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an erotic weekend with her lover

Short story By: lyblack

my wife enjoys a weekend away with her lover and she finds new levels of enjoyment with him

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She told me her lover had asked her to go away with him to visit his friends, it would be for a few days and she asked if I would mind. I could see that she was desperate to go with him and as I thought about the pros and cons of the idea, she told me she would tell me all about it when she got home and that I could spend their time away thinking of what they would be up to. My erection gave me away as I thought of my wife openly being this young man's girlfriend for a long weekend, she smiled knowing that I wouldn't resist her. She was a bit concerned at what his friends might say about her age, but she packed her sexy clothing and was more than keen to be going away with her other man.

For three nights and four days she enjoyed being the girlfriend of a sexy twenty year old boy. From Sunday afternoon until Wednesday evening she enjoyed the company of him both in and out of bed, staying at his friends' home, and going out for meals and concerts. To his friends there were no questions asked as they went to bed together, I assume he had boasted about her to them. Each night she stripped naked out of her see through floral shirt and jeans or from her black cords and t shirt, and she laid out on the single bed so he could appreciate her naked body. No one had ever turned her on so much, and as he touched her body she whimpered and gasped, she had no care what his friends in the next bedroom would think at their noisy passion, all she wanted was to enjoy his expertise. His naked body slid down her hot flesh, his tongue running down her neck, over her breasts and licking her hard nipples. His fingers stroked between her thighs, her juices running as he fingered inside her. She spread her thighs wide, and he moved his head down between her legs and his tongue runs over her clitoris making her groan even louder. She runs her fingers through his hair as his tongue probes inside her, she can feel herself reaching an orgasm as her eyes flicker shut and his palms reach out to toy with her sensitive nipples. At last as his fingers stroke her erect nipples and his tongue goes deep inside her she shudders and grasps his head as she orgasms loudly as his tongue still flickers inside her. He holds her as she comes in a series of thrusts, and as she subsides she takes his tongue inside her mouth tasting her own saltiness. She pushes his body onto his back and moving down his body, licks his balls and his large erect penis. With her saliva lubricating him she licks and caresses him until he begins to gasp and he calls out "yes oh yes". She enjoys telling me about how vocal he was and how she puts her lips to his penis and sucks as he comes.

She finally comes home tired but overjoyed at her long weekend with him, she describes each night how they made love and how exciting it was to be able to wake up with him and give him more sex. I think that once again her exhibitionist streak was very evident, from posing naked on the bed for him to enjoying the fact his friends could hear them having sex. She mentioned that he enjoyed showing off his mature and sexy girlfriend to his friends and how she liked to dress sexily for him and how her braless breasts and nipples were evident when they went out to meet his friends. I wonder now if he was showing off to his friends how many times he could have sex with her.

Obviously I realised that she was seriously hooked on him, and when I discovered she was on the pill for his benefit I gathered that maybe he was not using the condoms she assured me he was. Sure I was concerned but at the same time the thought of my beautiful wife having long nights of passion and the thought of him deep inside her was something I became addicted to just as she was.

Once they returned from their weekend away the nights of passion in the office resumed, she returned home in the early hours having been bent over her office desk while he penetrated his manager. While she was well over 10 years his senior he seemed more than a match for her, and she was able to match his sex drive, which she felt very proud of. In fact she was also coming home to me and giving me a session too, she had never been so aroused. On a few nights he didn't want to see my wife and it seemed he met up with one of his previous girlfriends, my wife was very jealous at the thought of him with another younger woman, however he soon returned to my wife's eager body. She described a night after having feared he might no longer want her after he had enjoyed her rival young girls body.

In the car on the way home he suggested that they stop for a while, her heart missed a beat as she hadn't expected anything that night. She drove quickly to a quiet backroad, and as soon as the car stopped he began kissing her eager lips, and her tongue responded by thrusting inside his warm mouth.

His hands reached down to her small breasts and as his fingers stroked over her nipples, teasing her nipples through the nylon polo neck, she felt her groin began to lubricate. He then eased her shirt up and started to kiss her naked breasts. Her gasps let him know how much she still wanted him, and her hands stroked through his hair and down his neck. Whenever he stopped kissing her breasts she retaliated by kissing him and flicking her tongue in and out of his ear, which she had discovered turned him on. She ran her hands over his hard groin to encourage him to take her. His fingers were soon inside her tight black leggings, and his fingers were stroking the dampness between her thighs. She wriggled her buttocks and gasped as he pulled off her leggings and then her white cotton panties. His fingers pushed deep inside her, making her gasp even louder as he worked hard on her body. His fingers continued to pleasure her as he pulled off her polo neck leaving her body naked and exposed to her lover. He sucked and kissed at her neck, then moved down to her nipples, her stomach and finally her clitoris and his tongue went deep inside her vagina. She gasped out loud as she neared orgasm, her body wanting to have him inside her.

Quickly his trousers and underwear was off and she played with his superb erection. She bent over him, her breasts brushing against him as she slipped her lips over his erection. Nibbling at its tip she made him groan before taking his whole length into her mouth. She sucked at him for a long time, while still enjoying his fingers between her legs. Then finally he came and he ejaculated into her mouth and she sucked at him closing her lips on his penis. Fulfilled he reached up and kissed her salty lips before they dressed and she pulled on her tight pantiess and black leggings over her sodden groin.

Finally she returned home and I knew immediately she had enjoyed another night of sex with him, my hand went straight to her groin and through her leggings I could feel how damp she was. I was desperate to have sex with her, but she told me she was too sore and exhausted after all his attention that night, but she did agree to have one more penis in her mouth just for my sake. After hearing all about her night and having her suck me I was also exhausted and we soon fell asleep, while I still smell his scent on her and no doubt she dreamt of her night with him.


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