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The Locker Room

Short story By: LSMITTZ

Two high school boys alone in the locker room.

Submitted:Dec 24, 2009    Reads: 17,687    Comments: 9    Likes: 11   

The steam spilled from the showers and fogged the mirrors and windows. The hot water poured down his sweaty body, rinsing off all the dirt and grime. His head was lowered, his eyes open as he watched the water pouring off his eyelashes and onto the stained shower floor. His hands were on the walls, supporting his weight as he just let his muscles relax. His back flexed under the water as his feet changed positions. He lifted his head and closed his eyes, letting the water run down his face and neck, then pour down the rest of him.

Adam looked like a god, chiseled in perfection and set on this earth just to torment him. Tommy tried to move from his spot in front of the locker room showers, but he couldn't. The image before him was just too hypnotizing. The small white towel wrapped around his waist would soon be unable to cover his reaction to the sight before his eyes. He tore his eyes away and took several deep breaths. He chose the shower farthest from Adam and removed his towel reluctantly. He made it a point to start washing quickly. Adam may want to take his time, but Tommy didn't. They were the only two left and he felt rather nervous about it.

He hurriedly washed his hair and rinsed the shampoo out. He scrubbed his body as quickly as he could and then let it all run off with the water. He turned off the shower, grabbing his towel and walking to the lockers to change. He went past Adam, who was still standing under the water, looking rather edible. Tommy gulped and his footsteps hurried. He fumbled with his locker, trying to get the lock off so he could grab his clothes. He didn't know why his fingers were trembling, but they wouldn't stop. He finally got it off, but succeeding in dropping it on the floor with a loud clatter as well. Cursing under his breath, he bent down and grabbed it.

Tommy took his boxers out, and turned around to slip them on underneath his towel. However, when he looked up he was met with a dripping wet Adam standing only a few feet from him. Adam was just standing there, making Tommy's insides squirm uncomfortably. He gulped again, finding it just slightly hard to breathe. Adam took a step forward and Tommy jumped, his eyes widening. Adam looked amused.

"Were you checking me out in the shower?" he asked, his eyebrow raised delicately.

Tommy shook his head quickly. "N-no," he stuttered.

"Liar," Adam practically growled. Then he was advancing on Tommy. The boy backed into the locker, slamming it closed in the process. He squeezed his eyes closed in anticipation for the punch that was likely headed for his face. He felt Adam's body pressed very firmly against his own just as the hand fisted in his hair. Tommy gasped in surprise just before he felt Adam's lips pressed to his.

Frantic, Tommy tried to find purchase on something. His hands groped at the lockers he was pressed against, but found nothing except the cold metal. He let out a small noise of pleasure as Adam bit his lower lip lightly to let him know he needed to kiss back. That was all the invitation Tommy needed. He soon found his arms wrapped around Adam's waist and pulling him closer. He opened his mouth and found Adam's mouth open and waiting for him. Tommy slipped inside, being kissed like he'd never been kissed before.

Too soon Adam was pulling away from the kiss, leaving Tommy breathless and wanting more. He didn't have a chance to express his protest as he felt hot lips on his neck, slowly moving down. Tommy's hips moved slightly against the ones pressed to him. There were only two towels covering them and they weren't that thick. He bit his lip to keep down the noises that were bubbling up inside him. One escaped when Adam traced Tommy's collarbone with his tongue and up to the other side of his neck. Tommy's nails were digging into Adam's back now, wanting more physical contact. His hips were starting to press more urgently into Adam's and his breathing was becoming more shallow.

Tommy boldly grabbed Adam by the back of the neck and hauled him up for another kiss. He wasn't gentle by any means, invading the other boy's mouth and pressing roughly against him. Adam groaned into Tommy's mouth, moving his hand down and between their bodies. He grabbed at the towels seperating their bodies and jerked at them. It took a few tugs before they were finally ripped away. Tommy could have sworn he was dreaming as he felt Adam pressing hard against his thigh. His mind was in autopilot, his thoughts incoherent and in a pile of mush packed into his head. His senses were being enveloped with pleasure as fingers rushed down his back, groped his ass, and moved to trace down his stomach.

A feeling of weightlessness took over Tommy as Adam's fingers went lower and lower on his abdomen. He had both hands on the boy's face now, holding on as he kissed him almost desperately. Tommy pushed off from the lockers and twisted so Adam was now pressed against them. Those fingers that had been going down his stomach were now wrapping around his semi-hard cock and starting to squeeze. All the blood in his body was now directed to that area as he started grinding against Adam's hand. He moaned as Adam started pumping, forcing him to break the kiss so he could breathe.

As difficult as it was, Tommy pulled himself out of Adam's hands. His body slid down Adam's wet one as he went to his knees, his tongue trailing down. He looked up at Adam with a small smirk before licking the tip of the boy's cock. Adam inhaled sharply and groaned. Tommy smiled as he took the rest of him in his mouth, suctioning hard and staring up into the blue eyes of the boy standing above him. He wanted to please him, show him how much he'd been lusting after him. Since the first day of senior year when he'd set eyes on him. Adam was the new guy all the girls wanted, and none of them got. Now Tommy had him.

He ran his tongue straight down his shaft and back up, around the head and back into his mouth. Tommy was going to keep on until Adam had a chance to finish, but he found himself being pulled up by his neck. Adam was demanding, forcing his mouth open and kissing him hard. Tommy felt it difficult to stay on his feet, his head light and slightly tingly. He felt himself falling back, but that was just Adam pushing him. The back of his knees hit the bench and Tommy suddenly found himself sitting. He looked up at Adam, watching the taller boy straddling him.

This had to be a dream. Nothing like this ever happened to Tommy. This wasn't real.

Then the thoughts ceased as Adam's hand found Tommy's cock again. He was slowly pumping as his tongue played with Tommy's ear. His hands fisted in Adam's hair, pulling him up for a kiss. He just couldn't get enough of them. His tongue slid in and out, teasing and caressing, toying and licking. He was breathing hard and moaning softly into the other boy's mouth.

Adam's hand was soon missed as it left Tommy. He groaned at the sudden coldness that enveloped him. He looked up as Adam sat straight up, running his hands through his still soaked hair. Then he put them back down on Tommy's cock. The water was cold and a stark contrast to the heat in his veins. Tommy's head fell back as Adam stroked him again.

The loss of contact again, and then the pressure. Tommy felt Adam moving, pressing himself onto his cock. His mouth fell open and he sucked in a deep breath as his head entered Adam. It was like heaven, silky, smooth and warm wrapped around him. He didn't know if he could take anymore. But that was until Adam slowly, incredibly slowly, slid the rest of the way down. A string of curses escaped Adam's mouth while Tommy attempted to lean his head back up and look at him. It took a lot of will for that action, but he wasn't left without a reward.

There was Adam, sitting on him, his jaw hanging open, his eyes rolling back in his head, and rivulets of water running down his chest from his hair. He was perfection. Tommy's hands grabbed Adam's hips and rocked him just a bit. He heard the low moan of the boy on his lap and took that as a positive sign. He did it again, harder, receiving a louder moan. Biting his bottom lip, Tommy lifted Adam by the hips and then slammed him back down.

He stopped, the feeling of that movement still throbbing in his veins.

"More," came Adam's urgent whisper. Then he started moving up and down on his own. Tommy's fingers dug into his hip bones, but he didn't seem to notice. A thousand thoughts entered Tommy's mind at that moment and he tried to bat them away. He didn't need anything other than this incredible feeling radiating out into his body from the boy in his lap. He heard Adam's moans getting louder, felt his hand start moving on his own cock.

Tommy looked down to see Adam stroking himself and it sent a rush through him. He couldn't tear his eyes away, the thrusts and strokes almost in time now. The sweet pleasure started pooling like liquid fire in the pit of his stomach. Seeing Adam like this, fucking Adam like this, was so erotic and surreal that he didn't know if he could take it all in.

The outside of his vision started darkening just before tiny dots of light invaded. He squeezed his eyes shut, his head hanging down. He soon felt Adam's wet forehead leaning on his shoulder, his breathing just as erratic as his own.

Tommy felt a sudden sharp pain as Adam bit him. Then he felt Adam finishing, the warmth on his stomach and the tightening of muscles around him. Tommy cried out as his eyes rolled back and his toes curled on the cold floor. He came inside Adam, the man still moving up and down slowly until Tommy was finished.

Pulses of pleasure invaded his body and sapped his strength. He leaned on Adam as the other boy did the same. They were breathing hard, their sweat mingling with the small bit of water still left on them from the shower. Soon he felt Adam fidgeting and slowly sliding off his lap. Tommy looked up at him, almost afraid of what would happen next.

He relaxed a bit when Adam grabbed his hand and pulled him up with a smile. Tommy almost tumbled back again, but Adam helped him maintain his balance.

"I think we need another shower after that."


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