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Lesbian love and desire

Submitted:Jun 2, 2012    Reads: 5,131    Comments: 16    Likes: 10   

The first time I looked at you I knew I had to have you. Your blonde hair fell in curls over your face and tumbled down your back. Your body curvy, womanly and soft. Not surprisingly you were surrounded by men, all types, wanting your attention. It was comforting. It was during your loss of one of these men that my opportunity arose. You coming around to my home, eyes full of tears and needing love and warmth, I took advantage of you. Although I feel guilty I have no regrets. I enjoyed you so much.

My arms were comforting. I began gently stroking your hair and wiping away your tears. I played with the straps on your shirt, softly tugging and gently loosening them straps. My nails traced your soft skin. Oh God how much I wanted you. We sat on the couch chatting as my fingers traced your face and lips, my nails running over your pink lips. As we chatted, my nails and finger tips stroked further, slyly making progress to more exciting parts of you. Scratching softly with my nails, I could tell that my gentle touch had you excited, your skin with goose bumps at my touch. Your head was in my lap and you knew I was bi sexual. Surely you could not be surprised by this move.

I had to make a move that was to take this from friendship to see where it could go. My hands undid the buttons on your shirt revealing your lovely tits held firmly in the prettiest pink bra.

You heard me sigh and then you looked a smile. I bent forward and kissed you, soft kisses, baby kisses on your face and pretty lips.

My hands took your fingers and kissed them, sucking them while you looked at me. I licked the palms of your hands making you shudder with pleasure.

I lifted your skirt. Your panties were pink and sheer and had a pattern that my nails traced and my mouth wetted with want for your pussie. I loved hearing your moans as my lips continued kissing over your bra and down your tummy to your thighs where I planted thousands of tiny kisses as your body began to squirm in my lap.

You unhooked your bra for me, showing me your full tits and lovely small hard nipples. They were really beautiful. My hands caressed them, pulling, licking, teasing them. My tongue so very eager to please you. I loved the way your tits filled my hands.

I moved between your legs licking at your panties. I loved how sheer they were. I could see how wet I had made you, darker patches dampened your crotch. This is how I have always wanted you, imagined you. Your pussie felt hot and wey, My mouth removed your sexy panties slowly. I looked at you. I saw your soaked pussie lips for the first time and the pink hood no longer hiding your clitoris. It was swollen hard, wet, hot, wanting and my tongue wanted it. My soft pink lips, my hot mouth ached like a cock for a taste of you.

Fuck baby you were so gorgeous. I looked up at your long blonde hair spread over my couch, your breasts thrust forward, your skirt pushed up around your waist. Hmmmm perfect. Your legs stretched open wide so I could access your sexy cunt. I couldn't hold back any longer and my fingers prised your lips apart. My tongue reached out and licked your juicy lips, sucking, licking, loving your taste and then skilfully bringing you to orgasm. Your cunt began to throb in my mouth. I swirled my tongue and sucked softly on your clit, easing the pressures, changing speeds to slacken the intensity then building you up to another orgasm, one that filled your whole body with contractions making you arch and moan deeply and my fingers slid into your tight pussie and rubbed your g spot until you began to squirt in my face. Baby I would have loved you to cum deeply in my mouth. The taste of your pussie drove me wild. I could feel your muscles sucking my fingers into your sopping wet hole. I would, at this moment, have done anything for a cock to ease into your pulsing puss, to fill you, to have you ride to further orgasm but I haven't one. Your orgasm subsided. I thought then this was over.

I was surprised as you started to undress me, quickly removing my tiny gym shorts and T- shirt. I stood naked. You checked my body out, looked at me with want also. My body was strong and firm, my breasts large and firm and my nipples long and dark. I liked you looking. I was taken by surprise as your hands moved to my nipples, squeezing them hard, rolling them expertly between finger and thumb making me cry out and moan. I gasped as your fingers touched my clit, rubbing it perfectly. You spread my legs apart as you sat on the couch and my pussie was at your face. Then I was in heaven as your mouth went down on me licking, probing, tasting how wet my shaved cunt was. Your tongue worked suberbly on my clit and the realisation that you loved it too had me so excited. The familiar onset of orgasm had my legs shaking and I could no longer stand as your tongue brought me to a shuddering orgasm. For a while we lay together stroking, loving each other's softness and reaction to our touches. Later we made love again, grinding our pussies close together, feeling each other shake as we reached intensive orgasms, sharing our pussie juices. Hmmm a perfect way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon.


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