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hmm a sneaky fuck

Short story By: loving itall

Tags: Hot, Sex, On, The, Edge

Mike showers while his workmate enjoys his wife

Submitted:Dec 29, 2011    Reads: 5,100    Comments: 10    Likes: 9   

Barbs was in the kitchen prepping dinner. The heat was intense from the day's sun and the oven causing her to sweat. The t shirt she was wearing clung tightly to her large breasts accentuating their size and shape. The dinner was almost ready and her husband and his mate Jake would be home soon. The thought of Jake made Barb lick her lips. Young and fit he was, a very attractive man and made pleasant company in comparison to her overweight and usually drunk husband. The last time he was over, he had played with her tits while Mike was a sleep and she had loved it. They would be home from work shortly after having stopped off at the local. On the way home Mike would be well on his way to his drunken stupor, his pockets full of raffle tickets he would have purchased from the young titty girls that the pub employs on a Friday arvo. No doubt he would have enjoyed a good perv at their pert tits and sexy asses.

Just time for a quick shower. Barb turned the water to cool and stepped in. Grabbing her body wash, she began to lather up, rubbing the lotion over her tits. She loved the way it felt. She took her time feeling the weight and size and shape of her tits, pulling on her long nipples. She closed her eyes imagining Jake's hands doing it instead, his big cock rubbing over them. Her fingers slipped to her pussie. "Barbie that is one hot view" Barb heard the voice and turned to see Jake. "What are you doing in here?" she whispered. "Taking a piss" replied Jake with a smile on his face and beginning to take his well stiffened cock out. "For God's sake where is Mike? " Barb said in a panicked voice . Jakes hand reached out and tugged on a soapy nipple stretching it out. His other hand began to lift Barb's other tit towards his mouth. "Stop it" said Barb. "Where is he ?" Jake smirked and said in a slightly pissy voice "He's in the other bathroom. Now come here sexy." Both Jake's hands were on her tits now, rubbing the soapy lather all over them. She didn't want to stop them. It felt so good to be touched and wanted, She looked down at his stiff cock and smiled. Mike would be in the shower for a while he hated to have dinner in work clothes and possibly would be having a wank over the girls at the pub .

Jake took the shower head and rinsed the soap off Barbs taking in every bit of her body, her long legs, plump sexy ass. her tits better than anything he'd seen on the skinny bikini girls at the pub. Mike didn't fucking know how fucking lucky he was. Such an easy slut. A tweak on her nipples and she was anyones. Well his. He doubted she did anyone else. He checked her pussie out, neatly trimmed and shaved, a soft line of pubic hair leading to her clit and wet hole. He wanted her bad and didn't have much time. His boss in the other bathroom had told him he was gonna take a wank. He knew that wouldn't take long. The girls at the pub had hung around him hoping for a chance he would take one of them home and giving his boss more of an eyeful than usual. He pulled Barb out of the shower and with her body still wet, he began to enjoy the feel of her big tits in his hands. His fingers working on her nipples. He enjoyed causing her a little pain and he used his nails right on the end pinching very hard. Then he slid his thumb around her swollen clitty and jammed a couple of fingers into her wet cunt. As she let out a moan, he slipped his hand over her mouth to shut her up. Jake didn't want his boss knowing what he was up to.

Knowing they didn't have much time Barb bent, her hands on the wall tiles in front displaying her pussie and her big ass cocked up in the air. Jake took his hard 10 inch cock and rammed it into her cunt feeling it gripping on tight. He began thrusting hard and fast, his hands holding her ass cheeks open so he could see her tight ass hole. The reflection in the bathroom mirror showing Barbs massive tits bouncing with every thrust. It wouldn't take him long to cum. He loved giving it to her. He spat on his fingers then jabbed one into her ass hole and Barbie thrust back hard on it forcing his cock in deeper. Jake filled her pussie with his jiz, pumping it into her lovely twat, then letting out a grunt as he came. He pulled his dick out and slapped her bouncy butt and grinned, " Id better get out of here baby. " He wiped his cock on her towel and left Barb to dress.

Mike was already pouring another drink at the bar. "What you been up to?" "Just took a piss. Had to go in the yard. Ya missus is in the shower " said Jake and took the scotch Mike was offering. "Yeah well she had better hurry. I am fucking starving now, " Jake smiled at his boss "Me too."


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