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wife's erotic experimentation with her lover

Short story By: lyblack

wife competes with young rival to keep her boy lover interested, as news of their relationship spreads

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With their relationship firmly established and everyone enjoying their role, my wife had told him she was on the pill and looking forward to more nights with him. With the warmer weather they had moved out of the office some evenings and spent their evenings out in the suburbs parking the car in quiet lanes.

One early morning she crawled back into our bed at 3am exhausted and yet jubilant, it seems he had been drunk and insisted they try out all manner on contorted positions in the car, obviously the alcohol had removed any reserve he might have, she clearly enjoyed the experimentation and proudly told me that despite being drunk his sexual performance was not impaired and he had taken her from behind as she bent across the seat.

The experimentation continued as did the locations, clearly they were no longer concerned at who knew about them and they were spotted together a number of times, which filled me with dread at the potential awkward questions, but also a surprising level of arousal that she was so obviously the lover of this young boy.

One of my diary entries records what was a common event in our relationship.

Early morning she clumsily tries to creep into the bed, my arm reaches under her and my left hand fondles her right breast. Her skin is cold and her nipple already erect. She tries to act innocent but as my hand moves over her stomach and down to her groin I can feel the dampness soaking through her cotton panties. My fingers move inside her panties and push gently into her damp cleft, her juices flow between my fingers, she is soaking and I know that she has had her lover again. I ask her how she has been and slowly she reveals the events of the night. Her pulse races as she tells of him removing her clothes and kissing all over her body. Her breath comes in gasps as I stroke between her legs, I can feel his presence, I smell him on her neck and visualise him thrusting deep inside her. Gradually piece by piece she describes how after kissing and fucking he gets her to stand over the desk at work and receive his erection pushing deep inside her from behind. I can hear how she wanted to orgasm for him, how the pleasure of feeling him deep inside her and his hands groping her breast brought her close to a rare climax. As he thrusts inside her she recounts how she gasped at each thrust until finally he lets out a groan and pumps his semen inside her. The thrill of his touch, the excitement of being taken from behind, all add to her passionate account. There is no doubt that she both loves him and lusts for him, she is unable to deny that he gives her the best and most passionate sex ever. Her lover's night of sex, is finally sealed by my fingers as I release the orgasm that is rightfully his.

Soon after this night my wife came home very upset, I guessed straight away that he was the cause of her distress. She eventually told me that he had gone out to a bar and got drunk and he had ended up having sex with another girl. My wife was upset at him and jealous of her rival, however at their next evening together she soon regained her position as his favourite woman. Using her experience and what I regard to be her best skill she gave him a full session of oral sex, she arrived home so happy at his reaction, she described to me in detail what she did to him and how he reacted, his gasping and groaning was surpassed when he bit at her shirt and then started groaning "oh my God" as he finally came to orgasm.

Later on things became a bit more interesting when my wife came home and announced that his mother knew about the relationship. It seemed that a friend of his mother had seen them kissing and groping in the car and asked his mother who the girlfriend was. As they had met, the mother guessed it was my wife but even this revelation did not stop them and he obviously was enjoying having his mature sexy boss so much. The news continued to spread and at the office fancy dress party my wife dressed as a sexy school girl with a short gym skirt and see through top (with no bra). The men in the office all enjoyed having a look and touch of her body and later in the evening after they had all drunk more than enough the office manager had a quiet word with her and said that people were talking about them, he said he didn't mind what she was doing with him so long as they both did their work OK.

With the blessing of the office manager and her fame as a sexy cougar spreading, they continued their active sex life. No one knew it at the time but things were drawing to a close, however there remained a long nights.

He pulled off her top and immediately began to kiss her small firm nipples. Her hands stroked through his hair and she began to strip her lover. As his hands moved beneath her short mini skirt and began to play inside her damp knickers, she removed all bar his underwear. His large erection was all too evident and she pulled off her own tights and knickers. he laid her out on the ground and she spread her legs wide waiting to receive his attentions. Her mini skirt was up around her waist as he began to lick and suck her clitoris, she groaned as she felt his tongue move up her body from her groin, to her stomach and finally her nipples. She manoeuvred herself around to get his cock into her mouth, and then both mouths licked and sucked in an effort to achieve an orgasm. He was winning the contest as she neared her lmits, but she pulls away after an hour of passion and offers her buttocks to him. On all fours with mini skirt around her waist she feels his firm erection penetrate her and as he thrusts deeply she groans with delight. Each time he slides in and out she feels she is going to come, however eventually he orgasms and comes inside her. They lay still and she enjoys his beautiful body and kisses him passionately as they lay relaxed but still coupled. She returned home to tell me of her evening and told me she had kept her mini skirt on as she thought I would enjoy the thought of her panties thrown to the floor and her skirt wrapped around her waist while she was on all fours and he was powerfully thrusting inside her and ramming his body against her beautiful buttocks. The fact that she remembered how she felt and how I would have enjoyed the sight made her account of the evening all the more passionate.


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