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wife entertains her young lover

Short story By: lyblack

wife continues her affair and enjoys being the lover of her much younger work colleague

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Their affair became a regular part of our lives, she took every opportunity to spend time with him, this did of course create some problems, but it also made her very randy so I had my fair share of enjoyment of her body. On a few occasions he was otherwise engaged and she was left frustrated, but sometimes she took matters into her own hands. One evening she learnt how to seduce a hungover man and after a few kisses she ended up stripping him naked, soon enough he was more than interested, they ended up on the floor making love. Her description of how it felt to have him thrusting inside her as she wrapped her legs around his shoulders was something else, and she loved the fact that his young brother and his friends were downstairs awaiting for them to complete their love making. Her exhibitionist streak seemed to be very strong with him and I enjoyed hearing about it and she obviously found it very arousing. Nights out with him and his friends gave her a serious rush she admitted to me how sexy she felt, as a provocatively dressed mature woman with a group of young men, and the fact that they all knew what she was doing with her young lover made her even more excited. On the evenings such as this she was damp before he even got to touch her body.

Work colleagues began to notice the fact that she was spending a lot of time with him, one even tried to warn me of the fact my wife was giving herself to him. Fortunately she did not state it outright and I ignored her very strong hints. My wife had even started to spend days and nights with him, having her come home to change her sodden panties and collect a toothbrush to leave me at home all night visualising them having sex and with just her sodden panties to play with was an amazing experience.

When she came home next morning she described their evening together.

"The evening went slowly with cards and tv, until to her relief he began to stroke her naked thigh exposed by the mini dress. As he kissed her she lay back and his tongue slipped inside her mouth and his fingers inside her knickers. As he stroked her she gasped and kissed him firmly on the lips, as she positioned herself on the armchair with her dress pulled up to her waist. Her exposed groin intensified the action, and soon they were both kissing, groping and gasping. He suggested they retired to his bedroom. On his bed she let her dress be pulled off over her head, exposing her naked breasts. He stood up and removed his clothes leaving just his underwear. They continued to kiss and grope, both pairs of underwear tight and damp. His skilful fingers moved deep inside of my willing wife as she gasped louder, and spread her eager thighs wider to accommodate him. She felt him tug her panties down, and she kicked them off, her naked body waiting for his next touch.

He stripped and laying on top of her he kissed his way down her body, neck, nipples, stomach. Her lust grew and she pushed him onto his back and kissed his body, from his ears (which made him groan with delight) to his neck, nipples, stomach, thigh and finally his penis and balls. She heard him groan as she took his erection into her mouth and sucked. He licked at her nipples and forced her taut and eager body onto the bed again. He stroked her to near orgasm and then he penetrated her and eventually came inside his lover.

Next evening he was too tired to make love and so after kissing and groping they went to sleep in his bed. She laid close by him in the single bed and watched him sleep. Her body wanted more and her pantiess were constantly damp as she fingered herself. At 06:00 she woke him with a kiss and her hand fondling his groin, his penis rose and soon they were both naked and making love again."

On her return home she finally admitted that she loved what he did to her, and that he gave her the best sex of her life, a phrase which aroused my lust and jealousy. Her new found sexual confidence proved to be something I could also enjoy and she began showing off, walking through town in just a low cut summer dress she whispered in my ear that she wore nothing else and how randy she felt without her panties. On our holiday all she could talk about was him and she was soon randy on the beach going topless and loving all the attention. When we got home she was straight after him, looking to enjoy more wonderful sex.

Pulling to a halt near their regular nightime corner, they began kissing passionately. She was desperate for him after her week long enforced absence on holiday. Her blue and white pin-stripped dress fitted tightly around her small breasts and her thighs were on view beneath the short hemline.

Almost at once his fingers moved beneath her dress and caressed her damp groin, she gasped at his touch loving every moment as his fingers pushed inside her. As she moved her hips he felt him pull off her damp panties and let them fall to the floor of the car. His fingers worked her up to a frenzy of gasping as he brought her close to an orgasm. Then he unbuttoned her dress and eased her naked breasts out from the top. He kissed her breasts and nipples bringing her close to orgasm once again. She desperately wanted to have him and she pulled off his t shirt, trousers and soon had him naked, and then with her dress on the car floor they kissed and cuddled. Their sweaty naked bodies coiled together in the darkness of the car. He kissed down her body and licked between her legs, licking her clitoris and inserting his tongue inside her. She writhed in sub-orgasmic ecstasy, before she returned the compliment. She kissed and licked his ears, his nipples and finally took his erection into her mouth. For an hour they alternated, giving and receiving pleasure, first he was groaning and then she was gasping as their tongues ran over the bare flesh. Finally as she sucked at his erection and used her tongue skilfully on him, he groaned loudly and ejaculated into her willing mouth. She sucked at him and tasted him as he came in her mouth. The following evening they were keen to try it again, but this time another car pulled up while they were naked and in the act of having sex leaving them to dress quickly as the other car's occupants watched on.

All the time I was enjoying a very full sex life with a very randy wife who seemed to revel in her new found status, she was obviously enjoying the attentions of a young man and with me she was able to relive the events as she described the sessions in glorious detail. I had no idea that she would become this slutty but all three of us were enjoying it.


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