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Mykel wakes up tied to her bed...

Submitted:Sep 29, 2013    Reads: 3,139    Comments: 6    Likes: 6   

Just a little teaser ;P Wanted to see if people would like me to continue to story. Let me know in the commets! Enjoy...


The first question that had popped into my head as I was startled awake from my very pleasant dream, which I knew would be unlikely that I would be able to finish. But I didn't complain to myself long. I wanted to find out what had made that sound that woke me. I went to sit myself up but found that I couldn't. I looked up through the darkness kind of thankful that my eyes were already adjusted to the dark room and saw that my hands were tied to the bed, one to one side of my head board and one to the other side. I twisted my hands, testing the knot and groaning when I saw and felt how secure it was… There was no getting out. I also soon found out that my legs were tied also. The knots holding my legs apart were less complicated only they weren't held apart by a rope. What was holding my legs apart seemed to look like just a simple leather strip of fabric that wrapped around my thigh just above each knee. What was holding my legs down? I didn't have anything on the sides of my bed to tie the leather to. I had just started to think of what I should do when I heard a chuckle in the darkness.

"You seemed to be having a good dream," The voice said… I sounded familiar. Very familiar.

"Who are you?" I demanded, "Show your face." Immediately after I said that I felt wrong, uneasy.

I felt a hand slide along my ribcage and I flinched away from it.

"You don't recognize my voice?" He asked. His voice was like silk… "Of course… You have been trying so long to avoid me… Ever since I fucked you when we were younger… And now you have a boyfriend… I don't like that Mykel. I don't like it at all." What? No way. The only person I have ever had sex with before Tyler was Travin, who was my ex-uncle's son. It isn't as sick as it sounds… Technically Travin was only my cousin by marriage. But it still should never have happened.

"No," I breathed and tensed my muscles, pulling hard on my restraints, "Fucking asshole."

"Ah there we go," I said, his voice sounding amused, "You know who I am and now you are going to go all "Bitch-Mode" on me. Well let me tell you this, every time you mouth off to me tonight I am going to spank your sweet little cunt." His fingers travel up to my breasts, sending sparks of pleasure through my body and making my skin feel tingly, a reaction I damned myself for. I tried to twist away from him but my restraints prevented me from twisting that far. His hands reached one of my breasts and he cupped it briefly in his hand before roughly messaging it and sliding his hand out so that he could let his fingers tug on my nipple. I groan, resisting the pleasure that would make my body convulse if I let go. I could feel him smiling and then I felt a sharp sting of pain shoot through me as his fingers pinched my nipple hard, making my pussy spasm just slightly. I grunted.

"You bastard!" I yelled and jerked my body. Not even a second after I said that his other hand came up and came down on my pussy with a loud slap. I bite my lip, holding back a moan of pain. Or was it pleasure? I spit at him, furious that he would do that to me. That earned myself another slap, a harder one. This time I cried out as the impact of his hand made my entire body pulse. I heard him moan. He was enjoying this? I could feel his breath against my face and it was then that I realized that I had closed my eyes. From fear?

"Look at me baby," He said, his voice husky. My eyes shot open quickly.

"Don't call me that," I snapped at him. I felt his hand lift from my pussy again to spank me and I started to panic a little.

"I'm sorry!" I whimpered and started to squirm. He rose an eye brow and took pity on me, bring his hand down slowly to my pussy and looking into my eyes. Okay, I admit He is a very gorgeous man. His deep gray eyes would charm any woman, not to mention his hair, which was solid black and hung straight into his face, just barely covering his eyes so that if the light was just right, you could see his eyes in the spaces of his hair. I groan again softly.

"You play with your pussy in your sleep… Did you know that?" He asks and very slowly starts rubbing his hand against my crotch. The muscles in my legs flexed, trying to close but unfortunately I was forbidden to do that. Everything in me tightened, resisting him.

"Answer me Mykel." He demanded, letting his other hand on my breast start to pinch my nipple again.

"No… No I didn't know that…"

"Mmm it is so sexy. You made yourself come… but I bet I could make you scream." He leaned down closer to me and let his tongue flick out of his mouth and snake up the side of my neck to my ear. Try as I may, I could not resist the shivers and goose bumps that gave me, Something about his tongue on my neck made my toes curl with anticipation of what he was going to do next. I gasp and let my body arch. Maybe I could give in just a little bit…

No! He ruined you… Don't let him win this time… If he wants you he will have to make you.

I brought my body back down to the bed and groaned again, tensing my muscles once more as much as I could to resist.

"I like it when you are stubborn," Travin rasps in my ear, "It will be fun breaking you down." He starts to rub my pussy a little more firmly, letting his expert fingers brush against my clit every time his hand stroked me. I bite my lip hard, bucking my body out to try and got him away from me.

"Oh yes," He chuckled, "You will be my little whore by the time I am done with you baby…"


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