hmmm ... are you watching ?

By: loving itall

Page 1, hmmmmm sunny day by the pool leads to a little self satisfaction

Today is hot. Once again it's the third day in a row with temps in the forties. Little to do other than laze by the pool and drink. I can assure you this is not a complaint, in fact it is something that I exceed in and should ever comsumption of alcohol and sunbaking become a uni degree I will pass with distinction. I am drinking Midori, fresh melony taste with lots of ice. The ice crackles as I pour it into my glass before it melts so very quickly in the heat. My garden and pool are visible to the neighbours. However this doesn't deter me from removing my top and wearing only a tiny thong bikini bottom. If the neighbours dont wanna see they can look the other way.

The sun on my body and the alcohol are making me slightly horny. I sit up on the sunbed and take a long time massaging suntan oil into my body. Starting at my legs slowly rubbing my calves and knees and then rubbing a little harder over my thighs. My skin, glistening with the oil, looks nice and touchable and is turning a lovely shade of tan. I wonder if any one is watching, but as I said, i dont care. In fact the thought excites me. I sit up higher in the sun bed, my tits pushing forward wanting to be seen and admired. More oil and the smell of coconut is very strong. I rub it over my stomach and arms.

Today is hot, temps in the 40s. I am in my airconditioned bedroom. I am looking from my bedroom window. The slut nextdoor is performing in the garden again, wearing only a red bikini bottom and those gorgeous tits are out feeling the hot sun. She's drinking too, fucking bitch, she must know what she's doing to me as her hands oil her own body. She is taking so long and my cock has stiffened as I watch. I tug at it. I should move away and stop watching but I can't. I need to see what she will do next. Yet another drink, tut tut, fucking whore.

I drink some more and have decided that I will get some sun on my back. Is some one watching? I stand up and take my sweet time to bend over to pick up a book I intend to read. I hope someone can see my ass and perhaps even a little quim as I pick it up. I lay on the sunbed face down and my ass up slightly posed. It feels nice and I am getting very turned on in the heat.

The dirty bitch does know I am here. Why else would she take so long bending over almost exposing all of her cunt as well as her well rounded ass. I have pre cum dripping from my dick and staining my pants. If the missus catches me I will be in the dog house but I can't take my eyes of her. What I wouldn't give to stick my hard cock into her slutty cunt.

The sun is beating on me now and a trickle of sweat runs down my back, tickling me. I roll over. Time to oil my breasts. Dont want them getting burnt. I let the oil drip from a height onto them and then using one hand rub the oil in, taking care to make sure that my nipples are well oiled. I like how it feels and my other hand joins in tugging firmly on my long nipples making them harder. I hope the neighbours are watching now. That grumpy old bastard that lives next door will be shocked and his missus likely to call the cops.

The slut is shameless, the way she is rubbing that oil in. Quite clearly she is pleasuring herself. I should go and tell her to get inside but my cock wont let me move. I have slipped my pants off and they are by my ankles. My hand has a good grip on my shaft and is slowly tugging at my foreskin. Fucking hussie making me do this. I see her arch her back. Her tits wobble nicely as she moves and I am sure I can see her fingers sliding closer to her cunt, dirty cheap slag.

I am going to rub myself to orgasm right here in the garden on the sunbed and with the thought of being watched it wont take long. My fingers slide to my inner thighs and one pulls the thong to the side. If I am being watched they will see everything now, my wet shiny quim and gaping hole and my fingers moving over my clit. I spread my legs to either side of the sunbed. Look at me. See me cum.

My cock is aching now. I could fill that pussie. I can almost see her hole and she is going to rub her clit and make herself cum. I should be fucking it. This dirty cum whore wants it or why show me? I wank harder not long now. I cum over her tits and her cunt. Wank my hard cock over this this dirty cum whore spraying my hot seed over her teasing sexy body. It's what she wants. I think of what it would feel like if her tongue licked at my cock and exploded.

I am cumming now, gasping and arching as my fingers work their way over my clit and into my cunt thrusting hard into my wet pussie. Yes I will give you a show. I know he has watched me, miserable old prick. I hope his Missus catches him having a wank. I stand up, tits out, nipples still hard and my thong slightly twisted between my legs. I look up to his bedroom window only metres away and raise my glass. I wink and smile.

I close the curtains quickly. Fucking cheeky whore did know I was watching .....

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