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It Was Just Another Day

Short story By: LucasP

I wrote this for a special friend of mine. ;)

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Just Another Day
You come home from work tired and grumpy. Looking forward to a relaxing bath, you notice he isn't home. "Where did he go now?" you grumble as you head into the kitchen. Thinking of getting an ice-cold beverage, you notice a note on the refrigerator.
'Meet me in the back yard'
Intrigued, you step out onto the patio, and notice the lounge chair in the middle of the yard. He's standing next to it, holding a daiquiri and a bandanna. You step closer and take the drink. "Mmm," you whisper. "What's going on dear?"
"This is me taking care of you," he replies, as you finish the drink and hand him the glass. After taking it, he wraps the bandanna tightly around your eyes, and gently kisses you. His breath tastes of daiquiris also. He then gently removes your blouse, and then your bra. A fragrant breeze slips across your breasts, tippling your chest with goose bumps. Suddenly, you feel his warm mouth covering nipples. Gasping, you feel a jolt all the way down into your core. "Aahhh," you moan, as he switches to the other breast, bringing his hand up to massage the recently-vacated nipple. He reaches down and unzips your skirt, which falls to the ground.
He lays you down onto the lawn chair, and removes your shoes, skirt and stockings. You sigh in contentment as you feel cool lotion being rubbed onto your feet. 'It seems men are good for something after all,' you think. Slowly his hands work their way up your calves, to your thighs and alongside your underwear. Feeling his hands in the waistband of your panties, you lift up to let him slide your underwear down your silky legs.
You can hear the sound of his removing his clothing, and you start taking off your bandanna. "Oh no you don't!" he laughs as he forces your hand away. "You'll know when you can take that off."
He pushes you back into the chair. His strong hands on your knees forces your legs apart. He moans as the scent of your arousal wafts up. Feeling his hot breath on your thighs, you tremble with need. Gently, he rubs his oiled hands along your inner thighs, striking powerful chords that reverberate with your desire for him. Slowly, oh so slowly, he approaches the most vulnerable part of your body. When he finally caresses your lips, it's as if a lightning bolt struck you. You struggle to hold still as every place he touches you sends waves of heat through your loins.
When he puts his head between your legs, and strokes your clit with his tongue, your first orgasm strikes like a tidal wave, rushing over your body. Moaning and twitching, you lie helplessly as he continues to suck and nibble on your clit and lips. He pushes a finger into your sopping pussy, followed by another one. As he thrusts his fingers in and out of you, suckling on your clit, the waves of your first orgasm come rushing back, stronger than ever. You gasp and twitch as the throbbing waves recede.
After a minute recovering your breath, you hear him say, "Okay, you can remove the blindfold now." When you do so, you see he's laid a blanket on the ground, with several cushions atop it. There's only a remnant of the sunset left, but there's enough light to see his cock standing erect. Now it's his turn!
You push him down hard, eliciting a gasp from him. Grabbing his cock, you can feel it throbbing. Smiling to yourself, you lower your mouth and take in the tip. He gives a loud groan, and you slowly keep going down, until his pubic hair is tickling your nose. You hold him there for a moment, and then you swallow. "Oh my God!" he cries as you come up. Smilingly wickedly to yourself, you start giving him the best blowjob of his life. When he cums, it shoots out of his cock in bursts, which you eagerly swallow. You've never had a problem swallowing his salty, warm semen!
After his orgasm, you keep your mouth on his cock. Sucking his dick, and caressing his balls, he stays hard and starts fucking your mouth with desperate need. You let go of his cock with a wet plop, and you smile up at him. "You still owe me another orgasm, sweetheart," you tell him. Rising up, you lower your pussy over his face, and resume sucking on his thick, shiny dick.
This time, his orgasm is slow in approaching, and when he finally cums, it takes you by surprise. You try to swallow it all, but some escapes and drips down your cheeks and chin. Unexpectedly, another orgasm crashes into you, sending shudders throughout your body in blissful waves. Rolling onto your back to catch your breath (and to lick his semen off your face), you see it's nighttime now. The only light is from the silvery moon and shimmering stars, with a few fireflies scattered among the pine trees. Turning to look at him, you're amazed to see he's still rock-hard.
"How do you do that?" you ask him.
"It's easy," he replies. "All I have to do is look at you, and think of how lucky I am to have you."
You laugh delightedly. "I think I know what we can do with that!" you tell him. Rising to your knees, you sit on top of him, and lower yourself onto his cock. He slides into your wet pussy with ease. Arching your back, you rise up and slide down to envelop his manhood. He thrusts himself into you as deeply as he can, while you piston yourself onto him. Quickly, the two of you work in perfect rhythm, bringing ecstasy to each other.
This time, it's like an explosion. Bright stars and swirls of light flash behind your eyelids, and your body trembles uncontrollably. When minutes have passed, you find yourself lying alongside him. He's covered the two of you with your favorite blanket.
"Wow. That was just…wow," you tell him softly. "What brought this on? Why was today so special?" you ask.
"Oh, nothing much," he replies. "It's just another day that I get to spend with you."


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