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and finally to bed

Short story By: lyblack

they finally have the opportunity to use a bed for their meeting and it proves to be an experience for everyone as he finally enjoys more than just fondling and touching

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After a couple of times, when despite stroking her to near orgasm they had not consumated their lust, I knew that she wanted to enjoy the full thrill of intercourse. He had certainly made it clear to her what he was looking forward to. As the day approached when she would visit him again, she purchased a silk camisole and panties, which she showed me but denied me a touch. This new sexy, silky underwear was for him to enjoy first. By now I was almost as excited as she was, and she was at pains to say that she loved me even though she wanted to have sex with him. I asked her to make sure to remember how it felt and she agreed that she would write down how the day went. For some reason I was intent on knowing all the details and asked her to avoid hiding the truth, I think it may have been that I wanted to share her feelings and in her honesty know that she was not deceiving me. When she came home I enjoyed her telling of the day, and a few days after the events she handed me the following note, she said she had to write it in the third person otherwise it felt too personal. It remains one of the most important things she has ever done in our relationship. I will never know for sure how accurate this is nor how much she was playing his performance down to save my feelings, but she made it clear he had a good body and did things to her I hadn't done at the time. Years later another lover had much better reviews from her, so maybe it is accurate. Whenever I read this I remember this first time, those last 3 words still signify so much about what was going on and how much she enjoyed the days out and how excuciatingly thrilled I was by hearing about it and knowing how another man lusted after her.

Her account

In the bungalow, barely through the door and he starts to undo her blouse, and she stands there and lets him start to strip her. He likes her little white camisole top, and runs his hands over her breasts as the nipples go hard. His hands are shaking and she can feel herself trembling too. Shall we go into the bedroom then? She suggests, taking her trousers down, standing there in just the white top and silky white knickers. He is very eager, leads the way, tells her to get into the bed while he quickly strips his clothes off and gets into bed beside her, totally naked. She can feel his heart beating fast as he crushes her against his chest and his hands move down her body to tear off her little white briefs. The top quickly follows and he is breathing heavily as he pulls back the sheets to look at her naked body, all submissive beneath him. "God, you're beautiful" he says, putting his hand between her open thighs, "and soaking wet too!".

He leans over her and mouths at a nipple, runs his tongue around it as it gets even harder, and she lays back gasping with pleasure. He pulls himself on top of her, lowers himself down between her legs. She doesn't feel so nervous now, just lets waves of pleasure wash over her body; but he is still too nervous to get really erect, so she takes his penis and gently pushes him inside her warm very damp cleft. Even though he isn't very big or very hard, she can feel as he thrusts deep inside her, and gasps again. He works his hands underneath her buttocks and as he thrusts down he pushes her pelvis up to meet him. He says he'd really like to take her from behind because her buttocks are so gorgeous (she files it for future reference!).

After some time they come apart and just lie side by side for a little while. Then she rolls on top of him, and kneels astride his groin and starts to lick and kiss his chest, working slowly downwards until she reaches his now flacid penis. It isn't long before it hardens up again, and she helps it to slide inside her again, She arches her back so she's almost sitting upright, he likes this, he can admire her breasts and body as his penis thrusts in between her legs. He is gasping badly now, he is reaching his limits, though she could go on for ages, it feels lovely. His whole body starts convulsing shuddering as he nears his climax, and she digs her fingers in under his meaty buttocks and pushes down harder as he finally comes inside her. They lie linked together for a little while, but now time is getting short, she slides off him. He tells her he's determined to make her come too, it's his ambition for their future encounters, but she tells him it's not that important, after all, she's enjoying herself quite enough already an orgasm would be a bonus. We shall see.


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