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Rose sneaks in to her best friend Mark's house to seduce him and get a very different outcome than what she was expecting.

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~~I smiled as I saw Mark's parents pull out of the driveway for their little vacation. As soon as I lost sight of their headlights I started across the street, looping around the back of the house where I knew Mark's bedroom was. I smiled when I saw that the light was on in his window. As quietly as I could I started hooking my feet around the gutter of the house and started to climb, using my arms to balance myself and my legs for most of the maneuver. Once I reached his window I reached up and pushed it open. His window didn't have a screen, and it didn't even creak when I opened it.
As I climbed through and into his room I noticed it was empty. That was when I heard the shower turn off. Ohhhh He was taking a shower. I smiled big and shut his door, taking off my shirt and jeans so that when he walked into his room I would be the first thing he would see. My breasts were roughly a D cup, but I wore one of my bigger C sup bras to make my boobs look good tonight. I was going to seduce him… hopefully. I stood in the middle of his room for quite some time while I was sure he was drying himself off. I started to think I was going crazy. Mark had beed my best friend for years and now I was making a move on him. Crazy stuff.
I heard his door knob starts to turn and brace myself.
The look on his face was honestly kind of priceless, if I could have taken a picture of it I would.
"Rose? What the fuck?" He yelled, pulling his towel down from his face and covering himself. and looked over at his open window.
"You snuck into my house?"
I bit my lip and smile at him, shrugging slightly.
"Listen… I know we have always been friends and all Mark but… I really like you. I want you to be something more than I friend to me."
"Don't," He said, tightening his jaw and closing his eyes, "Please Rose…"
I came closer to him, pushing the door shut behind him. I reached my hand out towards him, letting my nails trail along the middle of his core muscles, tracing his beautiful abs. I knew I was wet; I could feel that my panties were soaking as I reached his towel around his waist and ripped it away from him. I wasn't even looking at his member, I kept my eyes in contact with his the whole time. He groaned
"Rose, no," He said as I pushed his naked body back against the door. His hair was still a little wet from his shower and hung sexily into his face, "Put some clothes on… A shirt… Something."
"Why Mark?" I pressed my body up against his, skin against skin, "Am I making you horny?" My hand started to slide down his body, pressing against his chest, his abs, his waist line, until I got to his cock and started stroking it slowly. He let out a shaky breath and wrapped his hand around my wrist, like a warning.
"Rose… Please," He said breathlessly.
"You know you want it too," I say and start moving my hand a little faster, "You have been hiding your feelings just like I have." He closed his eyes tight as he started to grow harder in my hand.
"Rose," He whispered, "If you get me started I-"
"Won't be able to stop? What if that's what I want?"
"No… I won't be myself if I lose control…"
"Show me," I murmur as I drop down to my knee in front of him.
"Don't get on your knees Rose, Get-," He sucked in a sharp breath as I let the tip of his cock slide into my mouth. His hand immediately came down to my shoulders. He was probably going to try and push me away, but when his hands touch my skin he stiffened, indecisive about what he wanted to do now. If I didn't have my mouth full I would have been smiling. I slowly sucked the rest of his dick down into the back of my throat, feeling it harden once his entire length was nestled in my mouth. Then I swallowed him, letting the muscles in my throat contract around his manhood. I felt him tense up again.
"Fuck," He groaned softly as I start to pump him in and out of my mouth slowly. I tightened my lips around him, making sure he felt everything and every couple of thrusts I would deep throat him and swallow, tasting a little bit more of his pre cum that lingered on the tip of his cock.
"Fine," He growled, tangling the fingers of one of his hands into my hair and yanking my head back before pulling me up onto my feet in front of him, making me cry out softly at the pain. Then he whipped me around and pressed my back up against the wall. His body heat was unbelievable. I would have sworn on my life that he was running a fever. He wrapped his other hand around my throat, holding me trapped against his door.
His body was pressed up against mine. I could feel everything; every muscles, every hair, every god damn fiber of his being was breathtakingly pressed against my body. I bite my lip hard and pressed my hands against his arms.
"No," He said sternly, "Put them back down. Put your hands at your side, palms against the door."
I let out a shaky breath, leaving my hands where they were and hesitating, trying to wrap my head around what the hell just happened.
"You don't want me to tell you again Rose," He growled under his breath. I did as he told me then, receiving a very light smile from him before he leaned down to my ear, pulling my hair a little tighter.
"You got me started Rose, and now I am not going to stop," His voice had definitely changed in tone, much deeper and stern. Very commanding and for some reason that turned me on. "You are no longer in control of this situation anymore. I am. You will do as I say when I say it or so help me I will take you over my knee and spank you till you are bleeding. Do you understand?"
Holy Fuck…
My best friend is a dominant.

Author: Continue? Not sure.


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