Hmmmm... welcome to my virtual bed

By: loving itall

Page 1, This is the first in an array of cyber sex tales that invite you to share my Virtual Bed.. that ranges from fresh clean sheets ..stained with chocolate and wet from champagne to the beds of young college students with sheet and blankets stained from previous lovers and shared with skinny muscular bodies covered in tattoos to experienced and worldly men and soft gentle women ....

Our sheets in this bed are fresh and clean, crisp and white. The weather is hot and steamy. As for us, we have begun to chat and have shared our likes and dislikes, joked and teased and realised that we have enough in common to progress. I have let your excellent sense of humour laugh me into your cyber bed. I am eager to be here. You are an intelligent man of high standing in your profession and this combination intrigues and excites me.

I want to sleep with you naked, and lick you all over.

I want it too.

Then let's go to our virtual bed. Let us please each other. I can imagine well the feeling of your hot wet tongue on me, drives me crazy. My nipples harden at the thought and my legs part slightly. The start of dampness is in my silk panties and a stirring in my pussie will need attention.

What are you wearing ?

Hmmm, black bra, panties and a tight t shirt.

As we lie in these fresh sheets you suggest that you start by licking my throat, moving down, circling my boobs. Your hand gently rubs my thighs then touches the damp spot on my panties. You retrieve your hand, kiss n smell the finger tips that have touched that most intimate and sensitive part of my body. The tip of your strong tongue licks my erect nipples. Now your finger tip is rubbing my belly button as your cock, unbearably hard, pushes against me. Your cock is out and you are begining to ooze pre cum. You rub your finger in it.

My excitement is mounting. I remove my clothes as I lay back on the couch, lap top in hand.

I can feel you now, your cock so very hard and throbbing against my hip. Your hand circles my boobs. I moan with the pleasure it brings and my legs part a little further. Your hot tongue on my nipples drives me crazy, my want for you turning to a desperate and urgent need. I want to taste also. Let me lick that finger you have had close to my clit, let me taste that salty sweet desire you have created in me. For even as I write this, my body is producing more and my cunt is eager for your expert touch. My mouth, dripping and hot, is wanting to kiss, lick and please you. But first my hands take your hard cock, enjoying the size and the strength of its hardness and softly my fingers dip into the pre-cum your want for me has produced. You are what I want and need sooo very very much and I shall do anything that pleases you to ensure that you are mine. I taste your pre -cum as you lick on my nipples and I move into a passionate frenzy of want and this cyber bed is full of desire and need.

You love it that I am naked and exposed.

I know you are really hard now and rubbing your cock, taking it in your hands and stroking firmly.

As you feel me arch, your hand again slides down, under my panties and it comes to rest against my wet and pulsating cunt. You angle your hand so that it's one side nd lays along my cunt like a thick finger. You press your hand firmly down and against my cunt. I cannot resist thrusting against it.

You are cupping your balls, imagining my nails stroking them.

I am now feeling for my clitty teasing it as I struggle to keep fingers on the keyboard.

My hand feels good against your cock, making it become harder and bigger and you feel a tip of my finger razing your slit which is oozing with pre cum. You lick my boobs and pour a mouthful of saliva on my tits. You lick my neck, suck my earlobes. Now you lick my lips as you feel the tip of my tongue sticking out, wanting to be taken in your mouth and sucked. But your tongue just licks at mine.

Your hand is now moving up and down your hard shaft.

My nipples are hard. I am twisting them with my fingers, wishing they were yours.

I love the taste of your mouth and the feel of your tongue as we combine together, our bodies drawing in tighter and our hands moving over each other. Both of us feeling it with intense passion. The want to pleasure and be pleasured. We know our bodies very well and my hands slide down to your beautiful ass, and kneads and rubs the hard muscles, hugging, holding and squeezing. Then very very gently I let my fingers slide between your crack and my fingers trace softly this space. I slide around your asshole, teasing it gently and this time you moan, for you love what I am doing as once again my other fingers razor your slit so I can taste more of you.

You have cum now. Your seed spraying over your keyboard.

I have reached my peak but need so much so much more. We shall return to this bed for it is a beautiful place to be, AND I LOVE IT !!

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