I'll Show You What it Feels Like

By: lovemelikethis

Page 1, Bryan was getting tired of Melissa\'s attitude towards him.


I'll Show You What it Feels Like

Bryan was sitting in his lucky brown leather chair, his right ankle crossed over his knee, and a glass of unwatered down rum clenched in his left hand. He tapped his foot as Melissa came waltzing through the door, whisteling her favortie song. Melissa was a detective so when she sensed someone staring at her back, not thinking it would be her husband, she whipped out her gun and turned, prepared to fire. Bryan raised an eyebrow at her, staring pointedly at barrel of the gun. She didn't move.

"What are you doing Bryan?" she asked, lowering the gun slightly an inch to glare into his deeo brown eyes. Bryan smirked, that was one thing he loved about Mel, she never turned off the detective in her. Even when her husband sat, pissed beyond beliefe, in his chair, glaring at her.

"Waiting for you Mel. How was your day?" he whispered. Melissa rolled her eyes, she wasn't in the mood for his, well, mood. Her and Bryan had been having major problems. When she married Bryan, and she'll admit 99% of her acceptance was because of his gorgeous body, she thought she would finally be happy, like all her sisters, giddy with love. But no, she felt alone, and she took it out on him. Always.

Bryan let out a frustrated growl. Her first mistake was poiting that damned gun at him, and her second was turning her back on him. She'd always do that, turn her back on him, and leave him alone. Alone, aching with need. Mel's reflexs didn't have time to tense before she felt Bryan's strong arms clamp around her tiny waist. But she immediatly moved her elbows to strike his face,but Bryan caught her arms before she could break his nose.

"Let go of me, Bryan." Mel said calmly. Bryan let out a deep chuckle that went straight to her aching middle. He bent down and hoisted her over his shoulder. Mel let out a feirce yell, clawing at his back, beating his shoulders. Bryan rolled his eyes at her temper tantrum. When he got to the bedroom, he kicked the door closed with his feet, locking it with his free hand, and tossed Mel onto the bed

"Most women would love to have their husbands take them this way." Bryan hissed into her ear. Mel tried to push onto his pressure point, but Bryan pried her hands from his neck and pinned them above her head. She'd been taught how to get out of this hold, but the fire and rage in her husbands eyes made her stop.

"Let go of me Bryan you idiot! I'm not in the mood."

Bryan bent his head and nipped at her nek in response. He lightly kissed the spot where her heart was widly beating, he bit, drawing blood, licked, and blew on her neck until she was grunting beneath him.

"Bryan.." she sighed, and Bryan almost gave in and let her free, but his rage kicked at the back of his mind. No, tonight she would see how it felt to be loved like she loves. Hard, brutal, unforgiving...harsh. He bit along her jaw, her cheek, and finally claimed her mouth in a hot demanding kiss. She clamped her mouth shut, angering him, and he used his free hand to reach under her back, pressing against the right side of her spine. As she gasped, Bryan pushed his tounge into her mouth, twirling, searching for her soft tounge. Mel let out a whimper, balling her hands into fists, tearing coming to her closed eyes. So hedidremember how to please her, he remembered how sensitive the right sde of her spine is. g

He moved his soft lips against her, hard, licking her bottom lip, biting, tugging. Mel tried to hold in the moan that was desperatly trying to break free from her throat. He tore his lips from her mouth, looking down at her bruised neck and face. He bent back to tug her shirt from over her head, Mel's hair mussed in the rough process. She went to cover herself as her small breasts hit the cool air. Bryan merely smirked and got off the bed and began to undress himself.

"What the hell are you doing Bryan!" Mel said, rolling away from him. He tugged her small foot, and she was under him again.

"Will you please shut up Mel." Bryan growled into her ear. He was naked, his large member poking at her thigh. She squirmed. He yanked her paants down, taking her underwear with it.

"Bryan please stop...I..."

"You, what? Don't love me anymore? Are not in the mood Melissa?" he spit out harshly at her, flipping her over so she was on her stomach.

"Why are you doing this...?" He said nothing. When Mel felt his thickness fill her, rubbing against her hot clit as he slid into her, she almost came, forgetting how good he felt. He pulled her wild hair in his fist, forcing her neck back, laying ontop of her.

"I'm going to show you Mel how it feels to be loved by you." He said, reaching around to toy with her clit as he slid out of her slowly. He sped out and slowed down, making her head whirl.

"You act as if you hate me. You can't touch me. Kiss me. Hold me." he said, with each phrase he thurst harder and harder into her sweet spot, the sweat bouncing off of her with each tug. Bryan was rubbing her clit vigorously, going fast when he slowed down and slow when he sped up. Mel tried to buck, move her hips, do something, but Bryans hard tan body and his anger were holding her in place. She let out a cat like moan, the walls of her pussy clamping together. Suddenly Bryan pulled out, and detached himself from her, making her feel cold.

"What..." she tried to speak, but the orgasm that was trying to release from her body had her groaning, rocking her body against the covers, grinding her hips into open air, and unable to speak. She peeked through her damp lashes at the cock of Bryan, hard and alert, and his frown.

"Bryan...please....." she begged, moving her hand to touch her pussy. Bryans hand shot out and grabbed her wrist.

"Don't you dare." he growled with such hatred Mel whimpered, and her pussy throbbed from the sheer power of him. He turned to walk away from her, and she began to cry. There was no fucking way he was leaving her like this. She got on all fours and shouted at his broad back,

"I'm just going to make myself come when you leave!"

"No you won't. You want me to take it from you Mel, you won't come unless I make you." Bryan said not turning around. Mel cried harder, sobbing, her body shaking, her pussy bouncing against the covers from her shakes. She cried for her unreleased orgasm, but also for the lost love of her husband. Bryan hated her and that was her fault. She'd gotten a promotion at work to head detective, that meant she got the worse cases. The ones with the dead child, the ones that invovled serial killers. It ate her alive, but she wouldn't quit, and for that she took it out on Bryan. Ignoring his kisses, yelling at him for no reason. And now he hated her, just as much as she hated her job.

All she wanted was him to love her again.

"This is how you leave me every night Melissa!" Bryan faced her now, yelling. "Wanting you, not just your skin against mine. But wanting you completely! I wanted to hear your voice, for you to look me in the eye! I wanted you! I had you once. But you've pourposly moved away from me Mel!"

"Bryan! Please....please. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Don't leave me like this. Please. I'm so sorry...." She cried, getting ungracfully off the bed and moving over to him. She fell to her knees in front of him, gripping his hips, as the tears fell onto his hard thighs.

"Please..I'm so sorry. I love you...don't leave me." As she whispered the words Bryan had been waiting to here for the last six months, she kissed up his erect cock, taking the tip of it into her small mouth. She slowly bobbed her head, using the bottoms of her teeth to graze his shaft, and the soft tounge to wet it. She kissed his balls, and kised a spiral up his cock, whispering "I love you" all the way to the tip. When she begam to bob faster, and his breathing became too shallow, he grabbed her and wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried her to the bed and gently laid her down.

"Oh Bryan...please forgive me..." she breathed, arching her neck when his lips messages the bite mark there.

"Shhh." he said. He moved sliding his hands down her body as he straightened. He pinched her nipples, causing Mel to buck against his hips. He reached down with two fingers and spread her pussy lips, grabbed his cock and placed the head right on her clit.

"Oh god...."

He quickly shook the head against her clit, loving the feeling of the tiny hard bud against his hot shaft. Mel immediatly came. She arched her back and screamed his name, and Bryan leaned down on her, kissing her neck and she spasmed, bucked and grinded her hips against his still moving shaft.

Bryan moved the hair from her damp forhead, kissing her eyebrow.

"I love you." she whispered, Bryan buried himself inside of her in response.





For all of you that don't know what a shake n' bake it, it's a sex move where the penis head of resting on the tip of the clit, and is rubbed very quickly back and forth.....yeah I'm hot thinking about that too :) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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