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hmm ....... a fantasy ...... with me .......for me

Short story By: loving itall

a fantasy ........hmmm .... with me...... for me

Submitted:Nov 4, 2011    Reads: 350    Comments: 2    Likes: 3   

Hmmmm... you walking into the leagues club, looking professional in your tight fitting blouse that hugs your delicious large breasts and a tight cream skirt that shows off your beautiful athletic thighs and bubble butt. U sashay through the leagues club's bistro with a sway that makes me so jealous of the people behind you, knowing that they're getting a show. You approach me a with a smile on those oh so sexy full lips and expressive eyes. Your make up is flawless. I stand up like a gentleman and lean in for a kiss and you offer me a cheek. Your perfume is faint but your smell is intoxicating. I offer you a seat and ask how you are. With your sweet accent you said you were fine. Such a pretty face. I can't help but catch glimpses of your ample cleavage. You tell me you're fine and that your day was long and frustrating. Lucky I had a drink ready for you. We go on to talk about work, you being white collar me being blue, the world, how sucky it is and what we could do to change it. All the while I catch glimpses of you, those breasts, ready to burst out of that blouse. Your nipples are hard. My mouth aches to taste your crimson lips and to nibble on your delicate neck and...those lips. I imagine burying my cock deep while your eyes stare at me. My imagination is running wild and I fear that I would be incoherent in replying to your questions or fail to add to the conversation. You casually survey the room and I take a chance to stare at your tits. You catch me, but you continue the conversation as normal. Feeling bold, I accidentally drop my phone. I bend over to pick it up and take a glance at your legs. I slowly gaze at your feet enclosed in black patent leather heels, then upwards to your thighs covered in silky stockings. To my surprise, you're wearing suspenders. With this my cock begins to twitch and aches in my denim. I surface and I know you know what I've been looking at. You take a sip of your rum and coke and smile.

It's getting dark. I didn't realise it was uni night at the leagues club and it begins to fill with uni students and hipsters. They bring out a DJ booth, and the mandatory bouncers come out of nowhere. Not really our world, but I was totally lost in you. Minutes go by and music begins to play. Your song comes on. Didn't know you had a song. You stand up and begin to slowly and sexily move hips. You comment that you were taking zumba at the gym. You begin to shake that round ass of yours. With your eyes you signal me to join. I slide behind you and watch your ass sway from left to right, then faster. I'm impressed and hypnotized. How sexy it looks and how you can vary your speed. You glance back at me. I take this as a hint to get closer so I do. I reach over to your hips and grip them and press my crotch in between the crack of your butt. You slowly grind on my hardness. I see an uncovered piece of your neck and I kiss it. I press my cock as deep as our clothes would let me.

I begin to trace my lips up your neck your and nibble on your lobe. You begin to grind on my cock which is firmly wedged in your ass I whisper to you how I want to kiss those hot lips, how I want to devour your breast and how I want to bury my face between your legs. You tell me it's getting late and I should walk you to your car. We exit the leagues club, my hand around your waist, and slowly walk to your car. The security guards acknowledge us as we walk past. Your car is parked at the other side of the club near the field. Security ends at the bistro parking lot and there are only a few cars at the section where you were parked. As we reach your car I slide my hand to your ass and roughly squeeze a cheek, knowing that no one can see us. I forcefully turn you to face me and lean in for a kiss. I slide my tongue in out of your lovely mouth and your reciprocate. Meanwhile my hand we cupping both cheeks, kneading them....i free one hand and open the passenger door. I slide the seat all the way back and lay you on it. You muttered something about got to get home soon, so I act fast. I hike your skirt to reveal lacy red thongs covering you moist pussy, I get on my knees and spread your legs wide. I bury my face into your waiting cunt, my lips feeling your wetness through the fabric. I flip your panties to one side freeing your pussy. It takes a second to take it all in, then I began to devour your wetness, taking big licks of your lips, swallowing one lip and the the other. All the while my right thumb is rubbing your clit in a circular motion. Then I move up your pussy and place your clit in my mouth sucking firmly then releasing it. I begin to flick it with my tongue as I slide two fingers inside. I am lost in ecstasy when you order me to fuck you. I suck your clit one last time and get on my knees. I part your legs even more as I unzip my fly and take my cock out. I slowly run the head from your clit all the way down to your ass. Then I slide it back up again to your entrance. With one thrust I was all inside, so tight and wet. I begin to move in out of your pussy, balls deep. I begin to move in out of your tight and wet kitty, staring at your eyes. I suddenly remember I've neglected your huge fleshy globes I reach under your tight blouse and cup them roughly, squeezing and pinching your nipples. If we had more time i would have mauled them, but since we don't. I feel my self getting closer and begin to really punish your pussy and you feel your climax nearing too. A few strong thrusts and you were there. You squirm around and bite your seat to muffle your scream. As your convulsion settles I near mine. I hear footsteps nearing. I look around. Security. Fuck I am so close. You owe me one ..... that I shall never get ........................


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