Hmmmm ...absolute fantasy

By: loving itall

Page 1, a hot and sexy visitor excites and intrigues and ignites lesbian encounter

My friends daughter is coming to stay with us. I adore her visits. She and I are well bonded, share a lot of similar interests and life becomes a party when she arrives. On her part getting away from cramped home conditions and the dreary weather and for me the company of some one who pushes everything to the max.

We pick her up from the airport where the moment she steps of the plane she turns heads, tall long legs, a great body and pretty face with long hair. Sexy as. People comment that we look alike and photos of me when I was her age show a definate resemblance. Our school photos look like the same person attending the same school just years apart.

My husband grabs her bags and Lucy and I hug and kiss so pleased to see each other. Lucy I have to admit is trouble, is a dare devil . I drive a blue roadster with a soft top. I never have the roof down but on her last visit I ended up being picked up for driving over 160 kph with the roof down. I lost my license for 6 months We chuck her bags in the bag and drive home, slowly !!

She dumps her clothes in her room and strips off to her bikini which she lives in during the time she spends with us. My husband Cam enjoying every moment of it as it barely leaves much to the imagination. She takes a dip in the pool and dozes off to sleep, not realising the effect her lovely body is having on both of us. Cam loves her being here. The length of time he spends in the shower increases considerably and he volunteers to do all the washing, no doubt imagining getting into her panties which are tiny g strings and in a range of colors from being red hot to virgin white. When I say get in, I do mean while she is wearing them.

Our days are spent water skiing, fishing, lazing in the sun, lunching and cocktailing. It is a great life style we have down under.

The day I want to share with you, we had skiied most of the morning and then went to a beautiful seafood restaurant for lunch, enjoying several bottles of wine, We get home late afternoon and Cam and I are ready to chill but Lucy is raring to go out. She makes a couple of calls and we arrange a cab to pick her up. She knows people here from her last visit and after a quick shower and makeup, she is gone clubbing in the city, in the sexiest shortest dress with high heels and looking absolutely stunning. I cannot sleep till I know she is home safe.

An age later I hear the front door open. Lucy falls in the door a little worse for wear. I help her up the stairs and she insists we have another drink with her, which we do. She sits on the couch legs crossed and the dress she is wearing sliding up to reveal a little of her red panties. The dress buttoned down the front is open and her nipples almost but not quite showing. I look at Cam. His cock is hard and he will be off for a very long shower.

We finish our drinks and Lucy asks me to help her to her room. She feels a little dizzy. We laugh and giggle as I help her to her room and I enjoy holding her. The feel of her soft skin and hair begin to turn me on.

I sit on her bed and watch her try to undress, stumbling a little and struggling with the tiny buttons that hold this so called dress together. She asks for my help, and falls into my lap. We both laugh as I catch her in my arms and she sits on my knee. I help her with her buttons, my hands shaking a little. I just want to help her and perhaps look I tell myself. As my hands start to slowly unbutton her dress and slide down her shoulders she reaches back and with one hand removes her bra. So here she isyoung and hot sitting with her beautiful tits out just inches from my tongue. She is wearing the tiny red g-string that has the prettiest diamond studs in the front. her panties feeling a little damp on the bare skin of my thigh. She flicks her hair back and shows her breasts off, almost pushing them in my face. Oh my God what am I doing!!

I feel her hands messing with the top of my bikini and she quickly removes it exposing my breasts which although not as firm as hers are still large and full. She looks and laughs "Come on let's have some fun." And with that she leaned back into the pillows. One look at her sexy body was enough and filled with a little alcohol and a whole lot of lust I could not refuse her offer.

As she lay there my hands began to move over her body, softly, slowly, teasing, stroking her arms, licking her armpits and sucking her fingers. Then more adventurous, sliding my tongue around close to her tits in circles till they reach her young fresh pink nipples. "Suck them please." I can only do as she asks and my mouth greedily takes its fill
as my hands start to touch and feel the lace of her panties, tracing the V shape and tugging on them up into her folds of her cunt. Now my mouth is hungry for pussie and I slide down her body kissing and licking all the way, listening to her moan. I cannot wait to get down and please her. I use my teeth to slowly tug and tease her panties to the side and then I breathe her in. I can smell her hot musky excitement , a little pee and something else. Ah yes I smell cum. Yes she had been fucked before she came home. She looks at me knowing I know and smiles.

I have no power to stop this now and even if I had I wouldn't want it or use it. My head dips down to smell more and my tongue starts its work, firstly licking all the outer areas of her well shaved cunt then dipping down above the head of her clit and licking the hood there, long, slow, wet tongue licks. I use my two fingers to slide the hood back and hold it there and then gentle quick licks savoring the tastes and arousing her more. Her legs spread wide open for me. My hands work on her nipples squeezing, pinching and grabbing handfuls of her gorgeous tits.

She can barely contain herself now but I need to make her hold on so she can experience the intense pleasures I can create. My tongue slows off her clit and dips into her tight wet hole full of excited juices and some strangers cum that has been here before. This thought drives me wild. I lick and suck, make my tongue hard and stiff like a small dick and I jab into her tasting it all. My tongue, full of these tastes, takes its spot on her clit. "Hold your breath baby. Let it out slowly. " and she does. As my tongue and now fingers build her orgasm again, I can feel her peaking and I extend her orgasm so its lasts and lasts. A wave of deep pulsing orgasms rack her cunt causing her outer lips to be throbbing and dripping with her juices, I hear her final sigh and exhalation of breath. I smile and gently throw a clean sheet over her and leave her to sleep.

The rest of the holidays continue in the same vein as before, swimming, skiing and lunching. No mention of that night, until at the airport through the usual floods of good-bye tears she whispers, " Hmmmm it was the best ever and perhaps next time I come and stay, I can have some of Cam's cock too."

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