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hmmm.... I want you

Short story By: loving itall

Older man has his needs filled with a big titted cum whore

Submitted:Aug 10, 2011    Reads: 2,023    Comments: 4    Likes: 4   

So I know, that tonight your wife is visiting her mother, and will be gone for hours leaving you alone. That's enough time for me to slip into your lounge room where you sit at your computer on your leather chair, your shirt undone at the collar, tie abandoned, the button on your pants open and that paunch of yours peering out over the top. You're not expecting me and have made no effort and that's fine because I love and want you anyway I can.

I have dressed with you in my mind, choosing clothes that are meant to tease and excite you, tight skirt, skimpy top, underwear hot red satin and lacy, a bra that pushes my big firm titties up higher than usual. I know that is what you find attractive about me and can't wait to touch and feel them you have told me many many times. I will use them to entice you to me. I wear my favourite "mantrap" perfume and little make-up. I am young and don't need it. So much younger than you as you're er hmm "middle aged " with greying hair, slightly balding, and a few wrinkles around your eyes. You have allowed a few kilos to your weight with your wife's cooking. None of that concerns me at all, to me you are the most attractive man I have met. My body aches for your touch and I want you so very very much. My opportunity is here, your menopausal, overweight, saggy bodied and uninterested wife is now on a train to see her dear old mum. So I shall have you.

I slip quietly into your lounge as you are busy on your computer and I look around at how and where you live. I have only seen photos before, shelves and shelves of books , big comfy chairs all quite homey and smells of your wife's cooking. I never cook, but I love to entertain and I am about to put on my best performance. We shall be undisturbed and I cant wait. I move over towards you and you turn as you hear me call your name and smile. The look on your face priceless that I am here.

I slide quickly between you and the computer giggling as I sit facing you, legs long and covered with soft silky stocking spread open on either side of yours and my titties that you want to hold sooo very, very close. My skirt riding up higher on my thighs.

As I lean forward to kiss you I can feel your cock against me quickly growing hard. Hmmm tonight you will be mine.

Our lips touch, so softly and we nibble at each other's lips savouring this first moment. Tongues dance and tease, flicking then gaining a little more urgency. You stroke my face and tell me how pretty I am and how pleased you are that I am here. I tell you there is no where else I want to be, except perhaps later I want to be in your bed.

Your tongue licks my neck, causing goose bumps on my skin and my nipples harden at this. It feels so good. Your fingers trace around the edge of my top, feeling the swell of my tits and your hands remove my top. You admire my tits pushed up so high that my pink nipples are almost popping out of the top. You lower the straps of my bra, slowly, you have wanted this as much as I do. Gently teasing with your fingers makes my tits jiggle at your touch. Your mouth moves closer and you use your teeth to pull down the cups of my bra then your hand slides round my back and releases the hooks. They're really big firm and bouncy tits, fresh pink nipples desperate for your touch, all you expected.

Your hands grip them, squeeze them, massage them your mouth opens and your greedy tongue comes out to lick and suck them ….and I love it my head thrown back and chest thrust forward …. no headaches or too tired here, I love what you are doing to them and want more much much more.

Feverishly now your hands tear at my skirt and I am quickly sitting on your lap wearing only my red g string. Your hands groping at my bum feeling its smoothness and loving its size and shape.

My hands have removed your shirt and my long nails have been running over your chest, giving your nipples a tweak and playing with the curly grey hair that is there. I look to remove your pants and see that your excitement has left wet marks on them. It's time for us to go the bedroom where we can do all the things we have discussed over the last few months.

I stand in front you so you can see me.

See my tits full and heavy with large perfect nipples.

See my ass tight and firm with youth and exercise.

See my pussie as I teasingly remove my G string.

See my wet shiny quim dripping with want for you.

As you look and admire, you take your cock in your hand and start to play with the head of your so very hard shaft, precum oozing. Your fingers tease and rub it and I move close kneeling down and letting it drip on my tongue. My ass is in the air, tits swinging. I move my mouth closer and start to give you a very long and intense blow job, short fast sucks then long deep throat, gagging mouthfuls of your cock and balls. I want it all and you can no longer hold back. Your cum starts to fill my mouth and I hear your deep moan of pleasure and feel your knees shake and your body spasm with pleasure. I suck and swallow enjoying your taste and loving the relief I am giving you. Some of your cum drips down the side of my mouth and you scoop it up and feed it to me and I suck your finger not wanting to miss any.

Now its my turn to be enjoyed and you cant wait. You lift me and carry me to the bed you and your wife share and pull the covers back and lay me down gently. Are you already hard again, time we share doesn't come along often and you are keen to make the most of it.


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