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ooooh yes... more please

Short story By: loving itall

lesbian .. watching .. licking stroking .. cumming ...sharing :)

Submitted:Nov 11, 2011    Reads: 3,627    Comments: 11    Likes: 3   

imagine that right at this moment, I mean right now, that I am with your girlfriend, her body in my arms, her head resting on my shoulder and we are standing facing toward you. You can see my tongue licking her neck and watch her nipples begining to harden under her shirt. My fingernails and hands are moving gently, caressing her arms and her shoulders, teasing at her bra straps and rubbing over her silky shirt. Then moving down to slowly undo the buttons on her skirt, I take it off. She is wearing a lacy bra that pushes her titties up high and leaves her pink nipples almost exposed. I give the mound of her pussie a slap and rub through her skirt and then begin to unzip it at the back. She moans gently as my hands slide over her flat stomach. Ooooh she really is something. She is wanting it bad. My tongue licks at her face now, teasing her lips, kissing her eyelids and then plunging into her hot mouth where you love to stick your cock and have it sucked.

You can see my hands kneading her ass, nice, firm and it feels good. My nails have left red marks on her back and her skin has pleasure goose bumps. I flip her panties to the side exposing her pussie. We can both see how wet they are, a dark sticky wet patch. We can both smell her want and need, but she will have to wait and so will you, for I want to play with her tits. They look so good.

Her bra off quickly now. Her tits stand out. She didn't need that bra for support. Despite their size they sit perfectly and my hands enjoy the feel and weight and fullness of them. My mouth is desperate to kiss them and is filling with salvia at the thought. She leans back into me, exposing herself to you and letting me have easier access to her body. Oooooh yes. She is going to be so desperate for me to make her cum. I tease her nipples, pulling, twisting hard and soft. I stretch her titties up and out and then knead them hard with my hands. She moans louder.

I can see your cock is hard now for this is teasing you both and your precum is staining your shorts. I have seen you tug a little and rub adjusting yourself.

I love her body. Her legs are long and tanned. She is still wearing high shoes. My fingers trace her thighs and and one hand pulls on her panties, tugging them up between her cunt lips. I gently pull and roll them over her clitty. She likes this, rather a lot Now my mouth is so hot to taste her. I let my lips trace down her body, kissing, licking, nibbling until you see me reach her panties. My mouth finds her cunt lips and sucks them. I suck on that wet patch making it wetter. I am bent before you now level with your face, eating her cunt. My ass is covered by my short skirt and tiny red panties. Your girlfriend spreads her legs apart further for me and I tug her panties off, leaving them on your lap.

She tastes so good and she is wanting to cum but it is too soon. I will not let her. My hands distract, pinching her nipples hard. She whimpers My hands squeeze hard on her ass cheeks stretching them open so you can see. My thumb rubs the length of her ass crack and her cunt drips all over it. I offer it to you and you suck greedliy. I too lick at my thumb.

I now want to feel her cunt. My fingers tease, tug, stretch her pink pussie lips then open that tight little love hole and my middle fingers slide easily into it. Quickly I begin to piston in and out. She is no longer standing but squatting. Her legs are shaking. My other hand finds her clit and rubs, keeping my fingers wet and creating a nice steady rhythm over her clitty while my other hand continues to piston.

Oohhhh you can hear her moaning now, loud and deep. There is no stopping this orgasm. As her legs shake and tremble, her cunt begins to drench my hands. Her whole body arches with pleasure and the lips of her pussie throbs and pulses and as she is cums. You get up and raise that short skirt of mine higher. You rip my panties off and slide your oh so hard cock into my cunt, thrusting in deep with hard strokes that make me cum over it, dripping my juices on your balls. Deep in my tight little cunt your girlfriend watches your dick slide in and out of me. She waits wanting it for herself but you spurt your cum into me, pulling out at the last minute allowing some of it to shoot over my ass. I watch her begin to suck you and I leave.

Well thanks for the loan. You can have her back now.


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