ending the relationship on a high

By: lyblack

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There was a lull in any action, and it was 2 months before they met up again. I think he may have upset her in some way, but I didn't discover why, however it seemed he phoned her and begged her for another meeting. I wasn't sure how this was going, but I found it exciting that another man was begging my wife for sex. She told me she was going to meet him for work, but wasn't sure how it was going to go and I shouldn't expect too much.

In the event they had their day of work and nothing happened, although they both remembered their last time and how good it had been. Then they had some time to kill at the end of the working day!

With two hours to spend before her train he had no doubt about what to do. Despite her heads wish to resist him, her body had already fallen to the temptation, that lunch hour when he bent forward to kiss her and she parted her lips and let his tongue into her mouth. Now as they drove to the forest she grew excited despite herself, her pantiess grew damp just like the times before. Once he stopped the car he resumed the kissing and she responded warmly, his eager fingers opened her blouse to reveal her naked breasts. As he played with her nipples she continued to kiss him, and his other hand began to feel beneath her skirt. His hands were soon beneath her tights and inside her sexy black knickers. Despite her earlier intentions she was excited by his touch and her damp pussy opened for him. As his fingers pushed inside her she gasped and groaned, and although she denied him a feel of her buttocks and did not allow intercourse she laid back and enjoyed his full attention. With his tongue in her mouth and his fingers and thumb in her pussy she gradually gave herself over to his caresses. He heard her groans grow louder until she finally buried her head into his neck and let out an enormous series of gasps as her body moved in orgasm. Although he was not aware of it he was only the second man to make her cum, and as she lay back recovering from his attentions she had to push his fingers away as he tried to take her again. He was pleased that she had orgasmed for him, and she enjoyed the thrill of being taken to orgasm by another man. 

She told me how much she enjoyed the orgasm he had promised her  and was pleased that he had achieved his objective. I knew that she didn't orgasm easily and although she hadn't planned for sex with him it had just happened. It was good to see the smile on her face when she arrived home, it seemed they had both enjoyed the few months they had. After giving her the orgasm and having had some great sex together, changes in their jobs meant they  no longer had the opportunity to get together. No doubt he moved onto another girl and my wife had some great memories which we used to enhance our sex life. This chapter in our lives allowed us both to understand how we felt about fantasies becoming real, and when the opportunity came along years later, we both knew what to expect.

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