Trust Me, Love

By: lovemelikethis

Page 1, This is a story of simple attraction, there is a lack of naming the charactet so the reader can imagine him her herself in the situation. I found this on my computer

Trust me, love

The fire that resonated in my chest, the harsh throbbing, the quickened blood, seeped through my ribs into my stomach, and dripped into my pelvis in tiny sparks of electricity. His lips moved against mine, in a memorized motion (by him not me), and left me limp and helpless. He moved forward onto the bed, getting in between my legs, and grasped my neck in his large rough hand and brought my lips still closer to the scruff on his face. I used my left hand as leverage to keep me from falling back. My eye lashes brushed against my cheeks, bending the hairs that stood, like the rest of the hairs on my body, straight up and alert. Wanting to feel the warmth of him closer to my skin, I brought both of my tingling arms around his neck, sending us both tumbling towards the softness of a pillow and the coolness of the sheets. His short nails grazed the outside of the my exposed thigh, and I shuddered in relief. Relief because finally I could be with him, and I wouldn't badger myself with guilt and trepidation. He pulled away, too soon for my liking, and rubbed the outside of my lips with his fingers. The seduction had begun, oh god. Would it hurt?

He started slow, with a grace granted by God, and picked my leg up, the muscles in his arms bunching and pulling. He took my socks off, and started to message my feet.


"Why are you nervous?" he asked, with a childlike wonder on his face. I couldn't respond. He held me mentally, as if he took my psyche and twisted it around his finger like a Foot Roll Up. My lips were dry.


"Don't be nervous around me. Do you trust me?" he said pushing the pad of his thumb into the heel of my foot. I groaned, tears springing into my eyes. Why?Why was I crying? He shh'ed me, spreading his fingers across my back, arching my body flush against his.


"Do you trust me?" he said, his lips against my left ear. I closed my eyes, and nodded slightly. He grunted and captured my lips again. He smiled against my lips and captured my body in his arms and brought me on top of his chest. He raised his knees up and I straddled his waist. He leaned up, our noses almost touching. I could feel his hard on through his dark wash jeans. I squeezed my eyes shut, willing myself not to cry. Why the hell was I so nervous? I think it was his masculinity, the fact that he could have his way with me, and that just maybe I would like it. It was because his power, the power of his body, the power he held over my body, I didn't want that power to go away.


He reached around my shaking body and unclasped my black bra. I made to cover myself once the cold air hit my skin. He smiled and gently removed my arms from my small breasts. He stared at my chest, muttering a curse under his breath, and slowly captured a nipple between his teeth. I'd heard many stories about how a man had brought a girl to orgasm just by nibbling on her breats, sucking her nipples. I felt the sensation from my sensitive buds shoot straight down to my aching woman hood. I groaned, wrapped my arms around his head, and leaned my cheek against his soft hair, ignoring the fact I was only in my underwear on top of him.


I absentmindedly rocked my pelvis against the bulge pressing against my vagina. I bit my lip, feeling hardness push my clitoris back and forth against my underwear. He rolled us so he was hovering over me, he bit my neck softly, directly over the space where the skin was jumping up and down in a rapid rhythm. I let out a moan as his lips traveled down my flat stomach, his tongue swirling around my navel, and his teeth biting around the edge of my underwear.


Some sort of outside force, a sex goddess that wasn't me, made me move to put his head between my legs. He chuckled at my impatience, kissing the inside of my thigh.


"Shhh, I'll give you what you need, baby." he whispered against the outside of underwear. He pressed his thumb against my clit, rubbing up and down, then took the edge of my underwear and moved it up and down in a rhythm. I hadn't expected the sensation to be so intense and my orgasm ripped me through immediately, and then his mouth was on my wet pussy. He slurped up my love juices, flicking across my clit rapidly. I moved my hips against his tongue, and gripped the sheet under me.


Then his tongue entered my pussy. I jumped in surprise, going up on my elbows widening my eyes at him. He chuckled, sending those vibration not just on the outside of my pussy, but on the inside.


"Oh god..please..stop." I whispered urgently, my body shaking.


I clamped my legs closed, forcing his head away. He laughed up my body, his lips shining with the proof of my arousal. He leaned his forehead against mine, his lips hovering over mine. He message my legs.


"Open your legs for me." He said against my lips. I tasted myself, a salty tangy taste, and was oddly turned on. I hesitantly opened my legs, and felt the hard tip of his dick at my opening. When had he taken his pants off.He looked into my eyes.


"Are you ready?" he said. I nodded, gripping the headboard in my hands as he slid into me.

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