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Page 1, lesbian sex and seduction with a fantasy threesome resubmitted as my story disappeared when editing ....

My girlfriend Lee and I spent loads of time together surfing, swimming and fishing. At this time she was a hairdresser and that is how I had met her. We had similar interests and soon became great friends .
She was tall, long brown hair, very slim with very large tits. Both of us because we surf had strong legs and arms and at this time very very tanned. I had always found her very attractive but didn't know if she had feelings that way towards me. I never intended to find out. We had a great friendship and she did a good job of my hair as well. One mistake and I could lose her.

We often helped each other in and out of our wet suits as these can be very tight and difficult to get on at times. After we surfed, we would hose down the boards, then sunbake topless on the beach. I would always sneak a look at her big beautiful tits and lovely pink nipples and wonder what it would be like to have them in my hands and mouth. They looked so firm and inviting.

One afternoon, after surfing for hours, we went back to my house. Usually I had kids to pick up from school but this day they were over night at camp. Lee had the day off work so we decided it was cocktail time. I had an extensively stocked bar and we were soon a little tipsy.
As we sat and drank and chatted Lee asked if she could borrow one of my dresses for an evening out. It was a leather dress, black and tight and tied up the front with a lace. I laughed and said she would never get those tits into it . But if she wanted to try, I was happy for her to borrow it.
We took our drinks upstairs to the bedroom and I grabbed the dress from the wardrobe. At this stage Lee was wearing a bikini top and short,short shorts, myself in a sarong with a g string underneath .

Lee took offher top letting her great tits free. I could hardly take my eyes of them. She slid her shorts down and I was surprised to see that she wasn't wearing any underwear at all. Her pussie was shaved completely clean. It was all I could do not to gasp out loud . I threw the dress to her and told her to try it on, not trusting my self to get any closer to her and I gulped at my harvey wall banger cocktail which was all the rage then.
I lay on the bed and laughed at her struggle to get my dress on. It was already tight over my tits and short on me. It wouldn't have been much more than a tee shirt on Lee with her extra height and long legs.

She squeezed her exquisite body into it, a little at a time and then turned to me to ask what I thought. I stood up and walked over to her and told her how beautiful she looked. Her face puzzled a little but I smiled and laughed and said, here let me help you put it on properly (when all I wanted to do was to take it off. It made this a very difficult job). My hands lifted her hair and pushed it over her shoulders and then reached down to adjust the lace that was holding her tits so tightly together. She giggled as I touched her breasts trying to get them settle in the dress. My hands felt her nipples hardening as my fingers brushed against them. I didn't know what to do next. If I was a man it would have been natural for me to perhaps kiss her neck and move my hands slowly over her shoulders and begin to undress her. But I am not and at this point I wanted her as much as any man could. So with the courage of the alcohol and the strong need in me to have Lee and please her, I leant forward and kissed her, firstly on on her forehead and then ran my tongue down to the tip of her nose. I waited to see her reaction. I looked at her face. Both her eyes were closed but there was a faint smile on her lips. I remember how she looked now as I write this, so pretty and she smelt of the beach and of cocktails and that coconut smell that lingers from suntan oil .

My hands began to reverse the lacing up of the front of the dress. I slowly took the lace out of each of the eyelets and my fingers traced down the edges of the dress and onto her bare skin. My heart was racing now. If she didn't want this, she would have stopped me by now. But on the other hand how far could I go?
My mouth reached out to kiss her and my tongue very gently licked at her lips and her mouth opened just barely. I slid my tongue inside and I felt her respond to my touch. By now I could hardly hold back. But as you know, the key is to create the anticipation of what is to be and prolong every moment.
I slid my dress off her body and held her naked in my arms. At this stage I was still in my sarong, but I was wanting to feel my naked body next to hers. However I needed to see how comfortable she was feeling with this and as my mouth moved down her shoulders and closer to her breasts I looked back up to her face. Her eyes were open and she smiled and nodded for me to continue.

Then my hands and my mouth went to work. For if there is one thing about sex with another woman I love best, is that I know where I am going and how to touch and lick.. So taking my time to lay her softly back on the bed, I removed my sarong and let my breasts free and slipped my G string off. I looked down at this stunning woman in my bed and couldn't wait to please her. Her pussie was spread wide for me now, legs open and her head thrown back on my pillows. No doubt at all that she was happy for me to please her. My tongue maked its way to her pussie, leaving trails of kisses on her breasts and stomach. I gently started to lap around her quim and in the folds to her clitty, tasting her for the first time. Hmmmmm so so good. Her excitement excited me, her soft musky smell. My tongue, mouth and fingers are busy ensuring that she loves every move and soon I feel her orgasm building. The slight tenseness that lets me know it's close. I slow my movements down but increase the pressure and as she started to orgasm and as her pussie throbbed in my mouth I keep her orgasm at peak. Her juices flowed, her body tremored,her back arched and she moaned. I knew I pleased her and I felt so good. I imagined its at this point that if I was a lesbian I would have been desperate for a hard cock to enter her hot wet pussie. Feeling her riding it ,as I watch her body squirm and thrust against. But I am not and though I am happy to rub my wet pussie against hers and bring myself to orgasm that way, grinding against her cunt and rubbing our tits close together, I need a man too.

At this point where Lee's orgasm is subsiding. I hear a deep voice calling my name. At first I thought it was just the tv or radio but as I turn my head I see its you, staring at the sight of your girlfriend's ass up in the air and her head buried down in her best friend's pussie.
I startle, not sure how you will react. We have been seeing each other casually and although sex was fantastic. I hadn't told you about this side of me.
I relax as I see the look on your face, and a smile almost as big as the bulge in your jeans. I beckon you to come over. As you come closer to the bed, Lee opens her eyes and says hi. So now, we both want cock and you are happy to please two very hot, wet quims needing to be fucked, licked and stroked. And we are happy to please you too. So join us on the bed ?

For now this is our fantasy, the part of this story that sadly won't have any truth in it. But lets feel it, feel my nails tracing your body, feel our hot tongues licking your cock together, feel my tongue slipping into your ass as your tongue slides into Lee's beautiful cunt. Taste our juices as we mix them together licking them off each other, fingers, asses,cunts. Squeeze our tits, nibble our nipples. Make us squirm and beg and plead for your cock We both need it sooooooo much.

Imagine her large tits bouncing as you fuck her while my tongue works licking your ass and balls until you want to explode with orgasm. Perhaps we could both lie with our legs spread open and waiting for you, dipping your cock firstly in to one tight hot pussie and then kneeling back while we each lick the juices of it before you push into the next wet cunt. Hmmmmm then as you cum, take your cock in your hand and splash it over our hot bodies spurting over our tits, our faces then lay back and watch as I, for I am always your cum whore, lick it of Lee's face and tits. tasting and loving it all and licking it off my own breasts so you can enjoy watching ..........

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