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Hmmm... a Quickie

Short story By: loving itall

Tags: Lust, Driven, Sex

a hot encounter at the local

Submitted:Oct 5, 2011    Reads: 1,566    Comments: 2    Likes: 3   

I am meeting hubby at the local after work, As I pull up in the car park I check my rear view mirror. I freshen up my lippie, a new hot pink colour that makes my lips look plump and shiny. I smooth down the dress I am wearing. It's black, fitted with buttons down the front for work, perfect and professional. Now I undo a couple of buttons at the top and a couple at the bottom revealing a little of my ample tits and a little more of my long legs. Several people notice me as I walk in and I look for hubby who is in corner with his workmates. He waves Hi and indicates I should get the drinks. It's a large busy bar and the barstaff are rushed off their feet. As I stand waiting, I notice you. Eyes lock. Instant attraction. A very strong attraction. I tremble, but cant look away. I flash you a smile and its returned. Perfect. This maybe not such a boring night at the pub after all. I take my round of drinks and sit down.
I catch sight of you after work, your tight black dress covering you completely, revealing everything. I cannot take my eyes off you and I am not the only one looking. You appear to be alone at the bar but you order your drinks and I see your not. I must talk to you at least. You flash a smile and I smile yes you feel it too. But what next?
It's my round again. I get up and walk to the bar. I see you coming over. The bar is packed, crowded and hot and people are pushing and shoving to get served. As I get closer to the bar I feel your hand, no your cock rubbing hard against me, pressing against my ass. It feels big and wanting. I turn round to be certain and I love it that I am right. I have looked into your eyes and I cant resist you and want you, now and I mean right now !!!!!! I slip off to the loo making sure you're following.
I know I need your cunt. I push up against you at the bar, my hard cock pressing against the cleft of your ass. You push against me. I was hoping you would be responsive. Your ass feels firm and tight and I want your cunt, no not want, must have.
As we reach the cold dark alley I slow down letting you catch up. Your hands grope at my huge tits. Your lips touch mine and kiss me fiercely. My skin is hot and I am flushed with excitement, my pussie already wet. Your hands slide my dress up over my ass and roughly rip my lace panties off. You easily lift me on to your cock and I want your cock hard and throbbing inside. Use me. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Cum inside my tight wet cunt. We fuck in the alley. I cum all over your big dick and it feeeels oh soooooo good. I squat down and lick our juices off your cock until its clean. You feel and taste soo good.
Making your excuses to your husband you leave the bar. I follow leaving the drink for my wife. In the alley outside. I push you against the wall. Your tits squashed against the rough brick. My cock shoves into your sodden cunt, your panties ripped aside. I need your cunt now, fucking you hard. Cumming fast, your cunt is milking me, both of us gasping in lust and heat. You squat down and lick our juices of my softening cock. I love it, you sexy slut. I return to the bar, your cunt oozing my cum as I sit down with my wife.
I return to the bar, I kiss my husband full on the mouth and he tastes of beer and whiskey chasers and does not realise that I taste of cum and cock and not the usual rum and coke ..


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