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A hot work out at the gym

Short story By: loving itall

Tags: Threesome, Hot

Zos'visit to the gym becomes one very hot workout

Submitted:Jan 7, 2012    Reads: 4,555    Comments: 7    Likes: 5   

Zo has been to the gym everyday since Christmas working the extra kilos off that Santa had left her. It was hot hard work. Treadmill, bicycle, rowing machine, chin ups, sit ups and the aching muscles all worth it when she looked in the gym mirrors. Her ass was toned and firm and stomach flat. She felt great and ready to slip off to the beach for some surfing and tanning .

The gym was 24 / 7 access and Zo took advantage of a late night work out. Usually she had the place to herself, the gym lighting up on her arrival at the swipe of a tag. However this evening the lights where already on and she noticed two young guys working out in the weight section. Zo threw her towel over the display on the treadmill and started her run, her dark hair high in a pony tail bobbing along to the music she was listening to. She drifted away running in time to the music a carefully made Ipod playlist with her favorites songs.

She sat down on the shoulder press machine and adjusted the weights to suit and leant back ready to start. It was then she felt a sweaty rag being pulled across her mouth. At the same time her hands and feet were tied to the machine. Trying to struggle and scream at the same time Zo was panicked. How she could not have seen these guys creeping up on her. She didn't understand. The gym had mirrors everywhere. She heard one of the guys telling her to shut the fuck up. The other was tightening the mouth gag. She was tightly secured and had no chance of escape. Her fruitless struggles came to an end and she looked at her captors. Both were in their twenties, strong and muscular. One had dark short hair, the other longer and curly. Both were attractive men. She couldn't recall ever seeing them at this gym before. She felt hands start to touch her. One took his finger and lifted her chin. Looking in her eyes he grinned, "You are in for a work now babe. " A shudder of fear ran through Zo. It had been a long since any man had touched her.

The guy who had tied her feet and hands was standing back looking at her, his cock bulging in his shorts. Already rock hard, he had taken his shirt off and Zo knew that was what was gagging her. The taste of his sweat made her feel nauseous. "Take her tits out. " he ordered. The other guy tugged hard at her gym shirt ripping the pink singlet in two. Her tits still held safe in her gym bra. "I said take them fucking out. " Two rough hands pulled her tits up and out of the bra leaving them thrust up high. She felt helpless and exposed. The guy rubbed and pulled at them roughly leaving red marks on her skin. The other guy had his cock out now and was tugging on it. "Nice. Very nice. Now hurry up and get her panties off. I want to see her pussie. " Again his mate ripped at her clothes, the skimpy shorts tearing easily and the panties she wore were no match for any man and tore of easily leaving her totally exposed. Her cunt was spread open wide as her feet were tied behind her back. Her arms aching now as they were still tied up high.

The guy giving the orders was naked now and moved closer, grabbing at her breasts, pinching hard on her nipples. He slid a fat finger into her cunt. Zo moaned as it found her entrance. His cock was close to her mouth. He indicated to his mate to undo the gag, warning her not to scream. As the rag loosened she wanted tobut was out of breath and desperate for air. "Please don't she sobbed." Both guys laughed. "Look what your sexy ass has done to my dick. There is no way we ain't fucking you hun. " The guy with the curly hair started to lick on her nipples. As much as she didn't want them there, it felt good to her body. Her nipples hardened quickly, sticking out long and wanting. The other guy was working his fingers on her cunt, pistoning them in and out and causing her body to buck against them. With both her nipples being sucked and pinched hard and the thick fingers in her cunt she knew she would cum. As the first of her juices squirted out, she let out a resigned moan. She listened to the guys laughing and felt her legs being spread wider so they could watch. " You fucking dirty slut! " said curly hair and slammed his dick into her mouth. As her body orgasmed she sucked hard on his fat shaft gagging on it pulling it in and out of her mouth. Then the other guy stood there, his cock also big and throbbing. She took his dick in her mouth also, sucking them both together, then separately, her mouth and tongue working hard sucking tightly and strong, taking their whole cocks in deep. Curly hair began to cum in her mouth. She gulped on his jiz swallowing it all, her lips coated in his thick white cum. She felt the ties being loosened and then she was roughly thrown up on all fours. Her ass was up high. She felt a cock making its way into her pussie and begin to thrust hard. She bucked back hard against it, loving the way it filled her cunt and stretched it open. Curly hair was watching and wanking his already hard cock. As she began to cum on the fat cock that was fucking her, he began to cum, spraying his jiz over her body. At this the cock inside came also spurting and filling her twat with his seed. Zos juices ran down his balls.

The playlist had come to an end. Zo moved the towel off the treadmill display. Yes!! 15ks in 25 minutes. A PB. She looked over at the young men working out. Hmmm not bad. She must remember this fantasy at a more appropriate time ...


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