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Mail Order Bride

Short story By: loving itall

Today was that the she coming and Joe was excited .....

Submitted:Feb 3, 2012    Reads: 2,154    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

It was almost 11.00. Joe could barely contain his excitement. He had spent a long time choosing his perfect women and in a few minutes she would arrive. It had cost him extra to get her "delivered" but Joe couldn't drive and it was worth it not to have to face the bus trip and the expensive taxi ride.

He looked in the mirror, his greasy hair slicked back for the occasion and he had shaved only this morning. He didnt look to bad he thought to himself, He couldn' hide his bulging beer belly and the trackie pants he wore were not the cleaniest. Still he lived alone and he struggled to keep up with the washing and cleaning. A quick tidy round. He punched at the cushions to fluff 'em up a bit, ignoring the dust that belched out of them. All that would change shortly he thought and smiled his tobacco stained teeth showing through his fat puffy lips. The doorbell rang. He adjusted his cock and answered it.

She had quite literally taken his breath away. They were together in his dingy grease ridden kitchen and Joe was making her a cup of tea, stealing glances at her thighs, long smooth and curvy. The dress she was wearing had ridden up over them and she made no effort to pull it down. She was very quiet. Joe hoped she wasn't to disappointed. His home was a little run down, but it wouldn't take too much to fix up. He looked at her face, gorgeous, just like the photo in the magazine. Her skin was caramel and her dark hair long. She wore it loose dangling over what was the most tempting cleavage he had ever seen. Once again the dress she wore not covered much at all .

She didnt speak English, but Joe knew she would be tired after the long trip. So lifting her into his arms he picked her up and carried her to his bedroom. She was light as a feather. He had assumed that she would sleep with him and had at least put clean sheets on the bed. His cock stiffened as he felt the softness of her skin and his hand was terribly close to her panties, He was tempted to slip a finger into her and take a smell, but he was a little nervous and didnt want to frighten her. She was younger than he expected and perhaps a virgin. They would have plenty of time.

He lay her down on the bed and gently took off her shoes. They were high heeled, stripper like. God only knows how she walked in them let alone dance. He lay down on the bed with her and stroked her hair. She made no protest. Joe took this as a sign of acceptenance. His fingers moved over her face, gently touching her lips and murmuring to her about how it had been a long time since he had held a women. His fingers traced the edges of her dress, teased the curve of her breast, the edge of her thighs. His cock hardened at every touch. She made no effort to stop him and none to touch him either. He continued on and raised the dress. He took in the pattern of her lacy panties, hot and read a sign that she wanted it. He wanted to see what he had brought and so he slid the sexy dress off her body and looked as she lay back for him to admire. Her head rested against the pillows, her eyes slightly closed, her mouth slightly open. Her breasts were young, firm and full and her nipples a softer lighter colour than the rest of her skin. He knelt up beside her face and took his large cock out. He stroked it on her lips, leaving a little shiny pre-cum on them. He rubbed it on her nipples. He was very excited but he held himself and slid his hand into her panties. He tugged them to one side and slid his finger straight into her hole. It was tight but dry and he would struggle to get his fat shaft into there. He popped off the bathroom and grabbed some vaseline he had in his medicine cabinet.

She was still there on the bed in the same position and Joe now so very eager to fuck her took her panties and tore them off. With a handful of vaseline, he rubbed it over his cock making it more swollen and shiny as he looked over this hot body he was going to fuck. His pre cum was running freely from his slit. Then climbing between her legs his fingers pulled the soft pink flaps aside and he knelt down to look at her beautiful pussie. He knew he couldn't last too much longer. He put the head of his cock right at her entrance and then bent forward to kiss her full and hard. As he did his cock slid effortlessly into her cunt. His hands gripped her ass, squeezing and lifting her and helping her buck hard against him. It felt great. She was his, sign sealed delivered and to do whatever he wanted to her. In the heat of passion he slid his finger into her asshole and she bucked harder causing his cock to explode in her cunt. He held her for a while, it seemed the polite thing to do. Then sat her up on the bed. her legs spread wide. Joe lit a fag and watched his cum drip out of her pussie ... hmm anything he wanted he thought and planned in his head what next he could stick his cock ino her soft willing mouth or perhaps he would turn her on all fours and ram his massive cock into her sweet little ass. He liked that idea. He was keen to see to his dick disappearing into her well lubed ass hole. He could spend some time rubbing oil on those firm buns yes well worth the money he had spent on her. He even wondered if she would swallow his hot creamy cum. He leant across her to flick his ash in the soup can he used as an ashtray. His arms brushed against her nipples. She was still very quiet and hadn't said a word. Joe thought he heard her whisper to him, then he realised she was going down on him.

Damn. Damn. Damn. This wasn't what he wanted. He watched her deflate in front of him. He must have caught her with the end of the fag he smoking. No warranty on this mishap he was going to have to save for another .....


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