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hmmm...what a night

Short story By: loving itall

a surprise visit while the wife is out makes a dull evening .....

Submitted:Aug 17, 2011    Reads: 1,420    Comments: 3    Likes: 4   

What a night this has turned out to be, the Mrs gone to see her mother, taking the train, along with her miserable face, her whinging and moaning, and her fat saggy ass .

I am left to nip down the chippy and grab tea. Have a plan for the evening to kick back on the lounge watch some telly then little later watch a little porn on the internet and have a quiet and undisturbed wank. If I was lucky the young flirty girl I play games with on the internet may be up for some sexy chat while I take my cock in hand and imagine her soft fingers doing something instead.

However, that young flirty thing turned up in my lounge, slipping in quietly and surprising the hell out of me. She has just given me the best blow job I have ever had, licking sucking and swallowing every drop of my cum like it was the best dick in the world, something my wife would never do. Yes me this middle aged overweight and balding git has had a beautiful hot girl in the bed I shared with my frigid wife. I cannot wait to please her. My cock already stiff and hard, is ready to serve her but first …..

I look at her. Her eyes are closed and she lies with her head slightly back, tits big and firm, pushed forward for attention. Her legs are stretched out on the white sheets that my wife had put on the bed clean this morning. God I want her so. I kneel beside her and rub my hard cock, dripping with pre cum, over her face. Her lips open to take me in but no its my turn to please her and I shall. The sight of my sticky shiny pre-cum on her skin makes it run harder. I lie next to her, my hands moving now expertly over her body. Her nipples harden at my touch, and I tweak, tease, pinch and lick giving both her tits the attention they crave. My other hand traces over body, down to her quim and my fingers that I keep moist and slippery with my pre cum seek her clitty. Slowly and gently I tease it, encouraging its hardness and her moans let me know that I am doing well. I want to taste her but not yet. I tease her clit bringing her so close to orgasm that she cries out. Two of my fingers move in swirls around the edge of her hot cunt, and my cock stiffens more. It knows what's coming and can hardly wait.

As her excitement increases I slide my mouth down her body to her hot wet quim. There my tongue goes to work, slow soft long laps, gentle nibbling. Then fast strong licks that makes her body writhe in pleasure and her moans increase in volume not caring about the neighbours. As I taste her, smell her, my cock is bursting. It is large and swollen and is eager to be inside her. Her orgasm's mounting as I kneel between her legs. The end of my cock feels the heat and wetness of this beautiful cunt. I spread her legs open wide, and glimpse where I am going, soft ripe wet swollen cunt hole. Pushing gently forward, I start to enter her. I hear her gasp at my size and eagerness and her cunt grips me tight. The end of my cock pushes against her g spot, I thrust in further and feel her pussie swell and throb around me and her juices drip onto my balls. I cannot hold off much longer. I want her so much ..I thrust deep again and again and my excitement mounting with hers , this feels so good to be wanted and needed and enjoyed ,and as she cums on my cock ,I shoot my seed deep inside her, shuddering with pleasure as her hands cup and massage my balls. It is too much and I collapse at her side and tell her so. Stay in my bed I say. Stay for ever. But she knows that I have a wife who sleeps in the wet patch she is lying in and so smiles softly and strokes my cheeks and lips. I run my hands over her skin and feel myself getting hard for her again …


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