to give him everything and how slutty she was for him. When I later discovered he was 15 years her senior and had a reputation for seducing good looking women, I understood more why she enjoyed his attention so much, as she put it he gave her the best sex ever (well at least until then).


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