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short smut story. ;]

Submitted:Dec 30, 2009    Reads: 937    Comments: 2    Likes: 6   

"Tommy baby, wake up."

The voice was so soothing and so demanding that Tommy let out a low groan as his mind blinked into consciousness again. Before he even opened his eyes he was aware of two things. The first was he was standing up. The second was the distinct feeling he was naked. Upon actually opening his eyes he found both of these to be true.

"Holy shit Adam!" he shouted, looking up at his lover.

Adam was just smiling, still fully clothed as he stared at Tommy with lustful eyes.

Tommy pulled at his hands behind his back and he found himself handcuffed, the metal around his wrists almost weightless before he moved. And his arms were wrapped around the pole behind him. Well this was just dandy. Why did Adam have to be so damn kinky? Or was he planning on murdering him on the spot? Fear now took over the smaller man.

"Adam, what are you doing?"

Adam walked up to his boyfriend, ran his hand down Tommy's cheek and kept going down, over his chest, stomach, and settling between the man's legs. Tommy inhaled with a hiss, wishing he wasn't so damned turned on by the feeling, but he was. And Adam was starting to find out as the trapped man grew harder.

"What do you want me to do?" Adam whispered as he leaned in to Tommy's ear.

Tommy let out a low moan as Adam squeezed just a bit, stroking his hand over him ever so slowly.

"Tell me what you want." Adam's liquid voice was followed by a bite on his lover's earlobe.

"Fuck Adam," Tommy breathed, trying to move his hips so he could gain friction. But the dominant man wouldn't let him, his hands abruptly moving to hold him down. Those hands soon found their way around Tommy's waist and Adam pressed his body hard against Tommy's naked one. Oh he felt so right in his arms. He leaned in and stopped a breath away from the smaller man's lips and looked into his eyes. Every color in the spectrum seemed to be hidden somewhere in there. How fitting.

"What do you want me to do to you?"

The voice was so soft and so full of lust Tommy could feel his knees growing weak. He was the one trapped, but he had the feeling Adam would do anything he asked. "I want you to kiss me," he demanded before closing the gap between them. He wanted to badly to wrap his arms around his lover's neck and pull him closer, but he couldn't. He wanted to fist his hands in Adam's hair as their tongues collided and massaged each other, but it was denied. This was torture.

Adam bit softly on his lover's bottom lip, and pulled away from the kiss with a smirk on his handsome features. He wanted so badly to just screw the little game and ravage Tommy, but he held back. This wasn't about him. This was for Tommy; he wanted to do everything to make him happy.

"Baby, what do you need?"

Tommy was trying to twist his wrists so he could slip out of the cuffs, but they were on too tight for that. "I need to touch you," he breathed.

Adam tilted his head to the side and examined Tommy for a moment before shaking his head softly. "Now that wouldn't be any fun," he chided innocently.

Tommy looked at Adam with desperation in his eyes. What would it take to be able to touch him? "Fun would be doing this to you," the younger man replied as he eyed the figure in front of him with greedy eyes.

Adam's smile widened, but he made no move to uncuff Tommy. "Maybe later," came the whispered reply before Adam leaned in and kissed Tommy again. Tongues darted out to meet each other, smooth hands ran over Tommy's chest and even lower while he struggled to press himself harder against Adam. Before he was ready, his lover was pulling away again, taking his time with Tommy's lower lip between his teeth. As he finally let go, a small whimper escaped Tommy's throat, bringing a smile to the other man's face again.

"Are you ready to tell me what you want?"

Tommy shook his head, blatantly refusing to play along with Adam's game and make one of his own. The side of Adam's mouth twitched as his hands started tracing down Tommy's bare chest. The lower he went, the slower his hands moved as those beautiful eyes of his never left Tommy's. The breath of the younger man caught in his throat as those hands rested on the very hard member between his legs.

"If you don't tell me what you want," Adam started as he leaned forward and kissed Tommy's neck lightly. "...then I'll do what I want."

Tommy shivered lightly as Adam kissed his neck again and the hand between his legs started moving gently. He tried to bite down on his lip to stop the moan aching to come out, but found Adam's lip there instead. So he bit down lightly, delighted to hear Adam enjoying himself as well.

Adam's free hand was now snaking back up Tommy's side before wrapping around the back of his neck and pulling his face forward to deepen the kiss. That's also when Adam's hand starting moving faster, harder. Tommy needed to break away to breathe, but Adam wouldn't let him, fighting him tongue and teeth to stay where he was. Adam's body was pressing Tommy hard against the pole, the cool temperature causing chills to rush up and down his spine.

The movement and the pressure of Adam against him made Tommy's knees weak. He knew if Adam backed away, he would fall to the cold floor in an instant. He wanted to grab onto his lover and hold on, make sure he would never fall. All kinds of mixed feelings about this were coursing through him, but the main one was need. He needed Adam right now; mind, body and soul.

"Baby please," Tommy breathed out as Adam left his mouth and started his way down his chest.

"What do you want, love?" Adam whispered, as his kisses went lower and lower.

Tommy opened his mouth but no sound came out. He looked down at Adam as that perfect mouth kissed the head of his dick.

"Is this what you want?"

A strangled moan came out of Tommy's throat as a hot, wet mouth enveloped him, gently tasting him. His eyes wanted to close, but he kept them open, desiring to watch his lover.

Adam moved so slowly and so gently, making Tommy attempt to push his hips forward for more. Adam moved his hands to hold Tommy still, not letting him move as he wanted.

Tommy jerked his arms, trying desperately to maneuver his way out of the cuffs so he could participate, so he could wind his fingers into his lover's hair, so he could turn Adam over and fuck the hell out of him. But the cuffs were too tight and all they did was clank loudly against the pole. Tommy let out a frustrated groan mixed with a pleasured moan when Adam took him entirely in his mouth.

Just knowing he had no control made the pleasure multiply for Tommy. He was completely at the mercy of his lover and it felt phenomenal. The pace was quickening and Tommy's moans were getting louder and louder. He could feel the delicious heat spreading through his body as the pressure mounted. Just when he felt like the world would explode, Adam stopped.

Tommy let out a frustrated noise as the heat left him and the coldness took over. Soon enough, Adam stood and pressed himself to Tommy hard. His hand went down and took hold of Tommy again, pumping him harder and faster. The two men kissed, Tommy moaning into Adam's mouth as he finally finished, spilling onto Adam's hand.

As Adam kissed Tommy one more time, he pulled away and smiled.

"Are you going to uncuff me now?" Tommy asked, the sweat beading his brow.



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